Saturday, June 18, 2011

# OpIndia needs to face more Challenges

Hey Fakes you really made me laugh by spoofing and posting that mail to an innocent school going kid, Poor Nandu thought who ever has done this are real Anons and he did his duty very carefully by spreading your message. Today when he realized the fraud he was really ashamed of whatever he did by helping them, any ways keep going guys, the message was 80% false, I am happy you are not much aware of my company and the girls working in there. You tried your level best to make it authentic but miserably failed. Any ways that’s your culture, I don’t want to blame anyone.

Believe me guys, you have potentials, focus and dedication too, but if you keep your greed and ill intensions aside you would have been really successful in your mission. No matter you call yourself Anon but Anonymity was challenged and you got exposed by small kids around. They slapped at your false claims and showed your place.

Any ways latest task decided was to attack all crucial sites of India like Supreme Court, NIC, Congress, Rajya Sabha and the defacement would carry the message“ All hail Afzalguru, the new Bhagat Singh of India”

Now tell me one thing, how will solve the problem?you will deface, they will recover, you will destroy they will set new site. Now even media is not keen in carrying your message because of your foolishness of attacking them.

When we decide to fight against whole corrupt system and our target is big shark, then you should never hurt small fishes around, you never know whose good will may favor you? After all we all Indians are going through same pain and want justice, but not by hurting or attacking some individual’s integrity.

For me there are three dreaded criminals. But Afzal Guru and Kasab like Pakistani's did it for political reason and Surinder Kohli was maniac and pervert. Afzal and Kasav did not kill their own countrymen but Surinder killed his own countrymen that too - only children, one at a time and raped women indiscriminately. All three should go to gallows immediately, but if there is a little difference, or if one is to differentiate as desired then, it should be Surinder first. Right ten years back, Indian parliament was attacked. Guilty was given death sentence by trial court, high court, Supreme Court! Still they are enjoying their life with bonus grace. Is it not the mockery of India’s stand on fight against terror? Is it not insult of those soldiers who sacrificed their lives in fighting with terrorists? Beyond the shadow of doubts, is it not minority vote bank politics of congress?

And What about hundreds of Surinder Kohli likes people of India? I request congress, do corruption, caste politics, vote bank politics, but please don’t encourage antinational politics? (But think little tricky, don’t misunderstand my statements. Afzal Guru is the only terrorist, the Indian citizens should appreciate for his effort he made putting his life on stake. If had he been succeeded, then India would have got over the hundreds of corrupt politicians that is what even Randev is asking for death sentence for corrupt politicians.. From the bottom of my heart I wish he should set free by president and be given one more chance to execute his plan one more time with better precision and accuracy, I am saying this in sarcasm else there would be another controversy again )

If someone wants to see the real face of terrorist in India then I suggest them to visit Kashmir. Laks of Innocent Kashmiries either killed in Fake Encounters or by militants.. History is evidence that indicates involved in Murders, Rapes, Scandals, Timber Smuggling and Fake Encounters in J&K. I wish I could kill each one of them Supporting Terrorism in Kashmir. Look at US government and their Army, they just barged and finished biggest terrorist who was threat to their county. Can we do that? NO.

By defacing sites, misusing data, you are wasting your time and their energy. Nothing is gona change because this is government body and they are hardly concerned, when CBI was hacked, Pakistani hackers announced expanding their Vocal quads, but what did they do? In spite of knowing the culprits they couldn’t reach them, at the other side they were planning to dump some Indian hackers behind bar to cover the shame, and later with the intervention of some officers things changed.

Has ever Madam Pratibha imagined being the President of India even in her wildest dreams? Her head bows low under the burden of gratitude to Madam Sonia. How can PM feel the necessity of India while he is always engrossed to hear or see and grasp the meaning of slightest gesture of Sonia? After all what is India if not Sonia (vice-versa may not be true!). Secular credentials of Sonia are well established beyond doubt. Sympathy lies with ever growing minority, doesn't matter whether the minority is right or wrong; particularly so when the infighting in the majority is prominent and the highly placed sympathizer has nothing to gain from the majority. The sympathizer is performing the duty ordained by the Lord.

No country at the present crucial stage should tolerate Terrorists. Here UPA is cuddling terrorists who attacked Parliament, Mumbai inspite of all courts ordering there hanging! The victims’ families are crying in pain. And the souls of the innocents killed are haunting the country! May the families of these secularists meet the same fate? Afjal Guru is VIP gust of congress party, so don't cry on this issue. They are not going to take decision on these issues; they are planning to shift them to jail which is close to their home town. This is case of vote bank holder minority, so nobody will take decision from government yet order pass from 10 janapat. You Need to Frame charges prove them before any hanging. Now to add on your Whims and Fancies, we have left out those who Killed the sikhs in 1984 are you controlled by congress as well. December 13, 2001- do u think that without the help of our politician Guru could able to pass all securities? BJP was on the hot seat why they did not take matter seriously - ? Let not only him (Guru) but also Kasab let them enjoy as the politicians Son-in -laws are in the jail and many of Father-in-laws are getting huge benefits in the name of their securities, food, and much more. Who wants to kill the buffalo - who gives plenty of milk!

Please guys this is not the way, more over you are also suffering with politics syndromes in your group.Unless and until you all won’t be determined and focused at the cause with right strategy, nothing gona work. You will be Anonymous behind the bar in Indian jails as an under trial, and your family would be paying for your heroism.

-----Anon Operation India may halt-----

Fake anon from India have who created the #OpIndia page from fB and twitter account has been removed, but the talks are still going on in irc in #opindia channel of

if you get into the channel - you can hardly see people 12-16 hosts fighting among each other and spamming around - as there is no control on the channel, Anon channel admins are not aware of what going on in # OpIndia, as confirmed with one of anon irc admin nerdo - he said > they hate to be in opindia room, the ops authority are given to some of Indian people to control the room and maintain peace, but fake anons are banning their own Indian people because of jealous and revenge among themselves. Seems like this fake anon misusing their ops !

You can see the screen shots where anon admins are getting mad on Indians and Sebastianmichaelis for while there were many people joining the channel and were abusing and were angry on 'onidaz' op on opindia. The channel ops are banning people if they think that nick is their enemy. opindia irc channel is in wrong hand and can fire attack on any Indian site as they were discussing to attack on Indian intelligence.

Power needs wisdom, and wisdom needs sense of execution..That is possible if you have strong leadership

Friday, June 17, 2011

warning to Vaidehi Sachin-Cat techie by Anonymous The Silence Broken

I was never against the real heroes of Anonymous group, I salute their courage and worship their mission and guts, I disagree their name being misused by the fakes with ill intentions and in power greed. I disagree with and that’s the reason standing firm against them. 494 members in my friend list are Anonymous, I interact with them on regular basis, I give them each pastebin link that you create. They just laugh at your stupidity and advice me to forgive . They are the real heroes.

In the recent past the group of hackers those working on #OpIndia, are spreading rumors about Cattechie being against Anonymous Group. This is really height of nonsense and proof of cunning intentions of Indian Fake Anon group.
Since the

#OpIndia started there is lots of restlessness amongst the hacker’s community. It’s not me who is against you; it’s your own community trying to expose you. There are many hackers such as Voice Of grey Hat, invisible Nandu, and many more.
You never realized why they all went against you. Whenever I go to IRC #OpIndia room, I see the guys asking about cattechie’s presence there, and they kick out one of the suspect. Not only are the cat but there many such people like cat are watching you and your funny activities.

See how you dug your own graves, the saga started from Face book page and twitter created by Mohit kumar Aka The Hackers News, he was fired by Sebastian for bringing hurdles and spreading wrong messages across about the OpIndia. Sebastian was receiving PM from one of the member against THN ( I won’t disclose the names) and this guy without giving a second thought started attacking THN randomly, and that’s how both the pages from Twitter and FB were removed. I was carefully watching the fight to analyze the situations. The guy impersonating Sebastian Michaelis tried his level best to use typical kind of language, just to pretend as some outsider, but one silly mistake of his lead to me NullCon seminar, and thus my traces made way to trace him. Any ways I am not going to expose his name in this post, then come 'Onidaz' who assumed c007 is cattechie and kicks her out. When sick asked about hacking, I was shocked to know this little fellow once Pm me on face book to hack this site I replied back saying not to touch Indian that to educational institutes. Then ‘tomgeorge’ to apposed saying the same, now this tom also gave me way to him because of his way of conversing. Then comes ‘arkangel’ his story is again quite interesting he is young student. ‘nomcat’ is the creature worked with me in the past on unite hackers project and also hacker5. H3v3n is close to my heart so no comments. These are just few names, and 50% of biggest players here are from the Unite hackers and hacker5’s initial group. Their language their conduct and their restlessness made me reach them, guys be careful there are many watch dogs working on you and you are very near to fall in the grave that you dug for yourself.
While concluding I want to tell you one more funny happening, have you ever seen in the history of Anonymous they ever used pastebin to convey their messages to hackers? Same language, same accusations and same style of taking revenge by spitting venom, this is happening since they made their exit from Hacker5 and Unite hackers. Anonymous threaten a journalist saying James Attrition is working on your fake profile, soon he will expose you, this dialog really tickled in my ribs. How stupid?

You can disguise by impersonating as Anonymous but you can never be like them. The reason is that your focus is not the nation or its betterment. It’s just greed for power; greed of being one as Anonymous and greed to create deter. This is what driven you making blunders and those blunders were quite visible and witnessed by your fellow hackers. If you are against one Cat techie there are many against you too. Its nature’s law, when you use your skills and potentials for wrong reason, you have to pay for it.

Go through the fallowing links, interesting pastebin culture of Hackers.

This post will continue in seven parts and end with an evident “curtain raiser” that’s my promise. Attacks on journalists are common phenomena. All investigative journalists had to pay for bringing out the hidden crime and for exposing the evils of this country. I am really lucky till now you Hackers just sabotaged me virtually; but recently we lost our senior journalist in Mumbai, who was killed for exposing underworld and political nexus. I won’t be surprised even if this happens with me.

Any ways don’t forget to read...............

Why congress, Rahul and Sonia Gandhi on target?

Are they Hindu group supporters? their origin.

Why some of them planning to attack media?

Who wants collages site to be down?

Why pastebin and who they are? the frustration and helpless fake Anons.

Why this operation may end in bad shape? who is watching them?

While signing off, I recollect a story told by ma granny…please watch it and get the moral of it..

till then enjoy more paste been links,blogs, and even animations. i am happy being a subject of writing. their English is really improving day by day, if not Anonymous but one day they can establish themselves as good writers.So many hackers made posts, animations, fake profiles, strategies, groups etc etc..just to defeat on poor stupid Cat.I consider them as my promoters, and wish them luck.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congress party of India websites are on the target of hackers

Fight against corruption but not against the nation.. Use your knowledge to make a better India not to hack Indian websites we also want to remove corruption for that don't hack the Army Page of India. Be an Indian. Don't ask what the nation has done for you ask what you have done for your nation. What have you done? The Indian arm of a hacker group 'Anonymous' - called “Operation India” - has removed its pages from Facebook and Twitter. Both the 'Operation India' Face book page and '@Operationindia' Twitter handle are no more accessible. They were not kicked out by Face book or twitter, they were removed by one of the Indian hacker who runs news portal and those pages were also created by him. On #OpIndia irc , there was too much of chaos and fight over these pages and they were created without the permission and consent of #OpIndia admins. What NDTV has mentioned is totally wrong. No Indian hacker is hooted out by Twitter or Facebook.

‘Anonymous’ is a 'hacktivist' group ( but they don’t attack anyone without any reason, it’s their way of showing disagreements, for me they are Robin Hoods. They fight with fat authorities, for the welfare of common man) that has been linked to the recent attack on Sony as well as against the governments of Iran, Spain, New Zealand and Colombia, and today they hacked Spain's national police website. Their operations started in India recently and came into the limelight when they claimed to have hacked the National Informatics Centre (NIC) website and the Indian Army website last week. But maximum hackers in #OpIndia are Indians; hardly there is any existence of actual Anon members. This Indian group of hackers using pseudonym ‘Anonymous’ to make this operation India safe and secured. There is no doubt the hackers involved in this operation are skillful and even seasoned in their profession.

It will be really difficult for Indian government to trace them with logs or any traces on line. When first time when NIC was hacked it was with the intention to reach their message in the corridors of power and government authorities. And also to make sure that government better take them seriously in case if the NIC was just some random target, second time they again hacked it and this time with rest of the data of NIC which includes the several ids and passwords of the various database on the server, they even posted the log files which NIC admins were studying to trace the origin of hack. It was done with the intention to make it loud and clear that Anon are really serious about their demands and intentions.

These hackers have already declared on defaced page with graffiti that said: "We exist without nationality. We exist with humanity. NIC took 3 mins." Yes they are Indian but they don’t believe in nationality (as anonymous is not just a voice of some individual hackers or a group of hackers, there mission is to bring revolution and that too all around the globe so any one can be Anonymous) and that’s the Indian sites were randomly attacked. In a similar hack, the Indian Army's website was reportedly taken down for about an hour.

According to some hackernews, the hackers also released password/ login information and forensic logs of The Denial of Service (DoS) attack reportedly did not harm the site and there was no data loss. The site also quotes a message from them that states, "We took Down Indian Army Official Site and NIC knows more what we did.

And there after the group that attacked Indian sites in the cover of Anon, was none other than a hacker with hacker’s. They damaged lots of individuals and Indian sites to settle personal scores and create publicity. I am sure they won’t be able to create deter if ‘Law and Order’ reaches their doors, and reaching them is definitely not impossible.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) group, after these attacks the group has now planned to hack Congress websites. If this is not stopped, we are already under so much of pressure of agitations, corruption, black money, journalists getting killed, rape, and theft…now the cyber space challenges.

Wake up India and Indian authorities.

It’s time to act

It's time to understand the pain of commom citizen of this country.

The new culture of resistance

Monday, June 13, 2011

For Investgative Journalists, politicians, police, underworld, and subject of reserch are an inevitable evil in today's situation

J Dey’s death was a very shocking incident. I was restless and paranoid about the appalling conditions faced by journalists while discharging their duties. I was Dey’s great fan as a crime correspondent. I always tried to be as good as he was. I used to compete with Mid-day two years back when I was working with ADC. Whenever there used to be crime story by J Dey, our editor Mobin Pandit used to point out saying look at this. If you have to be a good crime correspondent, you will have to be well resourced and researched. Often, I used to follow Dey’s stories and provide a new angle to it by adding more research and that’s how, we became better reporters. It’s sad to notice ones senior’s death like this. His reporting encouraged hundreds of journalists like me, but his death stole our confidence and faith in this government. Brother of journalism fraternity has passed away. Fraternity; unfortunately is not strong enough to attract common man’s sympathy.
Journalists, politicians, police and underworld is an inevitable evil in today's situation. The current scenario has been prevailing since last three decades. The circular talks of the founding rot in the city police; such as the orderlies of senior officials being parallel establishment. These officials have business partnership with the illegal dens like matka and boot legging. CP says that these parallel power centers sms their parallel paymasters alerting about the possible police raid. To talk of Dey's most recent endeavour into the fortress of oil-mafia; one may recall some lead stories in an English morninger in 2008 and again in 2010 stating how two suspected terrorists who had carried out a murder of an oil adulterator for the benefit of another adulterator were handed over to Indonesian embassy by Mumbai police. The duo was nabbed as their local guide panicked and informed the city cops that their satellite phone usage was worrying.

The IB and crime branch sleuths were aghast to know that after carrying out the murder operation for a city based oil-mafia don; they were doing rekey of the sea shore as their colleagues were to land from Indonesia for carrying out an attack on US embassy in Mumbai. The duo was handed over to the embassy of Indonesia. The attack did take place, what world is this we are living in where our Chief of City Police has to detail out such scenario in a warning circular to the same very people who are beneficiaries of this parallel policing. Wiki leaks have relayed a cable sent by Mumbai Consulate of USA to Washington in which we read an essay on city cops working for Dawood Ibrahim. How can some unidentified persons kill such seasoned reporter for such proximity? And still not traced? The Maharashtra government failed to protect the journalist to hunt down the murderers. Dey’s reporting on the underworld made him a respected byline, but it was his passion for wildlife that drew him to journalism. He authored two books on the operations of the mafia and was on the hit-list of several mafia dons and on numerous occasions received threatening calls.

Despite being aware about the threat to Dey’s life, Police failed to protect him. His stories about government departments and land scams created ripples in the state legislature. He recently exposed a Rs 10,000-crore oil-mafia scam. In crime reporting, the passion to get breaking news sometimes demands a very heavy price, and eminent crime reporter J Dey paid the ultimate one, raising the question whether a journalist is really free to write against anti-social elements. The attack on media persons is not new to this city. Journalists have always been targeted by the underworld, political goons and sometimes even the police. In 1997, known crime reporter Baljeet Parmar was shot at Antop Hill. The firing was believed to be carried out by the underworld gangster Chhota Rajan. Earlier, in 1982, AK Narayan a Ulhasnagar journalist working with Blitz was hacked to death by one Maruti Yadav at the behest of the underworld which was unhappy with his exposes connecting local politicians to them.
Narayan’s body was packed into two metal boxes and left at his own doorstep. Though

Yadav was nabbed, no underworld connection could be established. In June 2009, four media-persons were manhandled in Parel by men allegedly owing allegiance to the Bahujan Samaj Party. Television journalist Amit Joshi was brutally assaulted by local goons with sticks and rods while he was covering an incident in August last year. To get hard and authentic news, an investigative reporter has to build sources within the police, as well as among the anti-social element groups. The more we get into this, more the risk. We are not only watched by the police, but also the underworld. Though the risk of being shot or assaulted is an integral part of a crime reporter’s life, it is his family which has to live in the constant fear of losing him. People often advice me to get out of crime reporting and opt for another beat. A sustained campaign against the underworld has often resulted in a death threat to journalists.

The CID isn’t headed by a Commissioner, this is the elite’ wing of the State police. Their website talks of its job profile. The Commissioner of this wing issued a statement a week after Mumbai attacks that CID is not concerned with terror related intelligence. This man was awarded the post of police commissioner Mumbai and later DGP of State. Hasan Gafur; then CP of Mumbai who took to streets while his colleagues preferred to comply with vows given to their wives that they would not leave control room; was shunted out for his rave act. The architects of the miss-communication, fraudulent communication on wireless leading to the death of many police officers and men were considered to be reliable witnesses by the Pradhan commission led an Ex-MLC.

Dey’s demise has given a last alert; and if we do not wipe out the evils in seats of power now; we will not have another alert. Anyone of us can be the next target.
my tribute to J' Day..I lost one of my senior journalist

Investigative Journalists are soft targets

After J Dey’s death, silent moments, pain and tears and whispers are visible. 24 hours have already passed since Dey’s departure, yet the police are clueless about his death. Dey's funeral was an emotional farewell. So many questions around, so much of grief, insecurity, pain was in ambience. Shameless police and politicians marked their presence by facing media cameras but there was no hitch of regret on their face. Condolence messages kept pouring from media house to media house. There was competition in sending fax and smses to media. Finally, a journalist’s death too was encashed by these hypocrites for their own publicity. None of them is worried about the police and home department that is clueless about the crime. It was difficult to believe that their buddy left this world forever. He was shot from close distance and police are still clue less about the unknown assailants. How can this government and police department can just let go such issue? Now they think that journalists should be provided with security but what about the past? Who will compensate for J Dey’s death? A large number of media persons had turned up to pay their last respects to the senior journalist. Dey is survived by his wife Shubha Sharma and mother. Looking at his family I had experienced pain in my ribs. I started wondering that this could happen to my family too for bringing out the truth. A journalist is always a soft target.

In broad daylight city like Mumbai where we boast about better law and order, anyone can take anybody’s life and escape clueless. The Maharashtra government swung into action, ordering special police teams to probe Dey’s death. Will they be really investigating the issue? Do you thing can we ever get to know the real criminal? Despite being compared with Scotland Yard police, the Mumbai police continue to be clueless about the crime. State Home Minister R R Patil, Mumbai Police Commissioner Arup Patnaik, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy, Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and order) Rajnish Seth and several senior government officers should be answerable for this incidence. Our dumb Chief Minister directed Patnaik to arrest the culprits involved in Mr Dey’s murder but where can the murderer be nabbed? He also has failed to mention whom to be held responsible for this case? Always an eye wash, god knows for how long?

J Dey had been receiving death threats and police were aware about it. How come Chief Minister failed to provide police protection for Dey? The government has provided security to Dey’s family at a time when it has lost it bread winner. It very unfortunate, the Home Minister could have acted and provided security to the crime journalist before he was gunned down. Now what is the use of plan for journalists' protection? Senior NCP leader and PWD Minister Chhagan Bhujbal said that it was very important to get the culprits behind bars. It’s true Mr Bhujbal but how can we put the accused behind bars? Just by giving mere political statements to media or by exercising your powers to really nab a culprit? How can you all ministers become so shameless to come in front of camera and still talk big. The manner in which bullets were pumped into Dey’s body, no law could have helped him at that time. The relevant department will look into it. But whatever happened is sad, bad.

The police, meanwhile, are examining the CCTV footage of Crisil House, which is located opposite the scene of the crime. The footage, though, isn't very clear because it was raining heavily at the time of the journalist's murder. So now is there any other way? Or any other excuse for media? The post-mortem report of Dey shows that five bullets were pumped into his body and one bullet that hit his shoulder did not come out. He died due to the bullet injury. Five bullets were pumped into his body and there was no noise? The attack on J Dey was undoubtedly an attack on the media. The police say they can’t establish a motive. Well, Dey had been covering the underworld for years; he’d written on the diesel mafia. Two leads for you, Commissioner Arup Patnaik. But we’re not surprised. The police force is flabby, too busy with rallies and subordinates’ cell phones. It, therefore, came as no surprise at all that in recent cases like the Kurar murders, the local officers did not even want to take down a complaint. Is the Mumbai police inept, poorly led, or just plain corrupt? Difficult to say.

J Dey was killed in a centrally-connected neighbourhood, in broad daylight and within walking distance of a police station. It adds up to one conclusion: in Mumbai, no one is safe. And when a citizen’s physical security cannot be guaranteed by the State, then that State has forfeited its right to govern. Bullet riddled bodies don’t make a crime reporter cringe. When I looked at J Day’s dead body I was scared, because all these days even I was doing investigative journalism, now also i am doing my reserch on Hackers, they do defametary blogging,they abuse and some times even make calls to me and threatn.

If you want to reach the fact and fight odd, then your destiny is death. It was an association that lasted right unto his death. Those were the years when J. Dey was still trying to find his footing in journalism. Enough is enough. Things need to get back on track, and we can start with the enactment of stringent provisions against those who attack the media. Or we can be one of those banana republics where dead journalists are commonplace.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don’t spread rumors; we are Anonymous

Today I was really shocked to see one screen short floating over face book, mentioning some statements released by “Anonymous” that they are winding the #Op-India because of NBC and Cat. How can one release such statements? For some time if assumed one can understand about Cat, but why NBC? And the most important thing, can anyone really control over Anonymous? Wow I never knew I am so strong that I can halt a mission like #Op-India.

NBC is an independent news group which has got nothing do with any sort of activities here, just because you are exposed, you cannot drag my company in unwanted issues. I strongly support the original group of Anonymous, and always against the fakes posing as Anons and sabotaging my country.

In the recent past the news about Anonymous attack on Indian army website hit headlines, every one of this country was misguided. Overnight all hacker and common man of this country started hating this group because of rumors spread about them. Anonymous has made common cause in India with an anti-corruption of the National Informatics Center (NIC)was hacked by Anonymous but they never attacked Army and Indian Registrar. These were simply misused by Indian hackers. And these fake Indian hackers are planning to target Congress website under the cover of Anonymous’.

Operation India page on Facebook, was criticized by a number of users after the announcement that they hacked Indian army's site. Face book users were fuming with the thought that Anonymous attacked Indian Army. Why Anonymous should damage these sites to convey their message? This news was published on “The Hackers News” and then it reached everywhere, how come hacker’s news was so sure about the hack is by Anonymous?

The fact is that Anonymous never attacked defense sites. #OpIndia, started with great cause to fight against corruption, voice for common man and fight for media’s freedom. Looking at the popularity of this group and their good work, I always thought that after some time. Many small hackers groups may join them and emerge as one of the strongest hackers group on the Globe. That day each country will have unseen watch dogs over corrupt government to control their activities and raise voice for common man. But I was wrong. Group of Indian hackers in the power greed and with malicious intentions, started attacking their own country websites in the name of Anonymous. These Indian hackers hacked our Army websites, private institutions, media group, and an individual. They were randomly attacking everyone in the name of anonymous. Irony is that these Indian hackers made biggest mistake of making wrong deface page with email id. Few things which drawn the attention of Anon and #OpIndia because Indian hackers made some blunders like giving the email id, not only this they even changed the signature of the Anon, which was really lame .. The Anon signature is “We are Legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect US” these guys failed to make a proper statement and the language was so funny that everyone on #OpIndia was laughing on THN guys.

Unfortunately few Indian guys and the team of “The Hackers news” started conducting many activities by using the name of Anonymous. They did this for their personal profit, not for the noble cause which they ware pretending to be. In short time those Hackers fooled some innocent Indians. In short they got bad name to #OpIndia. Finally there was fake declaration about the closer of such Nobel mission.

One of my facebook friend of Anonymous group” Weare Legion’ told me that “we are anonymous, we are peaceful, anyone promoting or using violence is not anonymous and has been sent to give Anonymous a bad name in the press, our goal is freedom and peace for all, if you agree then you too are anonymous. (Indeed this was better way of living with ethics) who gave these Indian hackers freedom to attack our own country websites? Why Anonymous is quite, in spite of so much mess created in their name? Why are they not showing these hackers their place?

Today when I was discussing few things with Imnull0 (hacker of Anonymous group) and he gave me big shock by emphasizing over the facts. He told me that some bloggers and especially “The Hackers News” played dirty role in spreading all wrong messages and fake news on behalf of them without their consent. When Anon got to know the facts that THN is spreading false news including on FB, Twitter and his blog they decided to take the call.

THN was badly insulted by the Anon at IRC and he ( Mohit Kumar Vashisht) was asked to accept his mistakes and correct them by removing all the false claims and statements that he has have released in the name of Anonymous. They also made it very clear that they were never involved in the hacks carried out in India in the name of Anonymous; some of the hacks are Indian army website, NIC website, Rahul Gandhis website. Now they are at the verge of hacking Congress websites by same modus operands. These attacks are carried out by none other than the group of this so called news blogger and it’s very much possible that there can be involvement of some other hackers groups too.

Anonymous has warned them not to make any statement and carry out any attacks by the name of #OpIndia without consulting the others who are in #OpIndia, they have even told them in clear words that not to make any pages on FB or any other social networking site. Anonymous also realized that the allegations made on Cattechie, NBC and others are nothing but a false plot to divert the attention and settle their personal rivalry. Shame on THN and those supporting such groups, they are playing such dirty politics against a journalist just because she has the guts to raise her voice against injustice and trying to stop these fake people crossing their limits.

Well now my question is that, what should be done with “The hackers News”? And the hackers group working with them for hacking Indian websites? They are the traitors and threat to our country. Long back some one wrote about him stating that he is a JIHADI, that time I felt very bad, but now I am realizing the fact. These guys are terrorists working against the nation. Not only that they are shame for the hackers community as they are ruining the name of Indian Patriotic hackers.

In my capacity I will always support #OpIndia crusade against corruption, and I am sure, at any cost this campaign will never halt, they will just walk their way keeping all odds aside. They are Anonymous, the revolutionaries and legends. They have ethics and they can, and you cannot stand by Nobel cause.

If you cannot support the cause, then just stay away, but at least don’t defame them by sabotaging their mission.

you have back stabbed them; now expect the unexpected.

They are Anonymous.

They are Legion.

They do not forgive.

They do not forget.

Expect them