Tuesday, May 10, 2011

133t anti- Indian h4x0rs

SOME SO Called 133t Indian h4x0rs I pity on you, please learn to draft proper messages, you are the biggest anti Indian group and sabotaging our nation. I understand your publicity greed but no use. I don’t think media would be ever interested in such group. Two guys in this so called team are from Gujarat, one prominent hacker from Hyderabad, one from my own Mumbai and one from Rajasthan. Unfortunately they are none other than the old so called patriotic group of our country.

The group is hey wire and shattered, their identity is attacked and many of the group members lured in criminal activities. They all are between the age group of 19 to 22. They are spoiled brats and ideal minds. The Hyderabad fellow hacker is quite sharp and cunning, but the guy from Rajasthan is really sharp ( I really admire these Gujrat and Rajasthan Guy). They from middle class families and doing small time jobs. Some of them are yet to finish their education. The reason behind defacing Indian sites is nothing but gaining popularity and to remain in news. Create deter in hacking world and also make their name famous.

Indian officials are under fire for the security lapse that allowed the terror siege to occur in our country. So many times Javan gets killed and police get attacked. Intelligence fail, government flops and we innocent people get owned by terrorists, that does not mean, crime and criminals are role models. The destroyers have no nationality or religion, they are just scavengers born to frustrated souls..And blot on our own country. Security lapse (=a temporary failure in arrangements for any safety). In 26/11 some terrorists made entry in Taj and the hotel was totally destroyed and it is considered a very serious security lapse and it is one of the deadliest attacks in the history of India. The attackers took advantage of security laps and got in that does not mean they are the heroes. They are attackers, criminals and terrorists, they scan your security with illicit intentions, their main object is to attack and damage. They are not bothered about who’s who!! It’s their mentality and upbringing. Whenever a hacker hack a site or defaces the same, they leave message questioning your security potentials.

Today I was reading one message on one such defaced site, “Stop Eating Our Money. Yea you heard it right OUR fucking Money”. Here I want to ask what is the meaning of “Fucking Money”? It really fucks or you earn out of it? Guys no one is forcing you to pay on gun point, it’s you who wish to pay for your own wants and desires. More over the worth appreciating fact is that they themselves already published on their site that, “We need to understand that there is no real guarantee for a job and also there is no replacement for hard work. Guarantee is a misnomer and merely a sales technique. We have 64.1%* placement record so far. Appin certified professionals are working in top companies. We offer 100% assurance of our assistance in finding you the best job. Students have come to our institute to take training after they were dissatisfied from the so called 100% Job Guarantee institutes. All Appin certified job seekers can send across there resume at placement@appinonline.com. Company have different openings across various domains and currently hiring for national and international hiring”.

they are very much vocal and clear in what they are doing. Khare is a business man like any other schools in our country where education is sold and purchased, we pay heavy money to possess a certificate, many underprivileged in spite of having knowledge and wisdom deprived of education in India. Big money big education that’s how it is. Can you stop all of them?

Then the message continued with “Stop Boasting about shit things and fooling our government atleast from now on work for the nation in a true way in a Real way”.

Whatever it is, one thing is sure. Appin is paying income tax in time, they have not produced any terrorists, neither are they indulged in any antinational activities. They are simply doing their business and expanded it larger than life. Hundreds of people are earning their living from them. They have empowered thousands of young youth of this country. If suppose, Appin closes its business, then are you going to provide their employees a living? When you cannot be provider then you have no right to snatch their living. Our government can’t be fooled, please have at least faith in them. Work for nation means what? They should start defacing sites and harasses people in the name of country? Yes This Country Gave You Everything And What You Did Till Now?? The same question I would like to ask these defacers. Change Your Mind set. Don’t behave antinational and trouble your own country people.

Learn Some Real Shit Other Then Outdated Methods and Backdoored Tools of Monotones way of defacing. Why to leave logs and ask someone to find you? If at all you are true Indian and bunch of men then come forward and face the world, have guts to show your faces and say it’s me. But I know you cowards have no guts. We know that you are Not The Masters, you Are Not The Blasters, Neither you are of Any Corporate Level IT Experts but We are More Greater Then That We are..


That’s Your Name that’s Your Fame

0wn3d y0uR 0wn c0untry pe0pl3 and f33ling great

SHAME…L4m3rz Wait And Watch, evil has very short life….

I know who u are but I won’t harm u, unfortunately u r my fellow Indian

~~St0ry Ends~~