Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don’t spread rumors; we are Anonymous

Today I was really shocked to see one screen short floating over face book, mentioning some statements released by “Anonymous” that they are winding the #Op-India because of NBC and Cat. How can one release such statements? For some time if assumed one can understand about Cat, but why NBC? And the most important thing, can anyone really control over Anonymous? Wow I never knew I am so strong that I can halt a mission like #Op-India.

NBC is an independent news group which has got nothing do with any sort of activities here, just because you are exposed, you cannot drag my company in unwanted issues. I strongly support the original group of Anonymous, and always against the fakes posing as Anons and sabotaging my country.

In the recent past the news about Anonymous attack on Indian army website hit headlines, every one of this country was misguided. Overnight all hacker and common man of this country started hating this group because of rumors spread about them. Anonymous has made common cause in India with an anti-corruption of the National Informatics Center (NIC)was hacked by Anonymous but they never attacked Army and Indian Registrar. These were simply misused by Indian hackers. And these fake Indian hackers are planning to target Congress website under the cover of Anonymous’.

Operation India page on Facebook, was criticized by a number of users after the announcement that they hacked Indian army's site. Face book users were fuming with the thought that Anonymous attacked Indian Army. Why Anonymous should damage these sites to convey their message? This news was published on “The Hackers News” and then it reached everywhere, how come hacker’s news was so sure about the hack is by Anonymous?

The fact is that Anonymous never attacked defense sites. #OpIndia, started with great cause to fight against corruption, voice for common man and fight for media’s freedom. Looking at the popularity of this group and their good work, I always thought that after some time. Many small hackers groups may join them and emerge as one of the strongest hackers group on the Globe. That day each country will have unseen watch dogs over corrupt government to control their activities and raise voice for common man. But I was wrong. Group of Indian hackers in the power greed and with malicious intentions, started attacking their own country websites in the name of Anonymous. These Indian hackers hacked our Army websites, private institutions, media group, and an individual. They were randomly attacking everyone in the name of anonymous. Irony is that these Indian hackers made biggest mistake of making wrong deface page with email id. Few things which drawn the attention of Anon and #OpIndia because Indian hackers made some blunders like giving the email id, not only this they even changed the signature of the Anon, which was really lame .. The Anon signature is “We are Legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect US” these guys failed to make a proper statement and the language was so funny that everyone on #OpIndia was laughing on THN guys.

Unfortunately few Indian guys and the team of “The Hackers news” started conducting many activities by using the name of Anonymous. They did this for their personal profit, not for the noble cause which they ware pretending to be. In short time those Hackers fooled some innocent Indians. In short they got bad name to #OpIndia. Finally there was fake declaration about the closer of such Nobel mission.

One of my facebook friend of Anonymous group” Weare Legion’ told me that “we are anonymous, we are peaceful, anyone promoting or using violence is not anonymous and has been sent to give Anonymous a bad name in the press, our goal is freedom and peace for all, if you agree then you too are anonymous. (Indeed this was better way of living with ethics) who gave these Indian hackers freedom to attack our own country websites? Why Anonymous is quite, in spite of so much mess created in their name? Why are they not showing these hackers their place?

Today when I was discussing few things with Imnull0 (hacker of Anonymous group) and he gave me big shock by emphasizing over the facts. He told me that some bloggers and especially “The Hackers News” played dirty role in spreading all wrong messages and fake news on behalf of them without their consent. When Anon got to know the facts that THN is spreading false news including on FB, Twitter and his blog they decided to take the call.

THN was badly insulted by the Anon at IRC and he ( Mohit Kumar Vashisht) was asked to accept his mistakes and correct them by removing all the false claims and statements that he has have released in the name of Anonymous. They also made it very clear that they were never involved in the hacks carried out in India in the name of Anonymous; some of the hacks are Indian army website, NIC website, Rahul Gandhis website. Now they are at the verge of hacking Congress websites by same modus operands. These attacks are carried out by none other than the group of this so called news blogger and it’s very much possible that there can be involvement of some other hackers groups too.

Anonymous has warned them not to make any statement and carry out any attacks by the name of #OpIndia without consulting the others who are in #OpIndia, they have even told them in clear words that not to make any pages on FB or any other social networking site. Anonymous also realized that the allegations made on Cattechie, NBC and others are nothing but a false plot to divert the attention and settle their personal rivalry. Shame on THN and those supporting such groups, they are playing such dirty politics against a journalist just because she has the guts to raise her voice against injustice and trying to stop these fake people crossing their limits.

Well now my question is that, what should be done with “The hackers News”? And the hackers group working with them for hacking Indian websites? They are the traitors and threat to our country. Long back some one wrote about him stating that he is a JIHADI, that time I felt very bad, but now I am realizing the fact. These guys are terrorists working against the nation. Not only that they are shame for the hackers community as they are ruining the name of Indian Patriotic hackers.

In my capacity I will always support #OpIndia crusade against corruption, and I am sure, at any cost this campaign will never halt, they will just walk their way keeping all odds aside. They are Anonymous, the revolutionaries and legends. They have ethics and they can, and you cannot stand by Nobel cause.

If you cannot support the cause, then just stay away, but at least don’t defame them by sabotaging their mission.

you have back stabbed them; now expect the unexpected.

They are Anonymous.

They are Legion.

They do not forgive.

They do not forget.

Expect them

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