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W henever I come across the word Indian cyber Army, I recollect the young hackers of my country, who gave meaning and existence to the term “Indian cyber army”. This word is not someone’s personal property or treasure. This is a life style of Indian hackers, they are the one who protest and disagree to the atrocities of other country. They are none other than the hackers of my country. This word gives sense of belongingness. Indian cyber worriers, Indian cyber soldiers or Indian cyber army whatever it may be the bottom line is that they belong to my country and they are there for the country. By saying this I am not approving their misdeeds but let me be little bias and take liberty to disagree with the forces around, the one who are trying to snatch this name from particular group in the name of law and order.
I too own and , that dose not mean I gave recognition to this term. I am encashing the famous name by registering a stupid domain in my name thats it or maximum can register some NGO. but that dose not I can stop some one using these names the way they want. May be for security, defacement, or any other reason, Ethical or unethical this is again subjected to the principles of that perticular group. No one can stop or ban someone using this name the reason Indian Cyber Army is not someone’s own property or commodity. It is an integrity and existence of this hackers group.
My dear friends please never hesitate using this name as per your desires and wish. By using these names you are not doing any crime even if I register it under any NGO or Home department or some Cyber cell. This is just an eye wash. We the Indians have by birth some fundamental right to live and execute, if someone encroaches your fundamental rights no matter who so ever it is, let it be government or police or some so called custodians of law, you can very well show them their limits. And their limits are nothing but to hold the domain they have and execute their rights in given limits.
One has to admit that we are facing "next generation threats" and are worried over the complex world of cyber warfare amid reports of Chinese and Pakistani spies targeting the Indian military establishment. Though attacks from hackers can come from anywhere in the world, cyber onslaughts have been more frequent from China and Pakistan, which have reportedly been peeking into India’s sensitive business, diplomatic and strategic records. CHINA, PAKISTAN POSE THREAT AS PER reports from the cyber industry, China and Pakistan hackers steal nearly six million files worldwide every day. A report by US-based Defence Systems magazine found that there were 25 million new strains of malware created in 2009. That equals a new strain of malware every 0.79 seconds. The report underlines how the current cyber threat environment is dramatically changing and becoming more challenging as the clock ticks.
To address cyber defense, which is also under threat from terrorist outfits that have their own trained recruits, officials said the army frequently upgraded its comprehensive cyber security policy to pro-actively deal with and anticipate these threats. The force has established the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to respond to attacks targeting the army's critical systems and infrastructure. These are high level talks and in spite of having such cyber cells, experts, cyber security establishments the cyber terror has no stoppage. No break or no assurance. As I said its next gen threat so every individual child of this country, should learn cyber security and hacking. If someone wants to use this Name Indian Cyber army, I am generous enough to give this liberty and assurance to the hacker of my country.
Anything For INDIA

Where Computers Go to Die

A locality in East Delhi is the largest electronic scrap market in the country. Photojournalist Garima Jain travels through the bylanes of Seelampur into a surreal, post-apocalyptic world

THE TRUCKS are coming in honking and rattling with old computers, kids are playing gali cricket with computer monitors as wickets, women are boiling pots full of computer parts, children sitting on piles of keyboards are watching a Bollywood film. The streets are filled with entangled wires, destroyed computers, keyboards and cell phones. A scene from a futuristic dystopia? This is the hidden place where people wake up every morning to sort through the electronic trash of the world.
Approximately 15 km from the centre of Delhi lies a small settlement called Seelampur, reputedly the largest electronics dismantling-recycling-selling market in the country. Residents work every day to extract gold and copper from circuit boards. Some extract metals independently, some work with big traders — most earn about Rs. 200 per day.
E-waste also includes televisions, DVD players and washing machines — most have toxic substances like lead, cadmium and mercury. This detritus of the e-age is growing rapidly given the fast rate of obsolescence of electronic equipment. Companies cunningly plan newer products for bigger profits. But what happens to the discarded stuff? The US says putting them in landfills is expensive and chemical seepage into the ground is an environmental hazard.
A cheaper alternative is to ship the stuff to developing regions like India, China and Africa where environmental laws are lax and labour is cheap. Toxics Link, a Delhi-based NGO, estimates that India generates about 4 lakh tonnes of electronic waste annually and illegally imports 50,000 tonnes from the US, Europe, South Korea, Australia, among others. Ninety percent of e-waste is recycled in the informal sector, in the bylanes of cities and towns.
Walk the streets here through dark passages, then down steps leading to godowns full of dismantled circuit boards strewn around. Computer parts sit stacked in haphazard mountain heaps. Go closer and you see little hands and feet rifling through the scrap piles. They are ripping the keyboards apart, hunting for precious metal slivers. These teens work 10 hours a day in these underground vaults. Praveen, 15, says, “Why should we go to school when we can make up to Rs. 200 every day by segregating copper from plastic using screwdrivers?”
Most trucks arrive at night from all corners of the country, with a majority from Mumbai’s seaport. Says Ala Dia, a tempo driver, “Transport companies earn 5 per kg. Each truck can ferry about 10 tonnes of waste in one trip.” Dia transports 30 to 40 tonnes of motherboards from Seelampur to Moradabad daily, where copper is salvaged from printed circuit boards with a brew of nitric acid, a toxic chemical that releases copper as well as cancer-causing lead and mercury.
‘My kids are naked ghosts in this pile of trash,’ says Reshma, a scrap worker and mother of two

Electronic scrap dealer Rizwan, 20, parrots Seelampur’s party line when he says, “We only segregate the waste here. Then it is transported to jungles near Lucknow to be burnt so that the metal can be extracted. The smoke is hazardous so we don’t do it here.” But look around in Seelampur and you see heaps of motherboards burning steadily.
RESHMA, MOTHER OF TWO, segregates the copper from the dust. “My kids are naked ghosts in this pile of trash,” she says. She’s been doing this for the past 12 years. She came to Delhi from Uttar Pradesh 30 years ago. She earns Rs. 60 per day; her family’s house rent is Rs. 2,000 a month. She says she has no other work options even as the cost of living rises.
Attero Recycling is the only company licensed to import e-waste into India. Centre for Science and Environment investigations revealed Attero reselling e-waste instead of recycling it. When asked about these findings, Dr Saroj, director, Ministry of Environment and Forests, refused to recognise that imported waste is being resold; she claims only Indian-origin e-waste is getting “refurbished” and denies knowledge of Seelampur’s activities, pointing to the Central Pollution Control Board as the monitoring body. Vinod Babu, senior environment engineer at the Central Pollution Control Board, says, “We believe there is no burning of motherboards in Seelampur.” He later adds absurdly, “It is happening in Moradabad. We have not done our investigations there, you know. It’s a very hostile area for government officials. We are aware of the hazardous illegal activities in the unorganised e-waste sector, but we haven’t prosecuted anyone because that’s the responsibility of the state pollution board.” And thus the buck passes to hover in mid-air.
Masterji, an electronic scrap specialist in Seelampur, is desperate for more work and asks if we can help him get business with Nokia’s “huge warehouse” for scrap that is sold for recycling. “The telephone exchange in Varanasi also has huge amounts of electronic scrap,” he smiles. “I’d like to get the tender for it.”

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Modelling for nature

The United Nations has declared 2011 as ‘International Year of Forests.’ Keeping this in focus, Doo Creative India Pvt. Ltd., a young, Hyderabad-based agency, has brought out a calendar called ‘Green Guardians’ that aesthetically draws attention to the need to protect and conserve nature. Coming at a time when nature seems `upset' at the denuding of green cover, global warming and toxic spillages, lensman Suresh Natarajan has balanced the worrisome cause with beauty by depicting models in organic wear and wielding primitive weapons with aggression as green guardians.. Shot entirely in South Africa with an international cast, stylists and crew, the models have successfully brought out the cause for the urgent need to protect nature and earth.Here are the green guardians of nature.
Forests are the lungs of the earth. But increasing commercialisation has led to the denuding of trees. As winter bids goodbye and greenshoots spring up, Shayra Coser is here with a message: we do not own the earth, we have merely inherited it

As the earth `freshens' up after a harsh winter, Jessica Lee Buchanan is zealous to protect the greenshoots and the green cover that should be passed on to the next generation

The first signs of summer are here as Lisa Maree Van Zyl shows how to relax but at the same time protect the wonders of earth's sun-burnt beauty.
Trees are the true inheritors of the earth. Shayra Coser tells us that trees are our friends and the time-keepers of nature.

When the summer sun filters through a canopy of green cover, the rays form an artistic pattern. Jessica Lee Buchanan merges herself with this canvas and shows how wonderful it is to be one with nature

When the monsoon pours its bounty, the earth dances in `green joy'. Washed by nature, the green cover gets a new coat of paint that only nature is adept in. And Lisa Maree Van Zyl is a guardian of this `monsoon painting' of nature.

"Behold her, single in the field,
Yon solitary Highland Lass!
Reaping and singing by herself;
Stop here, or gently pass!"
Shayra Coser stands alone bathed in the golden rays of the sun holding aloft a sickle-headed staff even as the tall grasses bow in unison.

The leaves and grasses stand still heralding the arrival of Jessica Lee Buchanan, "the August avatar".

Welcome to the abode of the Jungle Queen! Behold Lisa Maree Van Zyl, the guardian at the gates!


So called Patriotic Indian Hackers

F ew days ago PCA hackers sent me mail about an indishell hacker and asked me to pass some message, which was ethically against my principal so I didn’t do so. Why I am mentioning this because every hacker thinks that I have gone through some crucial period, and the well wishers in their capacity were trying to solace me. Frankly speaking this was probably the best period of my life because; I actually got to know good, bad ugly side of hackers. And today I am out of bad company which I was carrying on just as a liability. One thing is sure this had to happen at any cost because you cannot keep everyone happy all the time. And the greed for have and have not always brings such crises but believe me that happened for good in long run. I am a writer I am very well aware with whom I beguiled the war, they came in my PC tried taking some data, or hacked my mail and blog which was gracefully recovered with nice chapter added to my book, who the group was and how cunningly they plotted the game and failed in their own grave. I thought hackers possess at-least some average intellect but they flopped me, the reason the one who did this shitty kind of things were not hackers at all.I adore Hackers becuase they live with thier principles and privacy.( I indicate this to real hackers)

you must have never seen a Pakistani Hacker hasseling their own country girl or female weather there is any reason or not. Look at our so called defacers, they randomly started gossiping and mud shilling over the dead issue and gave good show of their own conduct. then why should be blame Pakistan Hackers ?

Moreover it’s a common sense if somebody defaces your blog or site, he will use all it as platform to satisfy his evil desires, they too did the same. Some apologies were published, the warning messages and mails were send to the followers of the blog, the commenter were abused, and god knows what was in their mind but it was all a dirty show of their own aggression and frustrations.

I am thanks full to these so called hackers because they gave me more popularity and some concrete relations and friends who stood by me and they care for me. and i learned to face such siruations, now i am not scared of hacking.

Indishell got very bad name for the so called patriotic community of hackers. The members were in illusions, there were financial jolts, and criminal activities between the groups were on rise. Many of the members were working for money they diverted their focus. The forums had ups and downs, mean while there were big issues over fake and real ICA. There are 12 most prominent members of ICA who were good at carding and they hacked many such banks details, this would be elaborated in “Cattechie”, Well Day by day new groups were out in the fire of revenge against one other. By defacing sites of each other’s countries they did nothing but went against their own country by doing this and some of them can be even declared antinational elements for their immature gestures.

Mean while in Pakistan the group was formed called and the super moderated of this group was <=SHAK=>'and his partner 'Netcracker'. This group came in existence due to the disputes between <=SHAK=> and the member of Pak hackers group. These three groups were on the top of the list of cyber war. Later on was hacked by indishell and the group got defaced from the era. It's been quite some time no trace of these hackers has been found. Now the only person left was <=SHAK=> and few others who are acquainted with the technique of SQL injection and Google hacking tools. None of the members of this group was partially related to ethical hacking.
<=SHAK=> and NutCracker took undue advantage of hacking and they started targeting common man who regularly did internet shopping. These hackers hacked their credit cards by introducing server of Pakistan into Germany even this was suspended when the credit card holders started giving them back. Even though nobody could stop these hackers from committing the same crime once again so they came in with new servers and hacked new credit cards. Even this wasn't sufficient for those hackers so they started online institution for teaching credit card hacking, after some time they were forced to stop these traits due to legal problems but the institution are still merrily existing behind the blind eyes of law. Indishell member reported deeds of the Pakistani hackers to the CMO office. Unfortunately the officer was blind folded. 14th August as it is celebrated as Pakistan's Independence Day Indian hackers defaced nearly about 2000 Pakistani websites, on next day Pakistani hacker’s too defaced lots of Indian sites with all sorts of abusive language. They abused India, also insulted the lord Ram by pasting his face to a dog's body. May be this was the reason Pakistani hackers were into nerves of Indishell. But the question remains here is why this happened? Who were the reasons for provocations?
Any ways the battle was on, to give them back ICA was ready. Hackers like Mr.XXX, SiLeNtpOisOn, inX_rOot and by that time Indishell became an open door for every hacker in the name of India. ICA was started by lucky and silent poison is the part of Indishell but it's only for Indian hackers as hackers from other countries cannot be asked to support India. That’s how they call themselves patriotic hackers but what is the reality read in next post……………………
to be continued..................

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soon to launched "Cattechie"

Indian Cyber Warriors

During this journey I came across an abundance of new concepts which no normal intelligence can even imagine of; one of them is 'Cyber War'. The initial thoughts that wallop my mind are that maybe this might be a combat between the hackers from all over the country. However later as I started to explore I was jeopardize because I realized that virtual war is more harmful than any kind of physical war since there are highly talented hackers across the world who can be a serious threat including the safety of our Indian government, Indian economy and also Indian infrastructure.

ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors) is a group of hackers from India, and once upon a time all the core members worked at very senior posts in various security firms. During their free time, they mostly utilized the night time for R&D and reading. All the three hackers of PCA (Pakistan cyber army, a group from Pakistan) too were working at reputed software companies. Today if you look at all the new emerging groups, all are college going students, and that's the main reason why they sometimes lack maturity and cannot see the future impact of their actions. They just jump into this because of the extra excitement and to impress others. whatever they are doing is nothing but disturbing the peace amongst the countries.

Beginning of Cyber War

Cyber War was started by the Pakistani group of hackers named 'pakbugs' which was maintained by zombie_ksa and his fellow team mates. Zombie_ksa is known to be one of the highly endowed hackers from Pakistan, few of them mark him as a legend and his identity is still a mystery. Amongst everybody, the major components or hackers of this group were Spo0fer, xOOmxOOm, big smoke, and cyber crime (these are the coded names used by them). Due to the hatred for India, this group started targeting young Indian girls and more over the Indian Gods were abused which was no longer tolerated by the Indian hackers. To retaliate them Indian hackers also formed a group which was named as ICW i.e., Indian Cyber Warrior the founder of this group were R45c4l (Gaurav Singh), Sai Satish, and Sameer. As per now this group is over loaded with three hundred members. They started attacking Pak cyber space but never wrote anything ill or against their Almighty God neither did they insult any gender. This gave rise to the defacement of the sites from both the countries. With the growing hatred towards each other, it led to the formation of two more new groups namely the PCA, the founders of this group were Har00n, Hamza and Anu Nasir from Pakistan. One fine day both the opponent groups realized that only defacement is not the solution and so the graph of hacking went down and thus here this phase ended with the signs of maturity.

Was this an end??? NO.

The actual war started in 2008; it's a kind of long story but I would tell you in brief. There were few communities and groups on Orkut (HMG was also one of them), where the battle began. Gradually it turned grimy as a small group of Pakistani hackers who started abusing innocent girls, by posting their morphed nude pictures along with the pictures of their family members and also their personal details. Initially the group HMG( Hindu Militant Group) tried convincing Pakistani Hackers about stop targeting blameless girls. However HMG failed to convince them (Hoodlum Don/ Hoody is the founder of HMG). During that time, the users were not that regular on Orkut or any other social networking sites. Meanwhile, ICW core members participated in few cyber wars like in the war between Georgia and Russia, then Albania and Serbia all these countries were part of USSR, as we India and Pakistan have Kashmir issue same way these countries have tussle over Kosovo. The owner of HMG gave offer to Gaurav to join their group and to witness the happenings going around. This is how Gaurav, one of the founder member of ICWstarted forming a team with the brilliant hackers to deface Pakistani sites. There were many brilliant hackers like Sameer,Godvin,Bond,witu (wireless punter) were the integral part of ICW. One day, they successfully hacked OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority), the main brain behind this hack was Samir. Later it was expected that the Pakistani hackers would target ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation). The irony is that ICW members informed ONGC about the vulnerability in their site and asked them to patch the flaws as early as possible, but they just ignored the goodwill gesture of Indian hackers and the site got hacked during that period. Very next attack was on Bank of Baroda, the data was removed and this site was damaged brutally by Pakistani Hackers. In reaction ICA also attacked their Navy, Supreme Court and air force websites. This time it was quite a major issue. After few months a hacker named 'xOOmxOOm' regenerated the conflict by hacking our Prime Minister's site Cyber war was revived but this time ICW did not retaliate maybe it was the question of their ego. Hackers are known to maintain principles and so they do not wish to go against.

Well! Finally Haroon initiated the talk with r45c4l for peace and with due consent of ICW members and after internal discussions the peace treaty was mutually agreed between these groups, and they decided not to attack each other’s government sites. By this time ICW and Paksbug were only two active groups. This was the time when zombie realized his skill and gradually he started hacking bigger sites like national internet back bone of Morocco google and then He almost ended up hacking all the sites from Uganda country and stopped attacking India. Slowly time passes by and the ICW was fading away, from here one more group emerged and that was AH (Andhra Hackers). 26000 was another big story to discuss which gave birth to disputes in ICW, and that’s how everyone went their way. What I would like to mention here is the integrity of these hackers, they all are demigods of underworld hacking groups. This was one of the fines and elite group of Hackers India could ever witness. They are still there for the welfare and security of mother land.

The next generation group Indishell was formed by 'Hack My PC', some say he was elder brother of Lucky the C0debreaker some say he was his cousin and some has own version to share about him. He trained many ordinary minds to expert hacking. This group is unfortunately known for Patriotism but intensely mounting criminal activities amongst the group raised new controversies. Indishell may not be directly responsible for these activities but the group got maligned with their own members.
At the other side xOOmxOOm formed a new group of Pakistani hackers named 'Pak hackers’ and the founder of this group was 'spider' who was from Afghanistan. He is the leader of Afghan Cyber Army and once again the filthy game of defacing sites took the countries for ride. Two new strong Indian hackers M.XXX and SiLeNtpOisOn started retaliating to these Pakistani hackers. Along with them another hacker was thrown in the battle, his name is 'Lukcy' who was trained by 'hack my pc' and he was the new heir of Indishell. 'Silent poison' approached lucky for discussion in which nation's pride was the most important topic this is the phase in which Indishell came into highlight.

to be continued.....................

Monday, January 10, 2011

Probe into possible FG website data breach

T he Data Protection Commissioner is investigating whether the personal data of thousands of people was compromised during the attack on the Fine Gael website yesterday.Data Commissioner Billy Hawkes confirmed that Fine Gael contacted his office following the website attack. The Fine Gael website was forced offline last night after hackers attacked it removing the content and posting a message referring to censorship by the political party. Fine Gael rebranded its main website,, last week as and invited members of the public to post comments and register their mobile numbers and email addresses to receive campaign messages. Mr Hawkes has confirmed that he has been contacted by Fine Gael in relation to the attack, as the party suspects that the personal data of those who posted comments or registered their details has been compromised. Fine Gael has also contacted the Garda Computer Crime Unit in relation to the attack. The Fine Gael website is now back online - the party confirmed that its website had been attacked by a group which called itself 'Anonymous'. An Evening Herald journalist has claimed on social networking website Twitter that he has been sent the details of 4,000 users of the Fine Gael website following the attack.

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner is investigating whether the personal data of thousands of people was compromised during the attack.Commissioner Billy Hawkes confirmed that Fine Gael contacted his office following the security breach, as the party suspects that the personal data of those who posted comments or registered their details has been compromised.The party has also contacted the Garda Computer Crime Unit in relation to the attack.Visitors to the FineGael2011 site were greeted with a logo of a suited figure whose head had been replaced by a question mark and the message: "Nothing is safe, you put your faith in this political party and they take no measures to protect you. "They offer you free speech yet they censor your voice. Wake Up."The site was launched to much fanfare last week by party leader Enda Kenny. It features a video of Mr Kenny sitting at a coffee shop and asking the nation for their thoughts on how to improve Irish politics.

source BBC