Monday, January 24, 2011

Script kiddie’s needs to hold their activities

post by elles Doper
Recently we found a website where our hacker5 magazine openly kept for the downloading including 'Cyber Terror' with out any kind permission from writer or the publication house. There are certain provisions made where we can take action against this piracy like you can write it down to admin panel of the site owner. As per the new piracy act the punishment is imprisonment, penalty or both. Forget about these books but the website holder randomly kept all possible library of pirated magazines and books including, hacking material.
Our office sent legal notice to the person who dared to make our book available for the free download purpose and have also taken action against the site owner and soon papers would make him answerable for the crime ongoing and committed by him.
Now a day’s people just keep on looking for the medium for publicizing their so-called links of blogs or websites they are not even bothered about who’s who. As the day passes randomly all the hackers on face book rush via group to groups pasting their link of blogs or websites without taking pains to know weather any one even is interested to read the content related to the links even if you try to read the blogs it is difficult as the links are over flooded that you fail to make choice. There are several groups on face book and their exntire wall is filled with this useless stuff so wherever you go you come across this maddening links. Due to this charm of reading has got suppressed. I would like to make few suggestions to the entire hackers group to invite the post rather than to paste links. Forcibly posting links make no sense nor is a best solution.
Guys who inspire to become hackers end up in major mess, to learn hacking they involve into goggling or searching videos on YouTube for the sql demonstration later like a fool they follow the method shown but never realize that this are tricks it is nothing but beating hard around bushes.
Maximum bloggers are wannabies and out of too much excitement they land into piracy or blogging end of the day the main aim of his gets hey wire the reason being that the survival factors to their existence is only their blogs and its publicity.
There are demigods of hacking world doing a great job such as Andhra hackers going place to place conducting seminars educating people without any false publicity even tech defense of sunny waghela there are so many around face book who keep very low profile and their work speaks volume for them there are so many such groups they are doing their job without tom toming about there achievement, work for any kind of publicity reason. The more you receive wisdom the more humble you become empty pot makes noise the same applies hear those who are really doing good job and remaining at the back doors are awaiting success with no publicity and with no noise. Guys, hackers community is very limited on face book you can count them only in thousands not in lakhs out of which 60% of hackers are doing the same kind of job and 10% which are underground like black hat hackers they are not even bothered to look at this kind of activities because they are mastering in what ever capacities they have they don’t even have time. Unfortunately this wannabies are doing nothing but wasting there time in promoting piracy items and at the end of the day only frustrations, shattered dreams, disappearance with broken fate and heart is the only out come.

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