Friday, June 17, 2011

warning to Vaidehi Sachin-Cat techie by Anonymous The Silence Broken

I was never against the real heroes of Anonymous group, I salute their courage and worship their mission and guts, I disagree their name being misused by the fakes with ill intentions and in power greed. I disagree with and that’s the reason standing firm against them. 494 members in my friend list are Anonymous, I interact with them on regular basis, I give them each pastebin link that you create. They just laugh at your stupidity and advice me to forgive . They are the real heroes.

In the recent past the group of hackers those working on #OpIndia, are spreading rumors about Cattechie being against Anonymous Group. This is really height of nonsense and proof of cunning intentions of Indian Fake Anon group.
Since the

#OpIndia started there is lots of restlessness amongst the hacker’s community. It’s not me who is against you; it’s your own community trying to expose you. There are many hackers such as Voice Of grey Hat, invisible Nandu, and many more.
You never realized why they all went against you. Whenever I go to IRC #OpIndia room, I see the guys asking about cattechie’s presence there, and they kick out one of the suspect. Not only are the cat but there many such people like cat are watching you and your funny activities.

See how you dug your own graves, the saga started from Face book page and twitter created by Mohit kumar Aka The Hackers News, he was fired by Sebastian for bringing hurdles and spreading wrong messages across about the OpIndia. Sebastian was receiving PM from one of the member against THN ( I won’t disclose the names) and this guy without giving a second thought started attacking THN randomly, and that’s how both the pages from Twitter and FB were removed. I was carefully watching the fight to analyze the situations. The guy impersonating Sebastian Michaelis tried his level best to use typical kind of language, just to pretend as some outsider, but one silly mistake of his lead to me NullCon seminar, and thus my traces made way to trace him. Any ways I am not going to expose his name in this post, then come 'Onidaz' who assumed c007 is cattechie and kicks her out. When sick asked about hacking, I was shocked to know this little fellow once Pm me on face book to hack this site I replied back saying not to touch Indian that to educational institutes. Then ‘tomgeorge’ to apposed saying the same, now this tom also gave me way to him because of his way of conversing. Then comes ‘arkangel’ his story is again quite interesting he is young student. ‘nomcat’ is the creature worked with me in the past on unite hackers project and also hacker5. H3v3n is close to my heart so no comments. These are just few names, and 50% of biggest players here are from the Unite hackers and hacker5’s initial group. Their language their conduct and their restlessness made me reach them, guys be careful there are many watch dogs working on you and you are very near to fall in the grave that you dug for yourself.
While concluding I want to tell you one more funny happening, have you ever seen in the history of Anonymous they ever used pastebin to convey their messages to hackers? Same language, same accusations and same style of taking revenge by spitting venom, this is happening since they made their exit from Hacker5 and Unite hackers. Anonymous threaten a journalist saying James Attrition is working on your fake profile, soon he will expose you, this dialog really tickled in my ribs. How stupid?

You can disguise by impersonating as Anonymous but you can never be like them. The reason is that your focus is not the nation or its betterment. It’s just greed for power; greed of being one as Anonymous and greed to create deter. This is what driven you making blunders and those blunders were quite visible and witnessed by your fellow hackers. If you are against one Cat techie there are many against you too. Its nature’s law, when you use your skills and potentials for wrong reason, you have to pay for it.

Go through the fallowing links, interesting pastebin culture of Hackers.

This post will continue in seven parts and end with an evident “curtain raiser” that’s my promise. Attacks on journalists are common phenomena. All investigative journalists had to pay for bringing out the hidden crime and for exposing the evils of this country. I am really lucky till now you Hackers just sabotaged me virtually; but recently we lost our senior journalist in Mumbai, who was killed for exposing underworld and political nexus. I won’t be surprised even if this happens with me.

Any ways don’t forget to read...............

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Why pastebin and who they are? the frustration and helpless fake Anons.

Why this operation may end in bad shape? who is watching them?

While signing off, I recollect a story told by ma granny…please watch it and get the moral of it..

till then enjoy more paste been links,blogs, and even animations. i am happy being a subject of writing. their English is really improving day by day, if not Anonymous but one day they can establish themselves as good writers.So many hackers made posts, animations, fake profiles, strategies, groups etc etc..just to defeat on poor stupid Cat.I consider them as my promoters, and wish them luck.


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