Saturday, June 18, 2011

# OpIndia needs to face more Challenges

Hey Fakes you really made me laugh by spoofing and posting that mail to an innocent school going kid, Poor Nandu thought who ever has done this are real Anons and he did his duty very carefully by spreading your message. Today when he realized the fraud he was really ashamed of whatever he did by helping them, any ways keep going guys, the message was 80% false, I am happy you are not much aware of my company and the girls working in there. You tried your level best to make it authentic but miserably failed. Any ways that’s your culture, I don’t want to blame anyone.

Believe me guys, you have potentials, focus and dedication too, but if you keep your greed and ill intensions aside you would have been really successful in your mission. No matter you call yourself Anon but Anonymity was challenged and you got exposed by small kids around. They slapped at your false claims and showed your place.

Any ways latest task decided was to attack all crucial sites of India like Supreme Court, NIC, Congress, Rajya Sabha and the defacement would carry the message“ All hail Afzalguru, the new Bhagat Singh of India”

Now tell me one thing, how will solve the problem?you will deface, they will recover, you will destroy they will set new site. Now even media is not keen in carrying your message because of your foolishness of attacking them.

When we decide to fight against whole corrupt system and our target is big shark, then you should never hurt small fishes around, you never know whose good will may favor you? After all we all Indians are going through same pain and want justice, but not by hurting or attacking some individual’s integrity.

For me there are three dreaded criminals. But Afzal Guru and Kasab like Pakistani's did it for political reason and Surinder Kohli was maniac and pervert. Afzal and Kasav did not kill their own countrymen but Surinder killed his own countrymen that too - only children, one at a time and raped women indiscriminately. All three should go to gallows immediately, but if there is a little difference, or if one is to differentiate as desired then, it should be Surinder first. Right ten years back, Indian parliament was attacked. Guilty was given death sentence by trial court, high court, Supreme Court! Still they are enjoying their life with bonus grace. Is it not the mockery of India’s stand on fight against terror? Is it not insult of those soldiers who sacrificed their lives in fighting with terrorists? Beyond the shadow of doubts, is it not minority vote bank politics of congress?

And What about hundreds of Surinder Kohli likes people of India? I request congress, do corruption, caste politics, vote bank politics, but please don’t encourage antinational politics? (But think little tricky, don’t misunderstand my statements. Afzal Guru is the only terrorist, the Indian citizens should appreciate for his effort he made putting his life on stake. If had he been succeeded, then India would have got over the hundreds of corrupt politicians that is what even Randev is asking for death sentence for corrupt politicians.. From the bottom of my heart I wish he should set free by president and be given one more chance to execute his plan one more time with better precision and accuracy, I am saying this in sarcasm else there would be another controversy again )

If someone wants to see the real face of terrorist in India then I suggest them to visit Kashmir. Laks of Innocent Kashmiries either killed in Fake Encounters or by militants.. History is evidence that indicates involved in Murders, Rapes, Scandals, Timber Smuggling and Fake Encounters in J&K. I wish I could kill each one of them Supporting Terrorism in Kashmir. Look at US government and their Army, they just barged and finished biggest terrorist who was threat to their county. Can we do that? NO.

By defacing sites, misusing data, you are wasting your time and their energy. Nothing is gona change because this is government body and they are hardly concerned, when CBI was hacked, Pakistani hackers announced expanding their Vocal quads, but what did they do? In spite of knowing the culprits they couldn’t reach them, at the other side they were planning to dump some Indian hackers behind bar to cover the shame, and later with the intervention of some officers things changed.

Has ever Madam Pratibha imagined being the President of India even in her wildest dreams? Her head bows low under the burden of gratitude to Madam Sonia. How can PM feel the necessity of India while he is always engrossed to hear or see and grasp the meaning of slightest gesture of Sonia? After all what is India if not Sonia (vice-versa may not be true!). Secular credentials of Sonia are well established beyond doubt. Sympathy lies with ever growing minority, doesn't matter whether the minority is right or wrong; particularly so when the infighting in the majority is prominent and the highly placed sympathizer has nothing to gain from the majority. The sympathizer is performing the duty ordained by the Lord.

No country at the present crucial stage should tolerate Terrorists. Here UPA is cuddling terrorists who attacked Parliament, Mumbai inspite of all courts ordering there hanging! The victims’ families are crying in pain. And the souls of the innocents killed are haunting the country! May the families of these secularists meet the same fate? Afjal Guru is VIP gust of congress party, so don't cry on this issue. They are not going to take decision on these issues; they are planning to shift them to jail which is close to their home town. This is case of vote bank holder minority, so nobody will take decision from government yet order pass from 10 janapat. You Need to Frame charges prove them before any hanging. Now to add on your Whims and Fancies, we have left out those who Killed the sikhs in 1984 are you controlled by congress as well. December 13, 2001- do u think that without the help of our politician Guru could able to pass all securities? BJP was on the hot seat why they did not take matter seriously - ? Let not only him (Guru) but also Kasab let them enjoy as the politicians Son-in -laws are in the jail and many of Father-in-laws are getting huge benefits in the name of their securities, food, and much more. Who wants to kill the buffalo - who gives plenty of milk!

Please guys this is not the way, more over you are also suffering with politics syndromes in your group.Unless and until you all won’t be determined and focused at the cause with right strategy, nothing gona work. You will be Anonymous behind the bar in Indian jails as an under trial, and your family would be paying for your heroism.

-----Anon Operation India may halt-----

Fake anon from India have who created the #OpIndia page from fB and twitter account has been removed, but the talks are still going on in irc in #opindia channel of

if you get into the channel - you can hardly see people 12-16 hosts fighting among each other and spamming around - as there is no control on the channel, Anon channel admins are not aware of what going on in # OpIndia, as confirmed with one of anon irc admin nerdo - he said > they hate to be in opindia room, the ops authority are given to some of Indian people to control the room and maintain peace, but fake anons are banning their own Indian people because of jealous and revenge among themselves. Seems like this fake anon misusing their ops !

You can see the screen shots where anon admins are getting mad on Indians and Sebastianmichaelis for while there were many people joining the channel and were abusing and were angry on 'onidaz' op on opindia. The channel ops are banning people if they think that nick is their enemy. opindia irc channel is in wrong hand and can fire attack on any Indian site as they were discussing to attack on Indian intelligence.

Power needs wisdom, and wisdom needs sense of execution..That is possible if you have strong leadership

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