Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#OpIndia Favouring Pakistan?

We are aware of the flop show of operation India and the reason for taking this operation a bad shape is appalling but the sensational fact that came out is, Pakistan hackers always targeted India's top agency and sites. Now days they are just relaxing by being one of the member of #OpIndia and participating in the attacks if necessary. Many such websites are rooted by them in the name of #OpIndia mission. Earlier the focus of Indian hackers was to protest against such practices and there was control over Pakistan hackers by defacing their sites. Long back the peace deal was made to stop these attacks on each other’s countries and all of sudden there was breach of this peace treaty between these two countries. Recently a hacker called “ j4ckh4xor, ( I won’t disclose his full details )attacked Pakistan sites at wrong time and in reaction CBI was hacked. He is the hacker who hacked Appin’s website and many more, unfortunate incidences. This guy is working in a good ‘IT’ company and holding good profile. The way he randomly hacked these sites were not expected. He landed up displaying his immaturity and foolish presentation.

Cyber-attackers who identified themselves as the "Pakistan Cyber Army" have hacked the website of India's top police agency. The website of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was hacked by programmers who left a message saying that the attack was in revenge for similar Indian assaults on Pakistani sites. The hackers signed their message on the Indian police website: "Long Live Pakistan."

Now the, #OpIndia operation has reduced the burden and tension of Pakistani hackers, because the task what they were executing, now Indians hackers have carried their legacy by attacking their own country websites. Shame on Indian hackers those promoting this kind of operation and asking skids to get involved in D-dos attacks, such as the recent attack on Indian army Website and NDTV website.

Earlier there was deterrence in outside country and enemy neighbors for hacking Indian sites, now they are thrilled with the operation India, the reason you fools are damaging your own country by full feeling their dreams what else you need? Don’t you think even the corruption in Pakistan is also on high end? Don’t you think even the hackers in Pakistan are capable of sending messages to their government? But still they will not involve in any such practices because they love their country and its cyber property in spite of all odds. They are the true patriots having head on shoulders. More over they are enjoying your foolishness, because you people are more than enough to cause damage to India and Indians. Sometimes I really doubt your credentials? Are you true Indian? Or a Pakistan mortgaged soul in India?

Our country is a democratic country and we have larger population than Pakistan, so the problems are quite serious. On entire globe almost every country has some or other internal challenges and issues. But this is the first ever odd example in Indian history that our own country hackers are damaging its online infrastructure. Looking at all this painful saga, I feel like saluting Pakistani hacker for their love and dedication towards their own country.

According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, a government agency that tracks IT security issues, more than 3,600 Indian websites were hacked in the first six months of these After the Mumbai terror strikes, anti-India elements in Pakistan are now planning an attack on Indian computer networks, intelligence agencies have warned. Already Pakistani hackers are trying out a dry run against Indian networks through popular websites registered there after the Mumbai terror strikes.Every time the relations between the two countries dampen, Pakistanis start attacking Indian sites and Indian hackers attack Pakistan websites. But now India has big security challenge because this time the attack is not from Pakistan, it is from own Indian Hackers. If this continues then the group should change their names to “Indian Cyber Attackers” “Gundas Of Hindustan” “Indian cyber warfare” and rest Indian enemy Hackers other small groups.

Reason can be anything but answer is just one and that is …

Ruin Indian infrastructure in the name of Anonymous and challenge its own security.

Long live India, with such traitors.

anything off India,

No one for India

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