Friday, March 18, 2011

Hackers Accross The Globe

The hackers groups and their intension of existence

Kosovo Hackers group

Motto: - they want to realize Serbian people about their lost families in their battle between Bulgaria and Serbia war – this group of hackers attacks Serbian sites they are also known with name Albanian hackers. ..They loud saying - Our final word is that we honor all families who lost someone in the war against you. We want justice and we want our missing people back


China gal security team - The leader of the group Xiao Tian, is 21 years old

Motto: spread hacking awareness among Chinese people


Turkish hackers name - cyber warrior

Motto: Against Turkey Publications, Society and the public conscience of the Negative

Affect situations - there general principle of Misyon'un Mission coverage and faith on the Internet and the attack on the moral values, helped shape the brains for the contents contain pure, Satanist and pornographic content, publications challenge. Said by Turkish hackers group cyber warrior

Honker hackers group

Honker is a symbol of patriotic Chinese hackers

Motto - Honker Union of China to launch network attacks against Japan and supporting the Chinese government against what they view as the imperialism of the United States and the militarism of Japan. The group is currently merged with the Red Hacker Alliance. Red Hacker Alliance - responsible for poisoned for cnn attack on april 19th 2008


SKIDROW Hacker Group -

Motto - crack licensed games and cheats n publish it on internet


Female hacker group Beng Hacks

Motto: No motive and no evidence - still doubt on its existence - need 2 get more info on it


Gjilani Hackers Group - Albanian hackers group

Motto: - no motive, just geeks promoting as communist group of hackers

Somaliland hackers group - Somalia country

Motto: 2 provide info n educate people on how to protect computers vandals and how to be secured

SGH - also known as ethical hackers in their country - helping country government

Kurdish Hacker Group - Iranian country

Motto- take revenge - by defacing sites of Turkish and Assyrian - and steal the info of government and military org

Palin Hacker Group's - known as anonymous in early days of 2008

Motto - to expose Scientology. in jan 2008 targeted - the Church of Scientology — which its members considered to be an overly litigious

Eastside Hackers Group

Motto- all developers on Microsoft platform - this group members r - Microsoft lovers! Work for Microsoft

Romanian hacker group

Motto - exposing security shortcomings on corporate and anti-virus websites -
- > indirectly helping corp. sec More recently the group, whose most famous member is a hacker called Unu

Burmese hackers group

Motto - people from Burma government, mission to stand against Russia and Georgia states
Also known as ygn ethical hackers group

MUSLIM hackers group

Motto - spread Islam around the world by defacing sites and stop hatred against Islamism community

Shadowy hackers group

Motto: target enemies of wiki leaks

Delta hackers group

Motto - hackers r gaming freaks play online games with bets and crack commercial games
and upload them for free on web

Hacker group L0pht - raised from Boston in early days

Motto - security awareness in IT's and conduct sec workshop

Dutch hackers group

Motto: - help other hackers and make sense of their world - best of the best hackers supporters in the world...

091 hackers group

Motto- community based hacker group and involve in sec projects and help them with all trends

Chaos Computer Club - early days famous hacker froup from germany

Motto - Supports principles of the hacker ethic, this group also fights for free access to computers and technological infrastructure for everybody

PHIRM - old days hacking group

Motto - to reflect a favorite television show in old days on the time of airwolf - now this group is disappeared / or got shut

The Humble Guys THG - hackers group in early days - of 1980

Motto - Breach security of IBM PC's and IBM devices

Red Hacker Alliance - chinese hackers group

Motto - make the largest hacking group in the world

Shmoo hacker Group

Motto- security think tanks in early days - provide sec solutions to needy ppl

The hackers groups such as the fallowing given list but they are not much active
Ctg Hacker's Group

ULQINZ hackers group

prishtina hackers group

Prizreni Hackers Group

House of Hackers

Nerezi Hacker's Group

l33thackers group

omega hacker group - russian

DJ hackers group

Drenica Hackers Group

HacDC group

w00w00 security team/ hacker group

This are the few hacker community groups highlighted... all around. As i was researching this info came 2 know able the existence of ANONYMOUS hackers is since long! So don't really know when they have raised... need 2 get more info on it.