Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cattechie aka Vaidehi Sachin again in news for the hackers,by the hackers of the hackers

The server got hacked at 6.18 precisely in the morning, the attack was going on continuously from last 3 days and it’s still going on. They were doing bruteforce attack after they failed in DDoS, they were trying all over the places they can do it, they tried it on WHM panel, Cpanel of all the domains, FTP accounts, emails of some of the mail accounts specially , it looks like somehow their main target was

ICW, indishell, ICA,DNA, stuxnet, all hacking shit we can knock your doors anytime”. What a shit is this? Why you need to knock the door, if you have guts please come in the doors are open. We may have some differences with our aims and goals but when someone offends us we should be united as one... and this heinous attack should not be tolerated at any cost. Long back “khujli chodary” issued one PDF warning to all hackers for not using particular name for defacement and on that page similar warning was issued. Khujli tried his level best to bend all hacker but fortunately they gave dame to his intentions. More over what I feel is, the main motto behind this hack was not to give a message to icw, ica, indishell, dna, ics etc., it was done by someone who hates our success... we are working to find out, my guys are back to me and they will dig the ground till they reach and find out the evil punks hiding in underground hell. Any ways I never ever came across such stupid underground group.

Cybercriminals are spreading invisible infections far and wide across the Internet by hammering hundreds of thousands of websites. SabkiLeak website based on the lines of WikiLeaks which is to be launched on 1st May, 2011 was apparently compromised by a group of hackers called Fake ICA seeming to be registered in New Delhi. Assisting Fake ICA is its owner’s girlfriend who was once known as the slaughter house for anti-Indian and anti-Hindu worms and the power House of Hindus. But, later she was caught providing information to the Pakistani counterpart and hence was boycotted by hackers hacked the website using Brute force .

The intentions behind the attack from the rivalries appear to be an outcome of sheer envy or the fear of getting their corruption practices exposed. It is also not so skeptical that the hacker group must be hired by some government officers for the attack. Despite the fact that they have tried their best to interrupt the path of SabkiLeak, the website authorities assures to launch it on the scheduled date itself. On the contrary, the attack has only made the website owners gain more confidence and simultaneously get a wider exposure. The whole incidence has only left the ignorant hackers and authorities behind the attack bang their heads against empty pots. In a way, the attack has proved to be a training session for the Kaizen wannabees and its technical staff under the leadership of R45C4l to fight against this kind of attacks on organizations, business groups or any part of the IT sector. Since SabkiLeak is only a virtual media and nothing related to print and paper, there was not any loss in actual. Although the server was down for few hours, the problem is believed to be solved soon.

one of the close source said getting root is not big issue, The guys who did it is against r45c4l, the source said that they are from inj3ct0r and 1 of them managed to steal openSSH 0-day which was written by anti-sec (romeo)... guys are from USA... (Indians in USA).... openssh 0-day is INEVITABLE! 99.99% of the servers are vulnerable to it...!!! someday try to research on milw0rm and threat to milw0rm by anti-sec coz of openssh 0-day its a mastercard which has to be broken somehow!anyways it want make difference because my virtual existence is not much as compare to print.

Hackers had left a message after defacing the website which said there is no point wasting time on defacing Pakistani websites forming small groups. It is essential to form a united group which will help the nation to be cyber secured. Defacing sites of organizations like CBI or PM office is not a great thing as it can be done by any hacker. Responding to the attack, SabkiLeak said that these kinds of attacks are not going to stop it from achieving its motive and also that the website will be launched on 1st May itself standing true to its promises. To be precise, the attack was a message to hackers group like ICW, Indishell, ICA, DNA-stuxnet, ICS and many other ethical hacking groups claiming to be the best. Lately, Cattechie having the same vision had tried bringing all these groups together under one roof ‘Unite Hackers’ for a better prospect of the country but due to some miscreants the attempt received a setback.

Hey guys I really felt like laughing at the defaced page. Those guys are watching every strange thing… hey what this mean? Anyways I am happy; my websites became message board for the entire hackers group other than “khujli” group. Not a big problem... attention creator shower off your ass. So silly and amateur attack, any ways thanks for this hack. All my lost brothers got united once again. This was worth.
Any ways guys I feel this attack was not against me but it’s a open challenge to all groups lets unite and show we may be separated by groups but once challenged we r united... GoodLuck