Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congress party of India websites are on the target of hackers

Fight against corruption but not against the nation.. Use your knowledge to make a better India not to hack Indian websites we also want to remove corruption for that don't hack the Army Page of India. Be an Indian. Don't ask what the nation has done for you ask what you have done for your nation. What have you done? The Indian arm of a hacker group 'Anonymous' - called “Operation India” - has removed its pages from Facebook and Twitter. Both the 'Operation India' Face book page and '@Operationindia' Twitter handle are no more accessible. They were not kicked out by Face book or twitter, they were removed by one of the Indian hacker who runs news portal and those pages were also created by him. On #OpIndia irc , there was too much of chaos and fight over these pages and they were created without the permission and consent of #OpIndia admins. What NDTV has mentioned is totally wrong. No Indian hacker is hooted out by Twitter or Facebook.

‘Anonymous’ is a 'hacktivist' group ( but they don’t attack anyone without any reason, it’s their way of showing disagreements, for me they are Robin Hoods. They fight with fat authorities, for the welfare of common man) that has been linked to the recent attack on Sony as well as against the governments of Iran, Spain, New Zealand and Colombia, and today they hacked Spain's national police website. Their operations started in India recently and came into the limelight when they claimed to have hacked the National Informatics Centre (NIC) website and the Indian Army website last week. But maximum hackers in #OpIndia are Indians; hardly there is any existence of actual Anon members. This Indian group of hackers using pseudonym ‘Anonymous’ to make this operation India safe and secured. There is no doubt the hackers involved in this operation are skillful and even seasoned in their profession.

It will be really difficult for Indian government to trace them with logs or any traces on line. When first time when NIC was hacked it was with the intention to reach their message in the corridors of power and government authorities. And also to make sure that government better take them seriously in case if the NIC was just some random target, second time they again hacked it and this time with rest of the data of NIC which includes the several ids and passwords of the various database on the server, they even posted the log files which NIC admins were studying to trace the origin of hack. It was done with the intention to make it loud and clear that Anon are really serious about their demands and intentions.

These hackers have already declared on defaced page with graffiti that said: "We exist without nationality. We exist with humanity. NIC took 3 mins." Yes they are Indian but they don’t believe in nationality (as anonymous is not just a voice of some individual hackers or a group of hackers, there mission is to bring revolution and that too all around the globe so any one can be Anonymous) and that’s the Indian sites were randomly attacked. In a similar hack, the Indian Army's website was reportedly taken down for about an hour.

According to some hackernews, the hackers also released password/ login information and forensic logs of indianarmy.nic.in. The Denial of Service (DoS) attack reportedly did not harm the site and there was no data loss. The site also quotes a message from them that states, "We took Down Indian Army Official Site and NIC knows more what we did.

And there after the group that attacked Indian sites in the cover of Anon, was none other than a hacker with hacker’s. They damaged lots of individuals and Indian sites to settle personal scores and create publicity. I am sure they won’t be able to create deter if ‘Law and Order’ reaches their doors, and reaching them is definitely not impossible.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) group, after these attacks the group has now planned to hack Congress websites. If this is not stopped, we are already under so much of pressure of agitations, corruption, black money, journalists getting killed, rape, and theft…now the cyber space challenges.

Wake up India and Indian authorities.

It’s time to act

It's time to understand the pain of commom citizen of this country.

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