Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Any thing for INDIA

CAT and Her Gang

Today on NBC group at Face book some guy called Kai farmer who clames himself to be a Napster ( I hope napsters are never so cheap and really have time for stupid wall posts) … was arguing with my intentions, I know who he is and what he is indicating but just took it as healthy discussions, but the guy went abusive and all my girls pounced at him, finally we removed him from the group and thought matter is resolved, but some profiles got him back. we tried throwing him out he shamlessly returned to group, good we undertood how much these people try to provoke me. Every hacker thinks that I am against them. And thinking ill or want to hurt them and I don’t know what all, any ways it’s their right of opinion and it’s my way of holding things. As everyone says about the unsaid and unrevealed secretes of Cat or making porn on her or showing her nude or blogging about her, or anything for that matter, Guys please I am not scared of you and your threats. Please go ahead and do whatever possible best you can do in your own capacity. Let it be some rahul, jit or some tom, some harry no issues. Who so ever, am not scared of anyone. But these are the people or a group who mortgaged hacker’s private life in journalist’s hands and today making hue and cry over the issues. They provake me sp that the hackers who are doing their job without getting involved in any kind of groupsim or shit to get harrassed, they dont want peace in your life. if they would have cared for you all i dont think anyone would have un-necessarily digged burried graves. Guys its not me its your community members doing wrong with you.
Earlier I was alone on Face Book but today I am there with my gang, these girls are blessing for me, they are there when I need them the most. The funniest thing is that, we never go to any walls or unnecessarily poke anyone or go anybodies way. My girls are doing their job and they are there for me. Looking at so many profiles many of you had catafobia, each girls profile was under scan and they were assumed as CAT, we used to laugh we used make fun and still we share things and pass our precious time in gossiping Face Book. The other Harsh pinged Anupriya saying “hi vaidehi and she just made fun out of him, any ways on one floor of mine we have ten PC and all wired no wireless connection, one telephone line, the IP has to be same. Ours is news paper office and we work 24/7. Please come out of this IP business. And stop being so mean.
I have 4500 friends, and NBC group, where more than 600 members. My profile is richest profile and my wall is read by my friends. There is no group which has this many number of members. Why would I need to hang here or there? I know there are several fake profiles in my friends list just to abuse us or comment with some filth. No matter …it’s your nature, up brings and culture I have got nothing to loose, except banning one more friend from my list. Anupriya is cute little young girl but she is our Gang's leader, there are many mean-spirited, bullying, opportunistic rogues try harassing her but she is very calm and quite in dealing with them. She is her r45c4l sir favorites and most humble member of my gang.
Doper is a strong character with a forked tongue, a long, sharply pointed nose, she is Gang's second-in-command, but mostly this means that she is reduced to a sniveling yes-man to Ace. SHe does have some personality of her own; she usually never speaks out of line. In "Power Lunch", her superpower is the ability to stretch or shut the subject is par excellent.
The most controversial yet very dear and cute gang member of mine is Jyestha, very arrogant but matured. Possessive about her peers and takes no nonsense, yet she is polite in her own way. Who she is, what she is where she is, soon the things would be answered and you all will be surprised to know her. I am damn sure you all will rather get a cute shock to see her. In this virtual world we have so many loves and hate relations without or with reasons. But the bottom line is that, I may not be rich by pockets but I am richer by relations and these girls are my strength. Please hold your grudges for me don’t ever dare them, they are not lamer.
Not last but the least we are not against any hackers, we are against the odd in them. We are against the blot on them, we are trying to clean the carpet for your better future. Just have faith.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Journalist to Launch www.sabkileak.com

The disclosures made by WikiLeaks have given a blunt and candid assessment of how American foreign policy is conducted. On Right Left and Centre, Wikileaks revelations has not only embarrassed America and exposed America's Diplomatic secrets but also India and several other countries. WikiLeaks has succeeded in hitting the reset button on International relations and politics.
India has become a hot spot of corruption, what with mega scams like the CWG, 2G, and Adarsh scams breaking out impoverishing the country's exchequer by 100s of billions of rupees. Politicians, fat-cat industrialists, and bureaucrats have formed an unholy nexus, which is bleeding Mother India like never before. The rich is getting richer, while the poor is being pushed deeper into the abyss of abject misery and poverty. How can we tackle this problem? Do we need an Indian Julian Assange to lead a crusade against our corrupt netas and babus?

In a way WikiLeaks has helped the common people to know the true faces of their politicians and leaders. Though it seems to be a wonderful source of true information, unfortunately the Indian government has made it an offence to own any website based on the lines of WikiLeaks.

Supreme Court advocate Pavan Duggal, who specialises in cyber law, points out that starting a site like WikiLeaks could make the owner liable to paying a fine of up to Rs 5 crore per contravention under the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008. One may even attract a criminal liability of three to ten years in jail under various statutes and the Indian Penal Code.

“At one side where the government gives each and every individual the right to freedom and information, on the other side they are restricting the citizens from their expression. Is this justified? There should be a media like WikiLeaks in India which will expose the corrupt practice of our leaders,” says Amar Pawar, a BPO employee.

As per the RTI Act, information sought had to provided to the citizen within a period of maximum 30 days, but citizens in our country have to wait for more than two years to elicit any information from concerned departments. List of pending cases runs in thousands and remains without addressed. Since the voice of the common people goes unheard most of the times, their issues remain unnoticed. A journalists group plans to come up with a website named www.sabkileak.com which would be solely based to inspire transparency, exposure of evils for wider interest of nation; and thereby to bring blots on our system to books. Several cases go pending even though government officials and contractors have access to skeletons-in-the-cupboard, they find it risky to approach courts or journalists or any civilian out of the purview of government service on the grounds of safety of their interest. Thus, www.sabkileak.com shall facilitate relaying of such material uploaded by such government servants; who wish to expose evils in the system.

“People must get to know the truth of their leaders and its government. This can lead to bad apples being dropped off from the basket. Policies that have direct influence on you can be debated with justice. The country can eventually move forward due to its transparency. I would support www.sabkileak.com since it is serving the nation for betterment,” says Chandrashekhar Shetty, a resident of Bhandup.

When AV contacted some of the personalities, here is what they said:

YP Singh, Ex-IPS officer - Looking at the corruption rate, there is a need of WikilLeak like website. I welcome www.sabkileak.com which will help the people to know the true faces of corrupt politicians. People are aware of corruption happening in the governance but no one protest or take any action against it. SabkiLeak will help to strengthen the people’s power to fight against corruption.

Shaina NC, BJP spokesperson Mumbai Unit - If SabkiLeak is for the welfare of the people then it would be fine but if it is used for blackmailing purpose then it would turn as a huge problem. I welcome this website and hope to see it soon.

Abbas Kazmi, Advocate - SabkiLeak should be handled by a strong and prominent personality. If these types of website come into existence, then hundreds of corruption cases will come into light. This will help the country to grow at a faster rate.

Amin Solkar, Advocate - Initially RTI proved to be a powerful tool to curb the issue of corruption to a great extent. But, today hundreds of RTI cases are pending. SabkiLeak will help the nation to overcome this barrier.
Vijay Mukhi, Cyber Expert - It is a great move. This will help the common people to know how corrupt their leaders are. Thus, it will help nation to bring the issue of corruption to.
source- http://www.afternoonvoice.com/

Script kiddie’s needs to hold their activities

post by elles Doper
Recently we found a website where our hacker5 magazine openly kept for the downloading including 'Cyber Terror' with out any kind permission from writer or the publication house. There are certain provisions made where we can take action against this piracy like you can write it down to admin panel of the site owner. As per the new piracy act the punishment is imprisonment, penalty or both. Forget about these books but the website holder randomly kept all possible library of pirated magazines and books including, hacking material.
Our office sent legal notice to the person who dared to make our book available for the free download purpose and have also taken action against the site owner and soon papers would make him answerable for the crime ongoing and committed by him.
Now a day’s people just keep on looking for the medium for publicizing their so-called links of blogs or websites they are not even bothered about who’s who. As the day passes randomly all the hackers on face book rush via group to groups pasting their link of blogs or websites without taking pains to know weather any one even is interested to read the content related to the links even if you try to read the blogs it is difficult as the links are over flooded that you fail to make choice. There are several groups on face book and their exntire wall is filled with this useless stuff so wherever you go you come across this maddening links. Due to this charm of reading has got suppressed. I would like to make few suggestions to the entire hackers group to invite the post rather than to paste links. Forcibly posting links make no sense nor is a best solution.
Guys who inspire to become hackers end up in major mess, to learn hacking they involve into goggling or searching videos on YouTube for the sql demonstration later like a fool they follow the method shown but never realize that this are tricks it is nothing but beating hard around bushes.
Maximum bloggers are wannabies and out of too much excitement they land into piracy or blogging end of the day the main aim of his gets hey wire the reason being that the survival factors to their existence is only their blogs and its publicity.
There are demigods of hacking world doing a great job such as Andhra hackers going place to place conducting seminars educating people without any false publicity even tech defense of sunny waghela there are so many around face book who keep very low profile and their work speaks volume for them there are so many such groups they are doing their job without tom toming about there achievement, work for any kind of publicity reason. The more you receive wisdom the more humble you become empty pot makes noise the same applies hear those who are really doing good job and remaining at the back doors are awaiting success with no publicity and with no noise. Guys, hackers community is very limited on face book you can count them only in thousands not in lakhs out of which 60% of hackers are doing the same kind of job and 10% which are underground like black hat hackers they are not even bothered to look at this kind of activities because they are mastering in what ever capacities they have they don’t even have time. Unfortunately this wannabies are doing nothing but wasting there time in promoting piracy items and at the end of the day only frustrations, shattered dreams, disappearance with broken fate and heart is the only out come.

coming soon CATTECHIE story of a journalist


Facebook is the most famous social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. But, this social networking site has become the modest weapon to abuse, insult and express hatred towards religions. Distressingly, a facebook page named Hindu has several images of both Hindu and Muslim gods cropped and merged with nude human bodies. Not only this, the page also includes pathetic and adult comments.
The owner or developer of the website http://www.hindunet.org/ has misused the facebook by creating a page with contents hurting sentiments of both Hindu and Muslim religion followers. The page has 79,872 followers and their only reason to be there seems to abuse other religion. Very sadly, there are number of images in which the Hindu gods are shown in compromising position. Whereas, there are also images which a pig is shown holding the holy Quran. Some pictures are so distressing that it cannot be explained. “It is surprising to know that these kinds of pages are entertained. Isn't there anyone to moderate? Facebook should look into this matter,” says Kiran Raghavan, a Bank employee.
The images can be found on the link http://www.facebook.com/ pages/Hindu/24525368223?v=photos. In one of the images, three Hindu gods are shown as 3 idiots as in the movie poster. Another one shows a pig resting over the Kaba of Mecca. Almost every deities are been abused. Every post is related to sexuality.

Harish Gupta, a resident of Borivali says, “Facebook should ban these kinds of pages which is spreading hatred towards other religions. People should protest against these anti-religion pages and make things safe for the future.” Adding further he said, “We should not get instigated rather we should live in peace and love. All religions are equal.”
Few months ago, Pakistan had banned facebook for a month of time due to the abuse made towards Islam. "Many pages are been created to target religions but still no proper actions have been taken. It is necessary that admin department of facebook should take care on these kinds of sensitive issues since this can result into a major physical war between the existing religions. Virtual war has already started this kind of stuff may also adversely affect the cyber space of many countries," said Mohammed Shaikh, a Dahisar resident. “These pages are intentionally made by people who possess evil intentions. Facebook is used by millions of people with different mentality and approach towards life. Though we cannot stop their evil thoughts but they can be definitely banned and discarded,” says Rehan Ali, a businessman. When AV contacted Vijay Mukhi, he said, “Government must issue letter to these kinds of websites and put an end to the insult of any religion. The miscreants should be booked under IT Act.”