Monday, June 27, 2011

LulzSec - You are missed by your fans

From past 55 days Media is reporting on the LulzSec activities. Most of the time there were just our silly press statements other than the facts. Lulz Security, more commonly referred to as LulzSec. It’s been a long 50- days for the Lulz Boat, those fun-loving hackers sailing under the Twitter handle of LulzSec, their message use to end with love all, love more and some time love. If you are on twitter, I am sure you must have witnessed the funny and humorous messages by them, no hard words no grief, just humor. No, new was the way in which this hacking group kept the media waiting on their every breach, joke and, importantly, tweet. Tweeting out announcements, upcoming targets, jokes and more, LulzSec, has almost 282,000 followers at the time of writing – a figure which has rocketed up in recent weeks. But now I am sure you all must be missing that. Actually they did biggest mistake being too much vocal on social networking sites. LulzSec have taken a lot of joy from tweeting about all the times they’ve supposedly been exposed, only to remain online. The core members – Topiary, Sabu and Kayla were tweeted a lot and that’s how they gave their rivals a tip off to reach them.

This ‘hacktivist’ group was not new - let’s not forget the Anonymous crowd which LulzSec. This group received widespread attention by engaging in “Denial of Service” (Dos) attacks on companies which acted against WikiLeaks. The young hackers group really had huge fan fallowing and liking, they were much more famous than Anonymous. And there are no doubt the half-dozen hackers who make up LulzSec took real interest in the mainstream media’s coverage of their work, as leaked chat logs. Yet the more they attacked, the more they talked it up, and the more enemies they made, and even more the fan fallowing. LulzSec formerly associated with Anonymous. LulzSec also urged fellow hackers with similar agendas to join the “revolution” against large Government bodies and corporations, referring to the spate of attacks recently carried out by LulzSec in some kind of collaboration with the much larger hacking group called Anonymous. Representing a new generation of activists, who use the internet as their grounds of battle, the LulzSec represent the newest group of “hacktivists” who’ve come into the limelight for data theft through cyber attacks. Cyber attacks, and related data and/or identity theft have become increasingly common, with a major such incident being reported every other week.

The attacks, termed by Anonymous as being part of a much larger “Operation Payback”, have come in retaliation to online file-sharing and restrictions on downloading by companies and authorities. InfraGard, an information- sharing organization of companies that collaborates with the FBI towards curbing cyber crime has also reportedly been attacked by LulzSec. LulzSec's campaign was designed to take down corruption in governments globally as well as big business. With recent hacks and announcements, it hardly seemed like LulzSec would ever slow down. Earlier, the group had hacked the U.S. Senate, the CIA, an FBI-affiliated website, PBS, Sony and much more. Those seemed random and chaotic. The group even opened what amounted to a dial-a-hack hotline, asking folks to call with hack suggestions.

In their farewell post, the group admitted it was a small group of hackers: six, in fact. However, it also gave up a huge amount of booty. LulzSec also implied its efforts ended after 50 long days, why would LulzSec quit so suddenly? Earlier in the week, 19-year-old Ryan Cleary was arrested by Scotland Yard. While LulzSec denied he was a member, rival group Team Poison said he was, and Team Poison also promised to expose the identities of the remaining LulzSec members. It's unclear if this is real, but LulzSec made the announcement on its Twitter feed. And they announced their retirement…

Their face book fans, twitter followers all missing them, they never thought of such a painful farewell to their beloved hackers group LulzSec.

Any ways I am verymuch sure, LulzSec retired but the group will definitely emerge in some other Avatara..

Guys your fans missing you..Come back in whichever way you can..

Every revolution has hard path and strong obstacles.

You re cyber warriors, come back with ban

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