Saturday, July 2, 2011

We the Indian Cyber Army.

Indian Cyber Army has committed what you would call ‘cyber-attacks’ in protest against several military contractors, companies, lawmakers, and governments, and has continuously sought to fight against threats to our freedoms on the Internet. And since you consider state control of the Internet to be in the best interest of the various nations of your military alliance, you therefore consider us a potential threat to international security.
So we would like to make it clear that we, in reality, pose no threat to the people of your nations. Indian Cyber Army is not a reckless swarm attacking the websites of governments and companies out of hatred or spite. We fight for freedom. For ourselves, and the people of the world, we seek to preserve the liberty granted to the millions of people who have found it on the Internet. We care not whether the actions we have taken in this struggle have complied with laws of the India or any other country. What your lot fails to understand is that we live in cyberspace. The only laws that apply are the laws set forth by our individual consciences. We break your nations’ laws when we recognize those laws to stand between the people and their freedom. Indian Cyber Army is not simply „a group of super hackers”. Indian Cyber Army is the embodiment of freedom on the web.
Indian Cyber Army will live on.

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