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Vilasrao Deshmukh Played Foul

Union Minister for Science, Technology and Earth Sciences Vilasrao Deshmukh, was elected as president of the Mumbai Cricket Association at its 77th Annual General Body meeting in Mumbai. Deshmukh won the post by securing 182 votes in his favour to defeat former Indian Test player Dilip Vengsarkar who managed to get 135 votes. Deshmukh succeeds Sharad Pawar, who was MCA president for ten years from 2001.MCA had been led by political biggies Manohar Joshi and outgoing president Sharad Pawar since 1992 and its going to be a tough task for former India captain Vengsarkar to prevent Deshmukh from continuing the domination of politicians at the helm of the association's affairs for the next two years.

Deshmukh has the backing of Pawar's supporters after the Union Agriculture Minister was ruled out of contesting the polls by becoming ineligible following a change of his permanent residence status from Mumbai to Baramati. Deshmukh permanent residence address where he casts vote is his permanent address. If Pawar can't contest, by same logic Deshmukh too can't contest. Why the rules are neglected? Why Deshmuckh is allowed to contest?

The battle between Vengsarkar, who has been the vice president of the MCA under Pawar for the last eight years, and Deshmukh has generated interest outside Mumbai too. The cricket legend wondered why former cricketers could not be found heading cricket associations in the country. These people have served the game for many years. They have given their life and blood for the game. They have been in MCA for eight years. There is no reason why they can't handle further. Why politicians to encroach sports? Vilasrao Deshmukh’s selection is foul. He disqualifies. Look at the papers above.

Sex Swami and Scandals

The day was Guru Poornima, there were a grand arrangement and thousands of people had gathered at one place. Maximum of them were women with lots of jewellery, make up on the face, along with flowers on their head and wrapped in beautiful saris. After sometime a dark thin man with clean shaved underarms and sword in hand, entered in an ashram on a golden chariot, he was teaching levitation to his disciples. However, that act was like a woman riding a man. It looks funny as they were shaking their butts by sitting on the ground. They were shaking their bodies as they were engaged in love making. One could see the lust in swamiji’s eyes. I am damn sure instead of garlands and flowers, condoms would have been the most saleable item at that moment. Swami Nityananda, the notorious spiritual guru who was caught with actress Ranjitha in a sex scandal in Bangalore, created a flutter in Prashanti Nilayam when he arrived at to pay his respects to the mortal remains of Baba.

Awkward Nityananda in Baba’s casket, made a theatrical appearance, he was escorted by hundreds of devotees and well wishers. I am sure Nityananda must have definitely gone through spa and beauty treatment, as his hairs were looking silky and glossy; his face was glowing as he had applied makeup, and his eyes were full of lust and shine. His false and artificial smile was indicating many things, but women were mad. They all were pouncing on each other to seek his darshan. Media was quite attentive and ready with the camera to capture all these odd moments.

The self-styled swami is not impotent as told earlier, but only had an erectile dysfunction. Swearing that whatever he told CID officials during the interrogation were only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And truth was all about his sexual urges and assurance of his intact organs. Elaborating on his sexual life at his ashram, he admitted that, apart from the actress, he had sex with more than 15 other women, but did not remember their names. He admitted that he himself chose female devotees to have sex with, and sometimes they were already willing to do so themselves, because they see supernatural power in Baba. Indian women like to impress so called god man by compromising their morals. One more reason, women have always restricted their desires and fantasies by the name of norms and values. They feel safe with god man because no one even remotely suspect these goons.

Justifying his misdeeds, the disgraced swami always boasted saying that he had done nothing illegal, although his deeds might be socially and religiously wrong. He said that he might have had sex with many people, but never forced anyone and all the encounters were voluntary. He also said that he just wanted to come out of this mess. Ranjitha also accepted that there was nothing wrong in her action with Nithyanand in his bedroom that was exposed. According to the actress, it was her offer and service to her beloved Swami and nothing to feel guilty! She also mentioned that Nithyanand cured her prolonged wheezing trouble in a single day! The actress said, Media unnecessarily blew the issue. I know Swamiji for the past few years and my association with him is transparent. As a true devotee I offered my service like feeding food and massaging him regularly in his personal room. I used to stay with him during late hours but the inmates of the ashram also know this. The same chick was also present at the ashram, and she was as well experimenting levitation, for sometime she was seen quite and composed in Red kanjiwaram saree, with matching accessories, deep neck blouse. After sometime, she also came down on ground and shook her body upwards and downwards sitting at one place but couldn’t fly. Any ways her shaky body was worth watching than the artificial lusty face of Nityanand. During the controversy, Ranjitha claimed that she had no recollection of any kind of sexual exploitation by Nithyanand, but today looking at her on can say she definitely had the intention to be exploited, probably as a guru dakshina to Guru or may seek a blessing from the guru.

On the other side, old ladies keeping their legs in the grave were trying to follow swami by attempting levitation tricks. All were looking funny and mad; few were rolling on the floor in an inviting position. Some were just restless, but overall no one hesitated to shake, twist, jump and finally roll their bodies on the floor.

Any ways, swami was surrounded by garlands, prasadam, gifts and love of female devotees. In the remote corner male devotees were waiting for their turn. His disciples were having fun while watching such an exciting live show. I have one question in my mind, what is special in this Swami, that women are so mad about him?

I don't believe the swami or god man crap... This is just because, when you have a highway to get to your destination then why take the roads with potholes, facing issues to reach your destination? When you can pray to the Almighty whom you trust and have resources to believe your conviction, then why to believe on any 'Swamiji'? Are the believers personally so weak that they need some human god intervention? At the end of the day, ask yourself a question, is it the fault of 'Nityanand' that he may have violated the trust or is the fault of the people who elevated him to that level that may have given him the power to do that? YOU DECIDE! It is the ignorant masses (educated and uneducated alike)

Just being a realist!

Is police acting deliberately?

Investigating agencies in any serial blasts by terrorists usually have two big-time `friends' - the ubiquitous cell phones and emails. The perpetrators behind most attacks were traced by combing through a series of cell phone calls or by sifting through millions of emails, including some in coded language. In 13th July Blast Mumbai police suspect two residents of Juhu and Grant Road, Subhan alias Tauqir and Aslam. Police need their email ID; can any Indian hacker reach to them? Can any cyber security cell do the miracle? However, how are these mails going to help police? Nowadays, almost every kid knows the trick to use temporally email IDs and everyone know the funda to maintain anonymity on internet. Not only Abdul Subhan alias Tauqir is a computer engineer but also an expert in making bombs. And, this is known to the mastermind and chief of Indian Mujahideen also known as Bin Laden of India. Thus, it’s not easy to get the personal email ID of Tauqir.

Another thing is that when police is aware about whom they are where they stay and their other details then can’t they raid their place and nab them? Or it’s again a stunt to mislead media and common man? The men behind the attacks kept far way from cell phones and emails. The only time they used the cell phone was to trigger the bomb I guess. Moreover, the terrorists are well versed with the city; rains have helped them erasing many traces. Whoever is behind this attack, one thing can be said that they have used every resource accurately. They knew the exact time and places where there would be gullible crowds and used the rainy climate for two purposes. It was raining heavily and most people in the area were either using umbrellas or were in raincoats that masked their face. Hence, the series of snooping CCTV cameras could hardly `capture' the men who may have planted the explosive material. Fuel oil is an essential component and as it acts as a force to ammonium nitrate, it helps increasing strength of the explosion. This proves that whoever is behind the attack has to be local Mumbaikar. And if suppose this is done by some outsider then, to study that location and doing recce, he should have definitely visited the location in the past. Instead of looking at current CCTV footages police should look at previous footages and try to find out the new visitors. Moreover studying CCTV footages of airport or railways stations or bus stand is again a time waste, because there are many ways to escape from Mumbai.

One option is taking a ferry through see from Gateway to Panvel, and Panvel to highways towards Pune. Second option, there are several private bus services from one locations to another; third option, Mumbai is blessed with hideouts and shelters for criminals, may be someone sheltered them and helped to escape. Beating around the bush is not the solution at this moment. Investigators are now banking on huge amounts of forensic verification sifted from the area and the reams of CCTV images from the blast sites.

Look at the irony, our Central Government doesn't have any road-map or guideline to foil or prevent such attacks. It is certainly least concerned about well being of its citizens. This is the seriousness of the government that the most important portfolio RAILWAY which has largest employees, remains without union railway ministers for months only because coalition partner is indecisive to choose one. Keeping in mind the innocent lives at stake Indian government needs to act swiftly. We are not at all 'resilience' just the fact is that we have no choice. The people of India who are responsible for the safety and security of the country are thoroughly corrupt, in-efficient, inept and unbecoming of the high and administrative offices they are holding. Our border security is next to non-existent and our borders with Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan are porous. Traffickers pay huge bribes to the officers and men of BSF and freely and fearlessly cross the borders from both the sides. The govt. of India is not blind to all these, but directly and indirectly encouraging such corrupt people to man the borders for their narrow political gains as the immigrant population, belonging to a particular community and religion always and invariably, votes for one particular political party. Our security and intelligence officers do not bother to do their duty for the nation but are involved in turf wars and ego clashes. India needs a revolution to throw out all the corrupt and criminal forces. Investigations in the blast case are on the line of as usual process, no extra efforts made for reaching criminals, helpless police and administrations just passing the bucks and moving with thick skin.

Look at Ajmal Aamir Kasab, he is eating nicely cooked biryani and enjoying his time after killing so many people, police any how managed to catch him and finish trials. But can anyone really damage or deter him? He has put on 11 KG weight since his arrest, looks cool and relaxed because he is aware of his good fate. Look at Abu Salem, he comes to court for trials like a Bollywood hero laughing at Law. Goes back to jail gracefully, doing gym, maintain his skin and watching TV, reading news. Moreover, he even contested elections from Ajamgad sitting in our own Indian Jail. If this is what terrorists are going to receive in our country, then they are not even bothered to be caught. They are running and still you reach them, once you nab them they will hit headlines, they will be talked and shown round the clock, they will discussed and finally land in jail to have their relaxing time. They will remain as under trials, government will take care of them spending crores of rupees and energy. Police personals will be busy narrating all glossy stories about terrorists, their defense lawyers will narrate every glossy story to make it more attentive and interesting. We the public will forget who he was and what they have done to us, because we have very short memory.

Blast Blast and Blast

Were Wednesday’s triple blasts that killed 17 and injured more than a 100 innocent people an outcome of the fierce gangland rivalry between the one-time friends and now bitter foes, Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan?

Well, this may or may not be true, but some in intelligence circles believe that since investigators probing the ghastly July 13 explosions so far remain clueless about the identity of their perpetrators, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to include the above angle within the scope of their investigations.The proponents of the theory of gangland involvement in last Wednesday’s bombings say their suspicion is not entirely a figment of imagination.

There are some bases to at least remotely link the triple blasts to gangland warfare, claim the proponents, saying that the fact that the hub of Mumbai’s diamond trade was largely targeted in the July 13 attacks should be a reason enough to explore the angle.

The March 1993 blasts that ripped through parts of the metropolis were perpetrated in almost similar fashion and their main targets were the diamond trade and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The hub of the diamond trade, comprising the Opera House area of South Mumbai and the neighboring Zaveri Bazar—both gem and jewelry centers of India—fall within the fiefdom of Chhota Rajan.

These centers and the trade therein are thoroughly dominated by Gujarati Hindus whose proximity to Narendra Modi-led government in Gujarat could be a reason enough for those purporting to serve Muslim interests to seek a vendetta for the so-called massacre of their brethren in Gujarat a decade ago.

Then, the explosions took place only a little after gem trade tycoons Mehul Choksi and Bharat Shah announced with much fanfare recently to mark August 12 as the International Diamond Day.

The proponents of this theory within the intelligence circles point to Dawood-Chhota rivalry being still quite alive and fierce by referring to senior crime scribe J Dey’s killing recently.

It is no secret that Dey was gunned down by Rajan’s henchmen since the latter suspected that the journalist was close to the rival Dawood gang.

Moreover, if cross-border terrorists were involved in Wednesday’s ghastly incidents, they would have been quick to claim responsibility since terrorists believe publicity is crucial to their sinister motives.

Even if the terrorists at home—the Indian Mujahideen—were involved in the blasts they, too, would be loud-mouthed and make quick claims—their cowardly operations in the past clearly suggest that.

And the big question being asked by the proponents of this gangland warfare theory is, why those in the diamond trade not raising their voice in protest despite being so articulate and influential? Are they on the defensive for some unfathomable reason or reasons?

Or, are they paying the dual price for seeking patronage from Chhota Rajan and being Gujarati Hindus?

Moreover, intelligence circles have no doubt in their minds that whoever are the perpetrators, they were more than familiar with the places they targeted and knew exactly when there would be gullible crowds to aim at.

If the perpetrators were outsiders, as is being believed by some, they would have visited the locations in the past, so past CCTV footages could be scanned.

And the fact that, say sources, oil fuel was used in the explosions to increase their intensity, lends added credence to the theory of locals’ involvement in the dastardly July 13 incidents.

Well, the riddle of the blasts can be solved in no time if the Mumbai Police lay their hands on two suspects—one is a resident of Juhu, the other from the Grant Road area.

The duo the cops have launched a manhunt for are Subhan alias Taukir, and Aslam. Police are looking for their email IDs. Are hackers at home with national interest at heart listening?

Top intelligence sleuths probing Wednesday’s explosions are, meanwhile, looking at all angles in their quest to zero in on the perpetrators of the ghastly bombings.

CCTV footages are being looked at but with little success since, according to sources, it was raining heavily at the time the explosions took place and people were moving near the scenes of the blasts with umbrellas shielding their heads or with top-to-toe raincoats masking their faces, which is making identification an uphill task.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Look at the Missing link in Blast

let me come to the thread in this blast, few weeks ago J‘ Day a Mid-Day reporter was killed and Dawood's brother was attacked by Chota Rajan gang. Chota tried creating deterrence in city. And many indicated it as return of gang War. More over in the recent past there was a big announcement over International-Diamond-Day 12 th August, and so many diamond traders participated in it, diamond market is chota rajan area and more over maximum of them are RRs and Hindu fundamentalists. The target of attack was Javeri Bajar, and nearby diamond trading areas, police is missing the link of investigations somewhere, this type of same attack was in 1993 too. Those days after the attack Dawood, Memon brothers and all flee to Karachi. Some where these links may get established in Gujrat because Gujrat Muslims are hurt and feeling betrayed over Godhra issue. If this attack would have been Fidain or by IM , these group have habit of accepting responsibility, I don’t know how to develop the link and establish accurate guess but my mind speaks something is linked here, and if you notice none of Zaveri Bajar or Panch Ratna diamond traders came forward extending their dialogs over this issue. There is no reaction from that side.

How many times? How many times more? This is what I want to ask this city and the administration. As a Mumbaikar I feel offended, it does insult my system, it does insult my intellect, intelligence and my profession. I get hurt as human and citizen of this very place. When these incidents had occurred the first time I could bear it somehow but I was coming out of the shadow of previous tragedies and this is again a slap. Don't divert my attention by giving goodies by saying I am resilient. I am not durable commodity; I don't want consolations I want something to be done. The city is moving normal after the terror attack and they are back to normal, not because they are resilient but they need to do business. They need to feed families; they need to live to let their dependents have better life. Don't call it flexibility.

Sometimes I feel Mumbaikars have accepted these attacks as natural calamities, and have stopped retaliating because they are fed up. What choices do we really have? Every time we think people are not going to look other way and this time it's enough, but this is not true. Ever time when I see sense of anger, I think something will happen but the fact is we are exactly where we were. Nothing has changed, we are still talking about intelligence failure, we are still talking about the resilience of the city, we are just talking and talking. Victims are actually helpless, they are not angry; we have started believing in it that we don't have any idea about how to address this issue.

Sometimes I fell like puking at these talks, let it be forums, TV channel debates or talk show, we are just talking, we then said the same and we now talking the same. Why are we debating about this issue in the same manner as if it's a part of our life? I am seeing those wounded and dead people on television, songs and promos are aired in the interim on TV channels. The fact is that India has started accepting terrorism as part of their lives. There is rhythm to it, I remember someone saying, oh three blasts happened now we can move safely out of office, fourth will not happen. It seems there is a sense of acceptance, as we have accepted corruptions we have started accepting terrorism. That is the kind of comfort emerging with terrorism in this country. This is the sign of brutalized society, where we have learned to live with terror. We mourn, we cry we scream, we call politicians, we call ex cops, we call celebrities who have got nothing to do with terror attack, we interview victims, we dig their graves, burn or burry them and back to square one.

We should install more CCTV's. Why do Pune and Mumbai like attacks occur again and again? Where do we fail? After every terror attack we say intelligence failure, is it fair? This has become kind of cliché? If there is intelligence failure, let us admit it. If the Home Ministry had no prior intelligence on the attacks, it was nothing but a gross intelligence failure. Is Chidambaram trying to pass on the blame?

We catch the people put them on trial and still the execution takes time. Take the case of parliament attack with masterminds like Afzal guru, we finished three layers of trials he could be convicted all the way from supreme sessions court, High court and Supreme court, then there was delay in Afzal Guru's mercy petition again Supreme court granted him punishment. The government has again delayed his trail on account of mercy petition. Take the case of Kasab, it was finished in very short time. His punishment is awarded by court, but again the government has been delaying his prosecution. Even if you hang Afzal Guru or Ajmal Kasab there won't be any guarantee that terror attacks will stop in India, but at least there will be sense of deterrence and solace to common man.

Whenever these kinds of attacks take place, i see BJP and Congress fighting over issues, please I don't want to listen to your fights I give damn to your shitty political accusations. When Prithviraj Chavan had visited hospitals, some BJP members made slogans, they were shouting, they were condemnating attacks by different dialogs; this was disturbing patients in the hospital. This is not the time and place to make think and politicise. Please have sense, don't make these victims a subject of political mileage. We have given up as country and we are learning to live with situations. We are selfish, Unless and until the attack is not affecting me and my near ones why should i bother to voice my opinion is the tho-ught of people.

Barack Obama must have declared about zero per cent tolerance policy for terrorism of any nature against the citizens of his country, the situations in America are different. We can never compare America with India. Rahul Gandhi had to admit that terrorists in India have a one percent chance to carry out acts of killing or maiming people. What he said is absolutely corrects, it is very difficult to stop any single terrorist attack. I don't think he was insensitive to the feelings of the victims. The other political parties and media channels made this issue quite vocal by twisting and turning by giving it an emotional touch.

There is hollow in many ways. Look at all the promises made after the 26/11 attack on Mumbai and the government's response. They promised the setting up of a multi-agency centre where all agencies would share intelligence inputs; so far this centre has not been set up. Then the promise over starting up four National Security Guard centers, but these centers is not fully functional. National Intelligence Grid (NAIGRID) was supposed to collate all intelligence inputs, but it took two and a half years for this centre to be set up. Only Maharashtra and Karnataka have set up with Quick Response Teams. Core committee was set up, but it was mandated to meet once every three months. There were very few meetings. While Indians living in India feel unsafe, Indians living in the US have a sense of security, thanks to the zero tolerance policy. Little wonder that many Indians living in the US feel that the Indian government is either soft or does not have the will to fight terrorism.

People are not just the victim of terrorism but also the victim of apathy and weakness of the Indian government. I hope the government will move beyond expressing concerns and take concrete steps to ensure security of its citizen. I truly believe India has the resources to create deterrence against the evil designs of terrorists but not sure what the government is waiting on to wake them up.

I dedicated all my achievements to them

This Day Guru Purnima is celebrated to pay tributes to the spiritual gurus, their teachings and their lives. I don’t follow any such spiritual Gurus because I never needed one.

As John Lubbock said that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn. I am blessed with so many mentors, my late beloved Father, my Maa and Nani they introduced me to this odd world and taught me survival. My Guru Rohini Salian Chief Public prosecutor, Nandini Sardesai, late Shree Pramod Navalkar the one who introduced me to pen and paper. Mobin sir, who shaped my skills in journalism and introduced me to parallel journalism. There are many skilled journalists working for spread sheet but there is dearth in these niche sectors. Late Mr. Behram Contractor who fascinated me always and I have My Afternoon publication because of him. Today I am proud to say mine is the only parallel media house in India, whatever I am today is just because of them.

I entered in this hackers’ arena, with no focus, no direction and no knowledge. It was just an excitement to know the other side of hidden crust. As usual they all used to call me n00b, dumb techi, stupid cat.. They were right because I was ignorant about hackers and hacking. Provided cut paste data was an asset to me as a writer and journalist. It was great dilemma, wanted to be here and not known to this area. Laughing at ignorant, making fun of innocent is the trend we all practice. Very few understand your problem and help you learn. Gaurav Singh, (r45c4l) who mentored me and actually introduced to this world and installs me as one of them. This Cat techie can never forget his contribution to her life as a mentor.

It is a day to express respect and gratitude towards mentors and teachers. Celebrated in the memory of sage Vyasa, who is said to have compiled the four vedas, the 18 puranas , the Mahabharata, and the Bhagvat Gita, Guru Poornima is also known as ‘Vyasa Purnima’. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘gu’ meaning ‘darkness’ and ‘ru’ meaning ‘remover’, ‘guru’ means the remover of darkness, ignorance and evil. According to the Shvetashvatara Upanishad, one must consider no difference between God and one’s guru.

Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo. Maheshwara. Guru Sakshat Parabrahmah Tasmai Shree. Guru Veh Namah. Happy Gurupurnima to all my Mentors and Guru

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pain, humiliation,grim silence and chaos- Plight Of Victims

Today I being a CEO of News Makers proud to announce that, in my capacity I have assured employment to a few family members of victims of terror attack, we are not announcing this for any publicity, if I being a beginner can do so, even you all can try this with me. Let’s support them.

Since morning several ministers like Lal Krishna Advani, Kripashankar Singh, Sachin Ahir and many others visited the blast spots and even hospitals. Why? What is their contribution? How is their visit going to help the victims? After the attack there was curfew like situation in Mumbai, roads were empty and no police were visible on roads. In suburban Mumbai, no traffic police was seen as they were busy providing security to these ministers for their visit. The most upsetting was the time when Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson & Congress President Sonia Gandhi arrived in the city. All the police personnel leaving everything including security checks were busy giving protection to the VIPs. Although, the intention of these VIPs visit to the city was to express their grief, unfortunately they landed the local citizens present at that location in more stress and inconvenience. The most affected were the vegetable vendors and local shopkeepers as they were forced to shut down their businesses. Moreover, there was a huge ruckus at the hospitals they visited. Looking at the geographical conditions of Mumbai we have less police force, the staff is inadequate. The visits of ministers, their flight expenses and total amount of expenditures can take care of minimum two victim’s family welfare. By visiting such places they are just politicising the issue than offering support.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced ex-gratia relief of Rs 2 lakh each to the kin of the deceased in Mumbai blasts. How cheap is the life of a person, just worth 2 lakhs. What if a person earning 4 lakhs a year died in this blast? Can this amount take care of his family for entire life? What about those people who have become physically disabled and won’t be able to work for rest of the life, who will support them? How long these 2 lakhs will help them? I know government cannot afford to provide employment to their family members. However at least social think tanks and so called political visitors, such as Kripashankar Singh should empower some of these people. Singh is having amassed property and real estate business, stake in news channel and hence he can easily help blast victims. Sachin Ahir, is a very big investor in real estate and owns construction and hotel business. These politicians have set up this business with common man’s money. This is the time they should to do something for the common man. There are thousands of business groups in Mumbai and if each one plans empowering one victim’s family member, then I think ninety percent worry will diminish.

With very little information to push the investigations ahead, anti-terrorism agencies are struggling to get a basic strong clue which could lead them to that major breakthrough. It’s been 24 hours and they are clueless about the attackers and their motto. Time and again several suggestions have been made to the Maharashtra government to bring about important changes in the existing state intelligence set-up. One of the key changes that were recommended to the state government is to set up a separate wing for intelligence on terrorism in the Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad. Most of the officers who are posted with premium anti-terrorism agencies come on a time-bound posting and hence it becomes important to do a handover of the existing sources to the succeeding officer. Emphasis should be laid more on cultivating a source for the agency rather than the officer. However, little or no action has been taken on these recommendations.

In recent times the Indian Mujahideen has gone ahead and claimed responsibility by sending out mails to various media houses, but this time round that has not happened yet. There have been enough indications for the Indian intelligence agencies to take a cue from and join the dots. From Jama Masjid to Varanasi to Pune's German Bakery blast -- all resonated with the signature style of the Indian Mujahideen. All these incidents clearly indicate that terror was struggling to resurface. These were all dots waiting to be joined. There is a pattern. The trick is to analyse the pattern. And that happens best through people giving the ground level intelligence. This ability to analyse is something that blatantly missing.

Most of the times the intelligence officers are asked to gather inputs which are political in nature. This is really pathetic and they are left helpless because establishing political links is not always possible. Chidambaram is unfortunate that intelligence agencies had no prior inputs on the attacks. But reports hint at IM hand pointing to LeT outfit's tendency to strike on the 13th and 26th day of the month. At least five attacks, thought to be carried out by IM in the past three years, have happened either on 13th or 26th, something in this, or mere coincidence? Investigating officials believe the modus operandi was similar to that of the Ahmedabad blasts in 2008.

So many blasts and same story repeated from government and intelligence. Each time we get same answers and monotones announcements but no concrete solutions. Some politicians arrive here to gain political mileage out of this issue and others are making this issue a publicity stunt for them.

Raj Thackeray, a so called well wisher of Mumbaikars and Marathi Manoos has always hidden his face whenever city witnesses any terror attacks. Whatever interviews Raj is giving at present is irrelevant, he had shamelessly said in one of his interview that he cannot do anything beyond paying homage to the dead and sympathy towards injured victims. It’s a shame on this so called messiah of Marathi manoos. He can’t do much more than giving false and pretentious interviews on news channels.

Between all the pain, relatives and friends of the dead and the injured gathered in grim silence at the hospital. The death toll could rise day by day considering the seriousness of the injuries. They have no other option than bidding final farewell to their loved ones and coping up with beloved’s injuries.

Ignorance and greed biggest challenge to India

The problem with security and intelligence agencies in India is the lack of communication and the greed for credit and power. India is not the only exception or victim of such traits. Politics inside the bureaucracy and the power game is almost same in all the other countries of the world too; but the very basic difference between them and us is the fear of getting caught and getting punished. Deterrence of getting caught and failing in investigation and punishments somewhat controls their greed.

We lack proper laws and proper implementation of the same. Those in the power have every knack and control over twisting the law as per their convenience. Those in power and those who have the power are the two most dangerous factors in administration. For example there are a couple of “information and security research organizations” operating from India but the research they do here are for the foreign countries. We can’t question them or ask for any clarification as they operate from India in the name of “threat analysis/research”. They are not directly working on hardcore intelligence; instead they are working on the development and activities of various hackers groups who operate from these regions. Now the question that arises is how hackers and hacking can be an issue for national security? This issue needs completely different analysis and explanations. Looking at the recent terror attacks and threats to this country lets go little in-depth and understand the issue.

The problems are not limited to specific categories; the majority of issues are on smaller scales and that is the reason why they are less talked about, discussed and thought over. Hence it’s easier for all these terrorist organizations and other intelligence agencies to target India and that too so frequently. Let us take a simple example of the communication issues over the border areas of India. Mostly, the way security personnel/armed forces and terrorists who are deployed in the border areas communicate with each other in more or less the same manner and uses almost same technology and communication devices like walkie-talkie, wireless frequency and satellite phones (mostly used in base camps because of its high price).

The way communication gets trapped is not something extra ordinary; it happens because of a very simple reason that the communication cannot be encrypted over such mediums, and that is why it is easier to intercept them. But the irony is that it is not necessary that communication which is intercepted is true and accurate, the possibility of making this conversation for the purpose of misguiding the security forces in and around those areas is high. And at the same time we can’t even ignore them because if by any chance the incident happens then those soldiers who are deployed in the area will be considered guilty because the communication is passed to the senior officers sitting in the base camps. The percentage of number of security forces deployed in and around the borders is the maximum and the strength of Indian army and armed forces is among the top 6 in the world, so it is not possible to make any excuses for the “man power”, if such incidents happens and we fail to avoid them.

The very common problem that seems to be simple and hence ignored is “social engineering”. Most of the time both the forces deployed over the border keeps on scanning the wireless frequency ranges of each other’s and also the different specific frequency on which the patrolling forces are communicating. Because of the similarity in the language spoken, it is not a hard job for someone who is really good in social engineering to fool and collect information from these various patrolling forces/parties. All you need to do is make a call on the same frequency of the other side party and just ask them in a commanding and confident voice that you are so and so senior speaking from their respective bases and ask them for their progress or current location or some other outputs. Due to the hierarchy in the forces and couple of protocols which we ignore to follow, it makes it very difficult for that soldier to ask many questions regarding the caller’s identification and justify the reason of calling as no one wants to make their boss unhappy and that too if you are in armed force.

Thus, these types of problems are not very big and complicated but what makes it more difficult to be taken care of and encountered is the ignorance and lack of interest by those who are responsible for making the protocols and process by the think tanks. Unfortunately, they are focusing more on the issues that happen less frequently but make big news. The problems occurring because of such ignorance are not talked about much and fail to make big news. The one who has to be held responsible for such ignorance is the irresponsible media in such locations.

Now if we talk about these think tanks and decision and policy makers, then they are busy most of the time giving lectures all over the world. They only talk about big and critical issues which are not present but are expected to happen or occur in future. What our intelligence agencies are doing working under the banner of “research organizations” is extracting the money from the central government under the name of “research” or “strategy development” or “analysis”. Someone told me once about one such research which was like “understanding and studying the mind of “black hat hackers”. In this research the organization took assistance from couple of senior doctors (more preciously – psychiatrists) to complete the entire exercise. During their entire exercise there was not even a single time they talked or discussed things with any hacker or infosec professionals (forget about the black hats). They completed the entire exercise and study within the specific time, even prepared and gave the report to the top bosses. When I came to know about the amount of money spent on this, I was really shocked and was like “OMG”. With so much of money and time in available, had they done the research in a proper manner, then they could have finished their research in a terrific and successful manner. Their success in fact would have been fruitful and useful to those who were assigned to work on it and actually implement it. Being in this domain I can easily make out what they would have done during the entire project and what the entire project report would comprise of. If you ask me to tell this in simple words, then I would call it “shit”.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We, as a nation,only be recipients of abuse

Mumbai blasts: Once again slap on intelligence

Indian Mujahideen module was active in India from Varanasi to Pune, where did the intelligence went wrong? Number 13 and 26 has big significance in these blasts; the mystery is yet to be solved. When German Bakery case was under scanner, that time a group of hackers and researchers found out the details referring to the past incidences of the blast, when the pattern of the date and day was studied, they found some common significance numbers and those were 7, 9 11, 13 and 26 and the day were Friday or Tuesday. K P Raghuvanshi was then ATS in charge; he was keen in looking at this angle but some government authorities disagreed with the research by declining all investigation. Even though, this is just a theoretical expects of the incidences and it is hard to prove the link of terror attacks based on such research. Another reason for not believing in this study is the investigating agencies never work on theory but work on proofs and evidences. Whatever the agency may say but the significance of these dates and days cannot be neglected.

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested two suspected terrorists near Mankhurd Railway Station on July 6. The two are said to be part of Indian Mujahideen (IM), and were allegedly involved in the Ahmedabad serial blasts that killed 56 people on July 26, 2008. Mohammed Mobin Abdur Shakoor Khan alias Irfan, 32, and Ayub Raja Amin Shaikh, 28, were nabbed outside a municipal school near Mankhurd railway station. And the two were found in possession of a 7.65mm pistol and 32 bore revolver along with four bullets and have been booked under the Arms Act. But why police failed to gather further information from these terrorists? These two were also wanted in cases involving threat mails sent from Matunga, Navi Mumbai and Chembur. The duo stole four cars —three WagonR’s and one Maruti 800 — which were used in Ahmedabad and Surat by the IM. The cars were stolen at the instructions of IM operative Afzal Usmani Muthalik, who is currently lodged in Ahmedabad jail. They stole cars from New Panvel, Vashi and Nerul and delivered them to Surat and Ahmedabad and duo was on the run ever since the IM module was busted by the crime branch.

They lived in Indore, Bareilly, Rampur, Ghaziabad among other places and were involved in several car thefts. When all these details were indicating threat to country why intelligence failed to smell the probable threat and made the vigilance strict. Biggest problem in department is professional rivalry between the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and the crime branch of the Mumbai Police came to a flashpoint during the hunt for the two Indian Mujahideen (IM) operatives. However, good sense prevailed and a face-off was averted. Sources said that a special unit of the crime branch had been tipped off about the two terrorists by a trusted informant almost four months ago, and was on the verge of tracking the duo down. However, the murder of senior crime journalist J Dey around that time forced them to put the operation on hold to launch a manhunt for Dey’s killers. The ATS got wind of the crime branch’s unfinished operation and traced down the informant, who soon buckled and led the ATS to their prize catch. This was not the first time that the two agencies had come to a head over a common target. A few weeks ago, their tussle came to the fore over the arrest of some suspects who, the ATS claimed, were involved in a shootout at south Mumbai. Police department itself is in deep shitty politics and rivalry as the common man has to bear the brunt of such acts. Another dumb soul is our Home minister RR Patil. Ever since Patil has taken charge there is no control over crime, he shamelessly stuck to his chair and crimes keep shooting up in Maharashtra.

Yesterday all blasts took place in crowded places. Many persons were injured and some died in the blast. Police control room had received a call claiming that there were serial blasts in Mumbai, but clueless police was resting in peace till some people lost their lives. A team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had rushed to Mumbai from Delhi to investigate and collect forensic evidence. The blasts, went off within minutes of each other.

Security alerts have been issued in Delhi post the blasts in Mumbai. Two IM members were arrested from their hideouts near Mumbai by Anti-Terrorism Squad. The official said the two were suspected to be involved in one of the blasts that had occurred in the country but did not specify which blast case it was. Blast took place at 7pm; 8.30 pm Chief Minister of Maharashtra took press conference, meanwhile PWD Minister Chaggan Bhujbal was dealing with media. However, our beloved dumb Home Minister R R Patil was fortunate that he managed to be out of scene and escape media’s countering as he was at Nagpur when the incident happened. He left the place after knowing that the situation would be under control. Now after blast so many investigation agencies are heading towards Mumbai to find out the forensics. But why all these agencies together failed to smell the threat to city? Or should we assume this as a Birthday gift to Ajmal Aamir Kasab?

Some where I read, Old saying – “Yatah raja tatha praja”

New saying, which India proves – “Yatah praja tatha raja”

We are crappy people who elect crappy leaders, and then expect them to perform. Accept the reality. We, as a nation, can only be net recipients of abuse, as history has borne out over centuries.

Astrology and TRP gimmicks

After getting up from bed first thing what I do is switch on the TV for news and then perform other routine activities. While browsing through channels some ‘BHAVISHYAVANI’ with Acharya Indu Prakash, was being aired on India TV. He is an astrologer who tells your horoscope and numerological fortune and reveals the connection between your celestial mechanics and the terrestrial dynamics. He gives you guarantee of 99 per cent if you follow his instructions; in one of his show I saw him giving tips on how to possess a man whom you love. He gave one remedy and some pooja methods to perform in the evening. I wish if I follow astrologer’s instructions then I might get Julian Assange as I really have a crush on him. If this astrologer gives 99 per cent guarantee of his methods and predictions, then at least I should reach Assange’s gate.

These kinds of shows are nothing but a TRP gimmick. If this astrologer is so perfect in predicting things and has solutions and remedy for whatever you want to possess then he should actually try to own that 27/7 channel and telecast his rubbish 24/7. And as he has all the remedies, I am sure he won’t need to struggle much to earn money because he knows and have given loads of such tips earlier to bring wealth in life. Indian Ministry of Information & Broadcasting should issue advisories to these TV channels for spreading “misinformation”, “fear” and “horror”. Every morning you’re imbibing some unexpected fear in common man’s mind. Some channel says today you’re lucky colour, some say its yellow while other says green. Who should one trust? From morning 7 to 9 a person’s vital time is wasted in watching such scrap. I know we are not forced to see such programmes but it’s a psyche of every common man as every one are under stress, these kind of stupid things make them believe in what the astrologer is saying.

Forget about these minor predictions, in the recent past some bunch of astrologers on Aaj Tak and India TV were predicting the world coming to an end in various forms that were inappropriate for children and unsuitable for public exhibition. People had panicked as the programme was repeated ten times. However, the world has not moved any where and it’s still there but the astrologers have changed. And a new programme hosted by Indu has started. How funny it is to know that if you call her to know how you can get your missing son back home, from there she predicts and tells you to keep some coins in the right direction of main door which will result in your son to come back. Hello Indu Jain why don’t you ask the Mumbai Police to follow these remedies as every day minimum four children go missing from Mumbai and have failed to return home. Then some woman suspects her hubby having extra marital affairs, and Indu again gives a solution and promises that henceforth hubby will close his eyes and never look at any woman further. God knows whether these solutions work or not but that particular call costs six rupees per minute. Thus, you are losing 30 rupees minimum. Each such telecast generates lakhs of rupees. I think Family court should hire people like Indu Jain to solve divorce issues and re-settle the families with her remedies.

The Indian Broadcasting Federation (IBF) and the News Broadcasters Association (NBA) members should exercise some restraint while broadcasting such content. Moreover hardcore news channels should stop practicing such things. The commercial aspects of news channels are sucking the brains of common man by installing such superstition. They claim that daily dose of ‘Bhavishyavani’ aims to give you practical solutions to all your problems. Dial 0120 – 2517251 and make a refreshing start to know your stars, just a phone call away. How emotional fools are we? They want to extract benefits by pinching your pocket early in the morning, and for one in ten thousands by fluke if that works he becomes publicity manager for the TV channel and that astrologer. The much faster and effective publicity is word of mouth publicity; these astrologers are very good at social engineering, hundred times better than even Kevin Mitnick. They are the real hackers, they hack your faith, your emotions and over all the revenue from your pocket without your knowledge. I don’t know anyone if anyone gets to reach their destination through these programmes. On the other hand, we take miracle dose to combat our problems, but nothing actually works. One of my employees took Rs 7000 loan from office, second day I realized he has taken that loan to buy an astrological stone to make his stars bright; his faith was forcing him to invest in stone for easy money and quick remedy. He wore that stone and continues to work on the same profile. Although every month 2000 rupees gets deducted from his salary against that loan, that poor guy is still waiting for that golden moment where he can achieve success with the help of stone. As a boss I know that the only miracle that can make him successful is his hard work. Finally, he became frustrated and decided to sell the stone back, he only received 30 per cent returns, 70 per cent of his money has been falsely wasted in superstition. Imagine how many persons like him must be getting fooled every day? Yet sometimes those future predictions made many years ago have come to pass.

I remember some astrologer Dr. Sharma predicted the occurrence of a mass casualty in the country within the time span of 90 days in his programme “Rashichaal” on “Sahara Samay”, on the eve of Shani Amavasya. Same day there was bomb blast attack in Pune. And next day, the channel announced this is the first major terror strike since the 26/11 Mumbai attacks killing at least eight and injuring 53 lives. It came true on the very same day with the occurrence of our astrologer’s predictions. Damn fools so many such terror incidences happened in our country without any predictions and moreover 90 days period to make believe about such predictions because India is under threat of terror attack. Why he failed to predict who and when and where the terror attack is going to take place at least police force would have blessed him in abundance. If these astrologers can really guarantee and predict such big incidents then they should be recruited in police force, CBI and with undercover agents, so the investigation may come up with accurate results. No astrologer ever predicted when Kasab is going to be hanged, what would be the fate of Afzal guru, are we going to get money back from Swiss bank or not. Why any astrologer failed to tell about J Dey’s murder motto, why they failed to predict about the rapists who escaped after raping a minor child.

Why these astrologers failed to make this very own channel the world’s most popular and number on channel, by proving remedy to switch off all other channels? Television is the next fastest-growing medium and is the largest contributor to global growth. Television’s share of the global ad market has risen steadily over time and shows no sign of reaching a plateau: The amount of time viewers spend watching television continues to increase. Even though viewers are presented with a wider choice of channels than ever, the biggest television show attracting record audiences is astrology and predictions; one of the major revenue chunk is earned by these scraps.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cisco Sucks

While surfing I came across a news on ITpro website about Cisco, a worldwide leader in networking that it may eliminate as many as 10,000 jobs to maintain its competitiveness going forward. According to Bloomberg, Cisco is also providing early-retirement packages to about 3,000 workers who took buyouts.

However, the inside story is something different. As per news, India Country President Naresh Wadhva is said to be on leave from past three weeks which comes as a surprise as how can a country president be on leave at a crucial stage when the financial year of 2011 is ending on July 29. Isn’t it strange that at such crucial stage the country president of Cisco is enjoying holidays? By the way, the sources have informed that he has quit. Cisco has officially announced 17% lay off in India.
Including Anil Basin, Senior Vice President Sales and several other top and middle management level employees of Cisco are quitting due to sudden changes at ‘APAC” (Asia Pacific Countertrade Association). The changes have brought lots of insecurity and dissatisfaction amongst employees. On the other side, the arch rival of Cisco is taking advantage of this scenario and hiring best of the employees of Cisco team. To say, the over all scenario of Cisco in India is not so well. It seems that there is no security of job in Cisco India. Naresh Wadhwa worked for thirteen years in this company and he is the one who established entire India operations; but today he is been asked to quit just because he couldn’t manage to nod his head to managements unreasonable approach. Top management need shoe lickers in company and there are many who believe in their caliber refused to do so.

Newly appointed Edzard Overbeek, APCA head replaced Naresh Wadhva with his own source Janesh Murjani. Edzard had joined Cisco just two years back. Unfortunately, he and Naresh Wadhva had differences in opinion and hence couldn’t go well with each other. Obviously, Naresh is here from 13 years and he is well versed with market and business set up in India. Employees are waiting for Janesh to take charge, and there are probable chances that Anil Basin BSFI head, Jagdish Mahapatra- IT/ ITCS head and Shrikant Shintole – Real estate business head, Sandeep Raina- Government/ public sector head looking for their way out and may evict from Cisco. As part of its broader plan to cut costs and increase profits, the networking company may slash about 7,000 jobs by August this year. Earlier it was reported that Cisco might cut 5,000 jobs meaning a nearly 7 per cent work force reduction for Cisco, which has about 73,400 employees worldwide.

Cisco currently expects annual revenue to grow by 12 per cent to 17 per cent. Its share price fell by about 2 per cent at $15.43, in a market that was broadly lower due to concerns about the U.S. budget talks and the euro-zone debt crisis. With a view to meet its goal of slashing costs by $1 billion and lower its long-term revenue growth target to about 10 per cent from a forecast of 12 per cent to 17 per cent, Cisco may plan to trim its workforce. By laying of so much staff, cutting down other expenses and optimizing discount level may bring some financial stability to company, but if you look at the shares (IPO) flown in the market are just 10 % and 90 % shares are with are with Cisco CEO, John Chambers, if the revenue is not thrown in the market how one can expect the growth? If such International company terminates top old management level employees, what is the guarantee the new comers will pour in their heart towards growth in such critical situations? The elegant old staffs are panic; there are too many projects and not enough resources to execute. In order to be successful, management will need to take a serious look at the project load and make some tough decisions. However, it must be noted that Cisco's revenue has increased 11 per cent over the past five calendar years. While viewing this as a positive move, analysts believe the company needs to reset its long-term financial targets. Cisco had earlier shed some 8,000 jobs in 2001 followed by some major job cuts in 2002.

Cisco never hesitates about firing employees. Although labour in India is comparatively cheap than other nations, but the company’s strategy has been failing miserably. Even at this historic time for the company, almost no coherent message is being conveyed to the employees on how the company can recover from this downward twist. Cisco in definitely weak at management level and unsaid, unseen internal politics has always attacked the integrity of Company. Whenever this company came in crises the only solution they could come up with is lay off, may be this is the biggest reason that company is not growing the way it should be because it lacks job security. The state of upper-management at Cisco is absolutely appalling.

More over the CBI probe is another pain to Cisco. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has expanded its inquiry net to probe the role of original equipment manufacturers and network implementation partners involved in the Commonwealth Games communication deal, allegedly a highly inflated contract. CWG's communication, video and data transfer bribe/scam appears to be in range of Rs 350-400 crore. MTNL and Bharti Airtel were the only two bidders of this deal. CWG chief Suresh Kalmadi awarded the contract to MTNL, thinking no one would question him for giving work to a government body. MTNL manipulated the specifications and quoted a whopping sum of Rs 570.12 crore for it while Bharti Airtel wanted a nominal fee of Rs 10 crore but negotiated for branding advantage during the sporting event. Eventually, MTNL subcontracted the work to HCL Infosystems for Rs 380.04 crore. Later on HCL gave contract to Cisco for Rs. 180 crore. CBI’s question is that why and where Rs. 550 crore was invested for the job worth only Rs. 50 crore. Cisco’s top two legal department people are in New Delhi, dealing with this issue. The statestic over this issue are published in so many news papers, including Mint.

The unreasonable deals and mismanagement in admin may give big jolt to this biggest IT Company. At this moment Cisco is discussed on very appalling and sad notes amongst IT industry.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Larger the banner, greater the hypocrisy

Until today, the news headlines say Rupert Murdoch should fire Rebekah Brooks from News of the World for failing to respect the law formulated for reporters. True, very true! Even so, is it possible?
In India sting operation is in fashion, today Tehelka is popular just because of its sting operation. Tarun Tejpal is the owner and Editor in Chief of the publication that’s the reason no one could question him or blame him for anything. However, if he would have been an employee or paid as editor of the publication then he would be out of the market. Few years ago, some news channel did sting operation on Shakti kapoor and we as viewers enjoyed it rather objecting upon such trends.

Aaj Tak did sting operation on Pramod Muthalik and Aasaram Bapu and many such people, by violating all ethics and rules of journalism, but no one goes against them. News channel needs TRP and viewership, which is only possible through controversy and scandals. If the editor bans such practices, then he would be accused for his inefficiency. However, if he does the sting operation at all and someone takes objections on it then the banner and owner both put the blame on the editor and washes their hands off.

I understand the pain of Rebekah Brooks, actually it’s not her fault it’s the fault of her thankless job and position, she was holding in the newspaper. I am sure; every newspaper and news channel definitely possesses taped conversations of thousands of celebrities, politicians, sports stars and common people. For the simple reason, if the desk question reporter about the conversation proof then they have to produce the records by default. Moreover, many times a source denies his statements, so one need to keep the proof. Rebekah Brooks is not the acceptation. I can understand why she had to fall on her own sword which she has sharpened for the interest of newspaper and its readers.

There is one story to dictate here for you. My editorial team was irritated over discussions and was cracking their brains for a topic to make the lead story on. I too was in thoughts as what to pen down for the front page story. The deadline was coming to an end. Then, I remembered Kumar Ketkar's speech in a Rotary Club function at Dombivli where he had recalled a situation from the time when he was the Editor of Maharashtra Times. Kumar was revealing the other side of Journalism which said Bad news is a Good news; a compulsory virtue of journalism all over the world. And just then, Poonam Chambers collapsed. It was a huge sigh of relief as finally there was something worth a lead. War journalists, crime journalists and others; they all strive for off-routine pictures and reports. Every journo aims for a Watergate; a life-turning event/scam. The class of journalists is reflected in the investigative journalism in any bear. There is equal scope for an investigative talent in all the beats of journalism.
Press Freedom, liberty to write, investigative journalism, journalism of courage are terms that have been imposed upon us since ages.

The most Hippocratic profession is journalism. One may recall Arun Shourie's rise and fall in Indian Express group. A layman remembers Mr. Shourie as a courageous journalist who exposed the cement scam of then Maharashtra CM Barrister A.R. Antulay. He then had to quit 'Express' as a prize for his courage. The reality is entirely different. But this scam and consequences after that was the end of Shourie as an Editor. The policy of publishing is guided by the affiliations and interests of the managements. A journalist or an Editor is merely a salesman. He can shoot only at the sweet will of the paymaster. Media; news media is a business venture as clear as a profit-making organization which has to pay salaries in time. Mid-day publications, take, for example, in reputed for paying-fat salaries and that too in time. It does not cover news much. It is the still most prosperous newspaper. Jyotirmoy Dey went out of routine and paid for his bravery by getting shot by the hands of underworld goons.

Still it is journalism of courage, as professed by it. It is a harsh reality that journalism as a profession is a paid job. What so chaotic about paid-journalism is when journalists at any level are doing a paid job? I feel we must end the hypocrisy in the fourth-estate and come out with real ourselves telling the world that we are not Superman, but we are sales executives working on salaries and hidden perk.

The Times of India consistently maintains its reputation as a balanced newspaper and does not run after exposures and scams/scandals. Very rarely it does operate as an exposing medium against corruption, but then it never hits below the belt. The RK’s cartoons have placed Times group in an exclusive place in the world of print media. The Times editorial are a stuff for aspirants of competitive examinations as also for administrators, political executives and corporate. Girilal Jain occupied the office of the Times group as an Editor for a pretty long time and added academic depth to the editorial column. Kumar Ketkar, initially wrote for Economic Times before taking over the charge as an Editor of Maharashtra Times, the Marathi language edition of the Times group. Kumar happens to be the first journalist to have switched over from Economic news to political news coverage. Kumar

Ketkar's editorials left a mark on the readers' minds. Very unfortunately, he made an unsung exit immediately after winning Padma Shri in year 2000-01. Ritu Sarin, of Indian Express earned a place in the category of celebrated journalists when she exposed the Tata tapes involving Field Marshal Sam Manickshaw with Mr. Ratan Tata, a business-tycoon. Ms. Sarin's exposures have a class of her own and she too, like her counterparts in Times does not hit below the belt, nor does she profess scams-exposure as a career. Neither Mr. Girilal Jain nor Ms Sarin has won a Padma for their contribution to media.

Sucheta Dalal, a phenomenon that came to be from the Big Bull exposure of the Stock Market kite-flying scam, left the Times Group to join its arch-rival Indian Express. It was a very unprecedented move, and she continued there for long before launching her own publications. Ms. Dalal won Padma Shri quite late in life, almost a decade after the exposure. Friend or foe, it has to be a subject and not a person, is the way she professed journalism. Her article appealing mercy for Harshad Mehta, not from the criminal prosecution but from the hectic investigation and judicial journey was on humanitarian grounds. She had written that Harshad Mehta might die in prison if subjected to a suffocating system. And that is what happened years later as Mehta died of cardiac arrest in Thane jail.

A name that flew a lot like a stormy wave amidst the Bofors controversy was of Ms. Chitra Subramaniam of 'The Hindu' newspaper, a south-India based English daily. Ms. Subrmaniam with her editor Mr. N. Ram earned an international repute for cornering the then Congress government over the kick-back allegations in a purchase deal of Howitzer Long-range guns, known as Bofors.

The Swedish company had allegedly paid kick-backs to an official broker of Indian origin Mr. Win Chhada for executing the contract. Then Congress MP and matinee-idol Amitabh Bachchan made a history as he put his papers as an MP. It happened for the first time in the history of 'Independent India' that a Member of Parliament resigned over a controversy. The electronic media brought a type of journalism without much depth. The weight and depth of print-media journalism are totally absent in this form of news media.

In the times of “Sabse Tez” viewers are taken for granted. We see Arnab Goswami on TIMES NOW screaming “Enough is Enough". Who are you trying to fool?” Then we have a beard-sporting chap on a multi-national banner threatening us all the time like a gangster. His tone, ups and downs in his voice have no consonance at all with the topic or the incident he is narrating. What we hear all the time is “Better watch my programme or you had it”. The space titled Breaking News is compulsorily flashing round the clock. It is now understood by the viewers that like an ad or a banner occupying the cable movie channel all the time.

Editorial Ownership and foreign ownership are two concepts in media that make a lot of difference for such banners that are under such management. As for foreign ownership there was a hue and cry from the locals some years ago and government was forced slap some restrictions. I do not recollect the details or modalities of these norms, but then the class that foreign media possess and function with, we lack; especially in electronic media.

The application of mind and appetite for news and news and news; in-depth news, is tremendous in foreign journalists. I remember recently having read of a boy in a very poor African territory who produced electricity with windmill that he made of scrap items collected from his village. His village had never seen electricity before.

The CNN correspondent reached him, took him to international conference and exposed his talents to the world, I do not recollect any such news item in the related to Indian media for years together. There is no dearth of brave journalists, who if given an opportunity shall strive for excellence. Problem is that the managements in the age of competition cannot afford to concentrate on journalism as such. It is a harsh reality that journalism as a profession is a paid job.
The introduction of electronic channels has faded off the charm of breaking-news and scam-exposures.

There is compulsorily the tag of Breaking News 24/7 on every channel. What is flashed under that tag is a scrap by compulsion. I also remember a very leading channel breaking news when Amitabh Bachchan on his way from hospital to home; decided to take a left turn for his mother's house. The news channel reader was excited so much that his belly fell off breaking the news.

Less written, less agony, here I stop out of irritation….

Because it reminds me of my days at Afternoon Despatch and Courier and staffs’ dirty politics, this is probably the fate of every editor in our country…