Monday, May 23, 2011

Similarities of Underground and underworld

All these days I am doing research on Hackers, their communities, their way of functioning and their life style. I noticed lots of similarities between Underworld Criminals and hackers. For example hackers and mafia’s both uses handle and they are scared to disclose their original names. Their identity is either their group or their handle.

We have so many known criminals like chota rajan who’s actual name is Rajendra Nikhalje (nana), Dawood Ibrahim (Bhai) Pav Takla (Chota shakeel) Fahim mach mach, saleem langda, Arun Gavli (daddy) Doctor is handle of Gavli Gang criminal, who use to executive crime operations with hundred percent accuracy. That’s why they use to call him Doctor. Fahim has habbit of arguing that’s why he was called ‘mach mach’. Langda has one leg short due to polio. Chota shakil has wisdom hair cut so he was named as “Pav takla” (quarter portion of head balled).

I don’t know the specific reason for Hackers having their particular handles but they are known by that. R45c4l, micr0, H4x0r, c0de crack3r,silent poison, dark l00k, nirvana, snake, d4rk code…there are number of handles of these hackers.
There are mafia communities like D company, Rajan gang, Gavli gang, Naik gang, mudliar group, haji mastan group..Harya Narya gang...these are the groups and communities of mafia’s. Their community members use nicknames both to separate insiders from outsiders and to stymie potential executions into their. They use violence strategically by planning each action by their commanders. These commanders are like admin in charges or group leaders.

Likewise Hackers too have their groups ICA, ICW, l33t (original) l33t (fake Indian idiots) AH, Punjabi hackers. PCA, Pakbugs (Pakistan)and the other side the elite groups like ICW, Garage for hackers, Anonymous, Anti sec, Nirvana, Chaos (Germany), KHG (Kosovo), Iranian cyber army, Red Army ( china) th3j35t3r…

PCA and Paksbug are Pakistani hackers group, their prime target in India and their fight is over Kashmir. They never harm or hack their own country people or group. They are Pakistani patriots. Anonymous group fight for freedom of speech, freedom of media and freedom of press. One more reason of their fight is privacy and right of common man. You won’t have a single example where they have targeted common man or business group or specially such organizations where hackers are recruited or assigned jobs. They have no website; their messages are with cause and concrete statements addressing administration and system.

KHG fights for Kosovo and freedom of their country, Anti sec against the exploits writers and antivirus companies. Iranian cyber army for the freedom of their country, they have ethics and principals. These groups are highly skilled groups with no showsha, no personal attacks, or no bad business. Most of them are with patriotism.

African hackers are like Robin Hoods they are mostly in financial crimes, carding, money laundering. Their country is poor, they lack opportunities and scope. This is how they earn their living and support many by doing charity towards community and churches.
There are some groups of hackers work for charity. 80% hackers in Indian jail are Africans.

A famous group called “Hackers for Charity”, known for their utmost contribution towards underprivileged

The original l33t hacker community and forums are against piracy, porn and corruption. They are the most educated and skilled hackers with lethal techniques. Unfortunately some Indian goons are tarnishing their image by copying the name l33t.

Recently formed Indian l33ts are the bunch of arrogant brats, born in bank corrupt families; parents are in financial scams, one of the so called l33ts father is a government employee, other ones mother is caught in scam. Some of them call themselves panther, lion, wolfs and codes. The most pathetic amongst them are Gujrat and south ones. They copied name of famous l33t group but couldn’t even reach to any of their basic qualities. There is one Face book profile of this so called l33t, I wonder how can they survive so shamelessly by copying the name of legends? They prefer to send hard-to-fake signals about their badness and their inability to fit in any part of the larger world: hence the tendency toward showing incompetence at tasks other than criminality, as seen in the recent past. Their tendency toward extreme show off and the participation in criminal events is quite peculiar. They attack all famous people and try encashing out of them. They are Indian anti-nations groups of hackers. You can see some of the same behavior in almost any new group of Indian Hackers.

The other side’s there are Mafia’s like Chota Rajan is known as patriot don, because he provides information about underworld to intelligence department. That group is never into drugs or flesh trading and fake currency. No doubt he is criminal and is on the top of most wanted list. But still his crime has not affected innocent average Indians.
D’company Indian anti-national group, they are always in favor of Pakistan and support group of Taliban. They have caused maximum loss to our country and innocent citizens by bomb blast, drug peddling, and fake currency. Harboring terrorists and murders they damaged Indian securities.

The legend groups like ICW, HMG and the original members of it, always had agenda of securing nation. They never sabotaged their country interest. They never believed in cheap defacements, and their hacks were never in quantity or random that was quality, all high profile hacks.ICW is the group even signed peace deal with Pak hackers, bur letter on the new group of hacker damaged the deal and in reaction to action even Pakistani hackers start random defacements.

As we all know Garage (G4H) is community of professionals and they don’t support hacking they only support knowledge sharing and they can’t stop anyone to register with garage as its public community. So far I have never witnessed any defacement or any hacks by garage ever, but some registered members of garage are bringing bad name to this unique group and they need to be strict over registrations.because its open group and any one can be rejistered there.

Unfortunately there are some hackers from these well known groups joined hands with the groups like Indian fake l33ts, and bypassed the ethics of hacker’s community. There is so much to write on this, but rest of it you can read in my soon to be launched Cattechie book.

One more common factor, In 2003 a journalist Tirodkar who became tipper of police and double crossing mafia’s and police had helped the mafia locate potential victims for fake encounters and to settle nefarious deals. However, later he was charge sheeted under MCOCA,and released on bail. He violated journalistic ethics to gun down criminals and expose fakes in Police department. He suffered a lot there after by police and mafias. But his faith in judiciary and his national interest got him scot free from all such clutches.

Here again I being journalist facing all odds but one day will reach to my goal by eliminating odds and antinational elements from Hackers community.

All these days I worked as political and crime correspondent in various publications. Investigations and research is my favorite subject. Detecting crime and criminals is my passion; hitting headline with crime story is my Job. Once upon a time there use to be competition between Mid-day, Afteroon and Mumbai Mirror. Those days, remaining on front page with lead crime stories was a challenge. I used to bother so many officers for info, at the same time police informers and private detectives and intelligence sources use to give me tip off to reach my goal. I was blue eyed baby of by senior editor Mr.Pandit.
Now when I am working on hackers, my mission is yet to be accomplished because I am yet to reach my goal. Because the Codes of the Underworld and underground yet to be encoded.