Sunday, July 3, 2011

Vaidehi Sachin aka Cat Techie the writer of Cyber terror, a favorite target of Indian Hackers..

Now days every day an average 10 to 15 news satiating, a stunning exposure on Sonia Gandhi’s secret billions in Swiss banks came, surprisingly, from Switzerland itself, where the world’s corrupt stash away their booty. In its issue of November 19, 1991, Schweizer Illustrierte, the most popular magazine of Switzerland, did an exposé of over a dozen politicians of the third world, including Rajiv Gandhi, who had stashed away their bribe monies in Swiss banks. Schweizer Illustrierte, not a rag, sells some 2,15,000 copies and has a readership of 9,17,000 — almost a sixth of Swiss adult population. …blab la bla

The writer and the promoter tried his level best to talk and write about this family and the members, you Google about Rahul Gandhi Rape case, you will be surprised to see the kind of news written about him bust yet I am sure no one ever heard about it, just because we are blessed with wisdom and freedom to blog and spread news without being made answerable, that does not mean one should misuse the liberty given to an individual. We the human being are big hypocrites, maligning image of some known prospering personality gives us immense pleasure, but in the end we remain like fools.

Tell me how does that made difference to Sonia Gandhi’s life? Could you succeed in stalling Rahul Gandhi’s fate and carrier? When Amitab Bachan twitted about Aaishvarya Rai’s pregnancy, instead of enjoying and blessing the young couple we were busy circulating nasty messages. Whenever a new movie in Bollywood gets released we try to find out from which Hollywood movie this is copied, but that never affects the box office hit or collections. we become critics but fallow that subject most honestly as if some one assigned us to do so or, as if we are paid for it.

Maria Susairaj was release in murder case, many people arranged rallies, some created chaos in her press conference, some gave interviews on National Tv, all were against the verdict, but one Ram Gopal Verma stood by her and asked “people those are saying she had sex with Neeraj Gover, and called Jerom to kill him, were really present under the bed of Maria? If everyone claims to have so much evidence and knowledge about the crime which was not done in presence of anyone, even police failed to prove what they said during investigations, then why these so called moral custodians should make noise over the issue? That means you have no faith over judiciary and law order, if you don’t have faith then do you have any options to change it or slam it? No, you don’t have that, because your credentials are not crystal clear. When rapist Madhur Bhandarkar and Shainy Ahooja were prosecuted for rape this same Ashok Pandit rent -a -protestor stood by them by telling media how innocent the rapists are, in maria’s case why he had to go against? this was just a publicity stunt to come in lime light. Maria is weaker section yet very infamous and the other two strong infamous can get work for Pandit. They gave him opportunities to work in their films, this is the irony of these so called social custodians. if a so called crusader is so diplomatic and false then whom to blame?
Why no one stood so strongly when J’Day was murdered? Where were these page3 guys needed publicity they used to lick his boots for coverage? that time he was alive. More over the reason is simple standing for J Day means standing against authorities and police. J’ Day is gone that’s why his utility is zero for these so called custodians.

same had happened with Anna Hazare,initially all supported him and now they doubt his stand.Advaniji was made reason for worst conditions of BJP. New term saffron terror is established when Hindus stood in thier own protection.

What kind of world we are living in? What kind of morals we are setting? What are we actually trying to prove?

Nothing, but just fooling ourselves by mud shilling on others. Any ways how will that make any difference to other life? You are wasting your energy is false things they are progressing day by day, who cares about you and your stupid agenda and statements?

Same is happening here with me, I wrote a book Cyber Terror, that time I was quite new to this area of research, and Hackers were acquaintance for me, my co author provided me 70 % of content, published in the book, and that I clearly mentioned in my books first five pages, but some so called attrition making undue issue over this and the guys those cutting pasting and promoting these links have no capacity to even write few words on their own are circulating it all over.wait for my new book I will give you enough chance to make cheos.

any ways by doing all this ,How does that made difference to me and Ankit Fadia? Ankit's books still sold like hot cake, and now people are rushing in my office to see what sort of content made controversy? you are not stoppoing anyone you are provocking readers to have look at my book..You must be aware of the fact, that controversy always pays in present time. Please dont make me famous.

You cannot change anyone’s fait, may god bless you with some more wisdom.

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