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The SAGa of server hack

The hacker mindset itself is great victory and debacle for their growth. When my server got hacked, there were many hackers settling the scores with their rivals and some of them were sighting the reasons for hack, many of them felt bad and few of them thought I got it hacked for publicity. Anyways whom to give credit or whom to hold responsible for this hack is still a big question.

Look guys you all have always blamed CAT for every good bad ugly reason, but have you ever thought the guys amongst you are digging your graves and providing your info to us. I have not taken any legal action because I trust your potential of hacking. More over no hacker can eliminate anyone’s online existence. This is just a myth. With the blessings of Google, there are hundred pages dedicated to me, there are thousands of pages talks about me. There are hundreds of youtube clips, shows about me. Whom are you going to stop? And whom you will hack? What if I create beautiful blogs of my publications and create social network profile and do our publicity? Will you be able to stop me?

NOP ….No one can eliminate or finish someone’s online existence ever.. The reason everything has limit to it.. And if suppose to reach all these places Hackers make special efforts and try doing what they want to do..I think I am the most important target and I can scare them..lolz! guys be focused on your carrier, there are better things to do, utilized your skills and talent to display in better fashion, that may benefit you with better future..Hacking cat :P no gains..I am sorry to say this..but you are making me feel very very great and let me come to main topic

A Smart guy pm us saying “ It’s sad to hear about Cat Techie server getting root ->, The guys who did it approached me and said, even u r against r45c4l, time to fuck them... I thought they were kidding but, it actually happened... they are from inj3ct0r and 1 of them managed to steal openSSH 0-day which was written by anti-sec (romeo)... guys are from USA... (Indians in USA).... all I know is, they are pissed on Gaurav for 1 reason (calling ICW a group of skiddies)... and glorifying himself... as it was in one of the mails of him to inj3ct0r where he requested for r45c4l at inj3ct0r email... and they hate r45c4l for one more reason -> teaming up with cat-techie...!!! today morning I got an email saying 'congrats' but, I am not impressed in fact, I felt bad coz once upon a time... I used call r45c4l, my bro...I am trying to mitigate the dispute whether cat and ras knows it or not... coz I know these guys and they are powerful... with reach everywhere.... I mean, everywhere...I am trying to find a patch for that 0-day or will make it and once I have it, i will mail it to u.... and trust me, openssh 0-day is INEVITABLE! 99.99% of the servers are vulnerable to it...!!! Someday try to research on milw0rm and threat to milw0rm by anti-sec coz of openssh 0-day it’s a MasterCard which has to be broken somehow! For time being ask both of them to be quite because these guys i know are at their HIGH!!!! Let time go by and yes... u can share this with cat but not with rascal...

Before the real fun for the hacker begins, three essential steps must be performed. ... If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you..People on stages are called actors. All they are required to do is look plausible, stay sober, and say the lines they're given in the right order. Wisdom of Hackers is a untrustworthy force in today's world. A finding shows that a small group of people accounted for a large number of ratings. In other words, as many have already begun to suspect, small but powerful groups can easily distort what the "Hackers" really thinks, leading groups to often end up appearing extremely positive or extremely negative. The so-called "wisdom of the Hackers" has been called into question. The term, which implies that a diverse collection of individuals makes more accurate decisions and predications than individuals or even experts, in Predictive cyber world, it’s not all gamblers who participate, or all people who follow them, and neither are its participants widely distributed throughout the country, and its mostly black males.

At his second hint

I really ‘smiled’ …he again PM me saying “Hmmm... I am not anti-sec guy :) U wanna know who did it? Promise me, you won’t harm him. Also, I will secure your server... server is not ur bread and butter but defame will affect the growth... if u must know.... the people who did it, I call myself their 'daddy'... I know the toy they are playing with and I can the shield that will work.... someday if u need me.... smXXX XXXXX will be at ur service :-) he is not brother :) and remember, in this nasty no one, own everyone. for godsake!!! dont call anyone brother... I dont remmeber all of them but, he told many... u have a pic in which u say, save hackers join cat army... he dislikes denaming any group... may it be anything.... and..... rascal is one of the reason, they dont really like him.... his handle is nullzer0 and is usually found in freenode irc and smashthestack irc.... real name : Roshan L****NI, location : Mumbai :) age : 28 years old groups : inj3ct0r and hackforums education : Diploma 2nd year mech (drop out) current job : working in mall (…………..)... luck with girls : as his handle null and 0 .

so it was not made by u? that pic? actually i ahvent seen that pic so cant comment but, trust me... hackers dont like gettined 'owned' by anyone. do no harm to him even if u find him, i know this has gone legal... sorry am not saying it :) rest assured, I can arrange a meeting and u can discuss further ..... try to think 'creative' which u will.... this guy is a charm! however, no matter how much he might like u (which am sure he will) he wont give out his toy... we know each other since 4 years... yet he denied that scripot... it was a server hack not web hack and trust me, u will waste time in forensic... it has privoxy auto enabled... that’s all am giving :) he is blessed guy... but, this is not the end vaidehi... he is not 'enough'... he will pounce back.... and he is getting script to reach subnets.... coz i remember he once said.... that ur bread and butter is press and ur press uses computers... i discouraged him , he may not do anything but, am not sure... i honestly feel, u must talk to him on irc.... tomm 8pm indian time... "u must talk to him on irc.... " - i said (learn to befriend the robbers :)

Third story

Last night I called u my friend so remember, NEVER EVER even doubt that I will do wrong to you... There is one guy who hates r45c4l and he is in London , living in 'South Harrow'... and he leet than you could imagine! Not on facebook or any social n/w sites, not on full disclosure sites... For more info, ask r45c4l about 'Jeed'... and he will tell u... rest assured, never even doubt that I would do anything 'unacceptable'.... :-) and if again some damage happens.... dont come to me saying i did it... am saying in advance, am not coming in ur way.... u dont come in my way ..Happy? :)

These are the three different stories given by him. let me speak my mind, yes I gathered about many hackers, it’s not only one hacker in particular, that time I was just a journalist and researcher. My focus was to get in unknown world and find answers to all hidden crust. My question here is why you all blame me? Why not those people who mortgaged their own communities pride in my hand? It was just impossible task to reach any hackers personal life unless and until a journalist have resource with in that community. It’s your community to be blamed not me.

Anyways Slowly slowly I became one of you. Whatever reservations a common man and authorities had about hackers, I tired becoming voice and represented everywhere in my own capacity. It’s not you but I have never exposed any hacker or his personal life to anyone. I am rich by pocket; but I am really rich by people and friends. My profiles have more than 5000 friends, my public page has another 3000 likes, and all my groups have thousands of members. I have an organization, where 90% of staff are from middleclass background, we all alike people has set this firm and came up with flying colors and set a trend in Media market. We all are between the age group of 19 to 30.

I never thought bloody this CAT would be really subject of discussions, and will overnight gain name (Good, bad and ugly) and fame and all of sudden become famous. It my confession, I feel honored because; many young web developers, designers, hackers and writers are empowered by my organization. I have never harmed anyone, and known for my integrity. That is what I have been doing and so far I have never crossed my limits. Let the hackers make my server a sports ground, about this I am openly going to challenge some people on 1st may 2nd anniversary, I don’t play hide and seek. And don’t approve the same. Control your fellow beings, they are mortgaging you.
I wish you all the success and bright future. Anytime you need me I am there by you

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cell Phone Tracking Disadvantages

Cell phones have changed the way we look at communication. It is a convenience that has allowed us to keep in touch with others no matter where we are at the moment. Now with the addition of GPS, we have the ability to locate people. While it seems like a good idea in many situations, it can be abused. An ex-boyfriend, relative, or stranger may have malicious intentions. There is also the concern about identity theft. It can be dangerous even if you think it will not happen to you.
For the most part, we want to think that law enforcement and the government have our best interests when it comes to personal safety and security. The FCC requires cell phone providers to have records of their customer location information. In addition, current cell phone tracking laws give them too much leeway since a cell phone trace can be granted even without a warrant. Only general information needs to be provided to a judge or say that it is part of an ongoing criminal investigation. Does this mean that cell phone tracking used in this manner a violation of our right to privacy? It is a gray area since the definition of a criminal activity is not always clear. Like any other consumer product with new features, cell phones with GPS make them more expensive to purchase. It is now becoming a standard requirement that cell phone manufacturers install GPS in their products.

Other Cell Phone Tracking Disadvantages
While cell phone tracking can be very effective, it does have a couple of limitations. GPS enabled cell phones cannot be located if your phone is not on. Since most people are aware that tracking cell phones is possible, individuals who abduct someone can simply get rid of it. A person can also disable the phone by setting by what is sometimes called the “hide” feature. Some may even have the option to allow tracking only in 911 situations. However, some consumers may not be aware of this feature since many cell phone manufacturers do not put it in a convenient place for you to find. Another problem is that cell phones can have reception problems. Signals can be lost in particular locations like among tall building or in heavily forested terrain.Cell phone tracking is a powerful tool, but there are disadvantages and limitations. As with any new technology, there will always be someone who will try to exploit it. By being aware of how things work, the better we are able to take steps to protect ourselves to avoid potential problems.
Of course, cell phone tracking constitutes a major invasion of privacy, regardless of whether the intention is good or bad. Are you sure that this is the right course of action? Whether you're trying to figure out who that obnoxious prank caller is or attempting to track your child, it's a thorny web of should-I-or-should-I-nots. Consider whether this is really what you want to do before proceeding.How most cell phone tracking works is typically by triangulating the “pings” made by the cell phone to the nearest cell towers. GPS-enabled cell phones don't require cell towers, and may be located anywhere in the world by satellite triangulation in a similar manner. Cell phone companies are required by law in the United States to be able to locate cell phones to an accuracy of 100 feet, so that emergency vehicles will be able to locate the caller in need.

Wait, so what's the problem? Well, cell phones are notoriously difficult to track, just inherent in the nature of the device: they're not tied down to a fixed address as with landlines, but rather can roam freely. So, there's no easy directory with a name and address associated with every phone number, like old telephone books, let alone some accessible method to track individual cell phones in real time - at least one that is available to civilians. Here’s an overview of some of the possible solutions:
Tracking Websites

So, what about all those free cell phone tracking websites that seem to be cropping up? The ones where you just have to type in the number in question? Can't they track the location of a mobile phone?Frankly, no. I have yet to stumble upon one of these websites that actually works. From sites like “Reverse Phone Detective” to “Track The Number”, none of them provide accurate location information. While I personally have not investigated the fee websites, most accounts seem to point towards scams that are just out for your money—and won't tell you what you need to know.

Caller ID

As you might imagine, caller ID is far more likely to work with landlines than cell phones. In fact, there really isn't much by way of caller ID for cell phones at all that provides anything beyond the number—and even that won't work for restricted numbers.Even the best caller ID software on your cell phone is not guaranteed to work all the time, never coming up with a name associated with the number that called you, let alone tracking the location of the call. Mostly, this is because disparate cell phone companies have not been able to work together to come up with a directory of cell phones, partially due to public outcry over invasion of privacy.So, that's one less piece of data that you're able to acquire from a cell phone number alone, let alone real time location!
Google It!

If you're trying to figure out the general location of the owner of the number, as opposed to real time tracking, a good old (or not so old) fashioned Google search will probably do the trick. The person might have been un-paranoid (or unaware) enough to have it publicly posted on a social networking site, along with other potentially location-identifying information. Again, this is a small chance, and it won't work in real time.

Experienced hackers don't have any problems with any of this. It is perfectly possible to track a cell phone's location - after all, the cell phone companies do it - even if you just know the number and have had no physical access to it, without the user having any indication of this happening. While this hasn't reached epidemic levels, the possibility is there.
Cell Phone Tracking Software

The only guaranteed way to really track a cell phone is through some sort of installed software on the device itself. This can be anything from a child tracking service, such as Verizon's Chaperone, to fun phone apps where you can track your friends' locations.

However, this generally requires physical access to the phone, and consent of the user—both of which might be difficult to get, and probably defeats the point of what you're trying to do here.


AccuTracking is a software program that is compatible with many cell phone makes and models. If you have Boost Mobile, a BlackBerry, a Windows Mobile phone or one of the many other GPS-enabled phone models, you can download the free Tracker to your cell phone. The AccuTracking service was initially free. However, they have seemingly met the limit of free accounts and now offer subscription packages that range from $5.99 to $9.99 a month. The first month of the service is free, so you can use the tracker for a few weeks at no charge and determine whether you wish to continue using it.

The online tracker offered by AccuTracking has numerous cool, helpful features. When you log on to the website with the account associated with the GPS cell phone you wish to track, you will be provided with a map with real-time locations. You can check the recent history of locations, which will not only give you the time at the location but also the speed limit traveled between locales. If you have several GPS cell phones, you can use the tracker to watch them all on one account. A feature that many parents might appreciate is the "geofence" capability. You can set up a geofence, which is a virtual boundary for the cell phone user. If the GPS cell phone is taken outside of that boundary, you will receive an alert.

InstaMapper is an online GPS cell phone tracker that is currently 100% free. After you register online, you install the InstaMapper application to a GPS-enabled cell phone. Then, when you log on to the website, an interactive Google map will appear with the location of the cell phone. The map's details are updated every few seconds, with a moving dot on the map representing the GPS cell phone, so it is pretty close to real-time tracking. You can even embed your location to your personal blog, web page or social networking site, which is a fun feature if you are traveling abroad, and your friends and family want to keep tabs on you. It keeps records for up to 100,000 positions for the cell phone, and offers details such as altitude and rate of speed as well. Another free online cell phone tracker is BuddyWay. Simply register at the website and download the free software to your GPS cell phone. The phone's position will be sent to BuddyWay's server, and all you need to do is log online to find out details such as the current location and the length of travel time. Some features that parents of young drivers might appreciate in this tracker include the history of speed limits - including maximum speeds and average speeds as well as the GPS coordinates that were visited along the way - for those times when your teen is "just going to the library." If you are traveling, BuddyWay gives you some enjoyable features as well. For example, you can take pictures with your GPS cell phone and use the application to post them online at the BuddyWay website along with a brief note, making it a great way to share your travels with loved ones.

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The virtual girlfriend: Fantasy or nightmare?

>A sampling of virtual girlfriends

Meet the next virtual girlfriend: The announcement of Cloud Girlfriend, an app designed to publicly flirt with users on Facebook, has had tech bloggers in a tizzy for nearly a month. Now that it has an official release date (April 06) and a cost (free), it's due time for us to take a closer look at "her" and, more important, what the fantasy of a virtual girlfriend says about us.

David Fuhriman, CEO of Cloud Girlfriend, says the product isn't just about entertainment and escapism; he sees it as a training ground for relationships: "Like the saying goes, 'Practice makes perfect.' [It] can help people come together and practice managing a real relationship -- and then take it into the real world." You know, like a Tamagotchi is to pet ownership, a virtual girlfriend is to dating. OK, so that might seem a dubious claim -- real-life interactions are an entirely different beast from status updates and "pokes" -- but these days so much of even our real-world relationships are managed virtually. As Fuhriman points out, a relationship with Cloud Girlfriend is like the increasingly common long-distance relationship (minus the Skype sex). This all brings to mind an article I read the other day about virtual therapy, where the patient talks out his or her problems with a sophisticated avatar capable of mirroring body language, engaging in basic conversation and, most important, asking a series of probing questions. Therapists are also using virtual simulations to help patients through social phobias.

It isn't just the potential entertainment or therapeutic value that has people wound up over Cloud Girlfriend. After all, the Web is already full of virtual girlfriends. There are iPhone apps and interactive games of all flavors. That's not to mention the phenomenon of Love Plus, a game for Nintendo DS that allows players to maintain a relationship with, creepily, young teenage characters. The game is so popular in Japan that a resort town dreamed up a special vacation package for fans to have a romantic getaway with their pixelated lovers. The game also led to the first marriage between a man and a virtual woman. And then there's the most popular virtual lady of all: free Internet porn.

What makes Cloud Girlfriend different and, apparently, more enticing is the potential to convincingly present oneself as something you're not: a stud with a pretty, doting girlfriend. The appeal isn't limited to those capable of deriving satisfaction from interacting with an avatar; a virtual Facebook girlfriend is, as with most things on the social network, largely about self-presentation. In addition to public online flirtations -- which are meant to make the bachelor look more appealing to potential partners -- Fuhriman is working on developing software that allows users to superimpose their image on a photo of their fake ladyfriend. It might seem too good to be true: Some suspected it was an April Fool's joke since it was announced in late March; others pointed out that Facebook's terms of service ban profiles generated by bots. But Fuhriman explained that real women will be managing the profiles and taking responsible for the digital flirtations. However, he insists that it "is not a sex chat or pornography service." That raises the question: Why not just do it yourself -- create a fake Facebook profile for your dream girl and then fabricate interactions on your real profile?

The thing is, I suspect the buzz over Cloud Girlfriend has less to do with the app's actual utility and far more to do with the desire, and fear, that it taps into. We're more connected, and yet more isolated, than ever. The hyped future-is-now remedies for carnal loneliness -- like sex robots and teledildonics -- have inspired disappointment, and often repulsion. This is a time of fantasy fulfillment and disenchantment -- and what represents that better than a lover who is real to everyone except oneself.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

When Hackers Penetrate Each Other

There is one article written by some hacker of Thailand Pe3z, “When hackers penetrate each other”. It’s really worth reading; he says (translated from thai by google) “This is not even any other drama this occurs when there is a group of hackers. The site of a hacker attack themselves, because due to a hacker site such that the "sales course" in exchange for money. The party then went further. Also stated that the "teaching shit hacking." Another very short one, so very careful, I bite find. Types of snakes very short money teaching other people to fish any other fraud Bla any other.” This was really an awesome statement.

But here I want to say in India there are hundreds of so called ethical hacking institutes and 60 of them are topers of this hacking training industry and doing great business. We are also against commercializing hacking, because as we all know plenty of open source resources are available for learning such stuff. The question here is “what if a person is slow learner or doesn’t have that much capacity to learn on his own? Why they should not be provided with the knowledge, hacking is not property of someone who can solely possess for himself. For that matter you are not even needed to attend school or college because the stuff you study in books is very well available on open source, knowledge is knowledge, let it be hacking or faking, its openly available everywhere. But the knowledge needs authentication. (again depends who will certify whom?).

One more question, there are many people who made hacking as an industry of producing hacker and randomly thousands of students seek courses from them? Do we have guts to physically stop this mockery or control over such business? NO, we can only deface or damage someone virtually which is nowhere related to his prosperity.

If all these classes are controlled or closed by some defacer friends of mine, then I will quit this business of cyber security and remain in the business of news that is what I am actually doing
(but till want to assure on my behalf).

Kaizen in a venture by a hacker and his friends, he tried doing something on his own by refusing to be a bonded labor. Where is he wrong? Whatever he is selling is his skill, and if he keeps on defacing pages to add glory to his skills as hacker who will take care of his living and bread butter? There are many such hackers working with him and he is definitely trying something different. The other side of hackers those who were working in some training institutes started new pattern of teaching because they don’t want to make this wisdom a mockery, where are they wrong?

Magazine is the only niche print which reaches stalls and corporate sectors and some hackers got the recognition and name out of it and this magazine is providing bread butter to vendor, circulation, printer, peon, office staff to the hackers those involved in it. Can anyone guarantee me providing living to these many people? Till today r45c4l used to struggle for getting his salary at the end of the month, now he must be definitely happy to be provider to some families…. that’s blessing and basic difference as provider and seeker.

Blogging, defacing, garages,groups,sects…oh my god there are many segments to one word HAKERS..I thought at least they are away from false pride, jealous, greed and politics but it’s quite unfortunate to say they are also victims of such evil tendencies. If hackers like r45c4l, trying to get hackers in main stream profession is crime then I support this criminal.

Last but not the least I thank “Anonymous” Group, it was really heartfelt message. They stood by hacker and warned mockers, those randomly harassing hacker by posing as one of the CBI thread. The one who are instigating young hackers to do defacement..they are scaring hackers against another group of hackers, they divide and trying to rule which is not possible because some hackers refuted such evil ideas.

Who does what, and why is big question, I don’t want to be a judge or moral custodian of someone’s behavior. When I cannot create or share. I have no right to destroy or snatch. I am happy to be a target of A HACKERS AND EVEN FEEL GREAT because now the focus of them is not rival countries or cyber securities or biggies of this business..It’s ME THE CAT…. Still some hacker are loud about saying it’s me who got the sites hacked for publicity, here I can just say..”I wish I could have been such a great hacker”...any ways I always had a great dream of having few dedications at Zone –H, someone gifted it to me..

Blessing in disguise..

Vaidehi'd Journey as Director of NBC

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How to set up a personal home Subversion server

Adam Pash

Subversion is open source version control software used primarily by developers that keeps every revision of important, frequently changing files. However, Subversion can be useful for many different purposes, whether you're a web developer or a novelist - especially if you like to work in plain text.

Think of Subversion as a wiki-like repository for your files. Each time you make a change to a file or group of files that you're happy with, you can commit those changes to your Subversion repository. If you don't like where the changes got you, Subversion can compare your current version with any previously-committed version and pick out the best of the best so you never have to worry about finding your way back to a good or working version of a file.In this first of my two-part Subversion series, I'll show you how to set up and run your own Subversion server. Next week, we'll get into the nitty gritty of using Subversion.

Please note: You can choose to run Subversion without the server component (Apache) and it still works wonders for keeping versioned copies of your files. The only catch is you won't be able to access your files from other computers. If you'll only be using it as a personal repository on one computer, you can skip the steps geared toward Apache (marked with an asterisk [*]).

If you're not sure if Subversion is for you, I'd recommend trying it without Apache first. Setting up Subversion by itself is VERY easy, but if you do decide to run the web server in conjunction with Subversion, make sure your computer's properly patched and beefed up on security. Oh, it is? Good, let's go!

Setting up your Subversion server

1.* Download and install Apache 2.0... - for Windows, you want the Win32 Binary (MSI Installer) about half way down the page - you don't want 2.2.... When you're installing Apache, you can keep all the defaults unless you know what you're doing and have your own good reasons for switching things up.

3.Download and install Subversion 1.3.2 (the svn-1.3.2-setup.exe download). Again, just accept all of the defaults in the setup, making sure that "Install and configure Subversion modules..." is checked.

4.Download and install TortoiseSVN (TortoiseSVN-, an attractive Subversion client for Windows that makes dealing with Subversion repositories a breeze via right-click.

5.* Edit your Apache httpd.conf file at C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf\httpd.conf (make a backup first in case something goes awry) to add the following lines of code to the end of the file:

# Configure Subversion repository

DAV svn

SVNPath "C:\svn"

AuthType Basic

AuthName "Subversion repository"

AuthUserFile "c:\svn_conf\passwd"

Require valid-user

Save and close the httpd.conf file, then restart Apache.

6.Create two folders on your C:\ drive - one called svn and another called svn_conf (svn_conf is not necessary if you're using Subversion without Apache).

7.* Password protect your Subversion repository by firing up the command line and typing the following commands:

cd "C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\bin"

htpasswd -c C:\svn_conf\passwd adam

substituting your name for adam.

Create your first repository

The last thing we're going to do this week is create our repository. Go to your C:\ drive, right-click the svn folder and select TortoiseSVN -> Create repository here... command. If all goes well, TortoiseSVN should ask you what type of repository you'd like to create. Select Native filesystem (FSFS) and click OK. You will get a message telling you that "The Repository was successfully created." Congrats!

Finally, let's import the directory of files that you want to keep under version control into your newly-minted repository. Right-click on your to-be-controlled folder and select TortoiseSVN -> Import.... You need to give TortoiseSVN the directory of your repository, so browse for C:\svn. Click OK and all of the files under your chosen directory will be imported into your Subversion repository at C:\svn.

If you set up Subversion with Apache, you can test it out by directing your browser to http://localhost/svn and entering your username and password. If you're not using Apache, you can verify that everything worked by right-clicking on a new folder and checking out your files from the repository (right-click -> SVN Checkout...). Just direct TortoiseSVN to the directory of your Subversion repository. We've really just skimmed the surface of what you can do with Subversion, so if you still aren't quite sure what the point is, be sure to tune in next week when I'll demonstrate the glory of Subversion in action. In the meantime, you might want to play around with your repository, checking out and committing files, to get familiar with its most basic functions.

Adam Pash is an associate editor for Lifehacker who takes comfort in the knowledge that he can always go back to a file from two weeks ago if he really messes something up. His special feature Hack Attack appears every Tuesday on Lifehacker.