Friday, June 10, 2011


This post is dedicated to the Editor and Reporter of Deccan Chronicle

Dear Madam thanks a lot for giving us good coverage in your esteemed news paper and encouraging our “Indian Cyber Army members” to stand by this country when ever cyber security challenges are biggest concern.

It was quite shocking when I came to know some Kislay Chaudhary called your office and questioned our integrity, No one can say that “Indian Cyber Army” is not belong to us, Even I also can’t declare that ICA is only mine because this title is been possessed by many people of this country.. Indian Cyber Army is the group of Hackers or individual from different parts of India, who care for Nation! I believe, anyone can use the name ICA, who is interested to work for Indian’s Cyber Space. Yeah, may be the way of working will be different but the aim is same. Here on our site everyone is openly invited to join us, either he/she is from India or any other country. We are “Indian Cyber Army”, that means we love Indians first and we are here for our country..

In the recent past there were people claiming for the name Indian Cyber Army. Actually this title is belongs to Indishell group and rest all are third party or they may possess this name but they are no one to stop others by using the same. Since so many months, Kislay Chaudhary and his group had tussle with Indian Hackers and they are none other than Indishell guys. Indian Cyber Army is a group of Hackers, Penetration Testers, developers, Security Experts, Programmers, and Cyber Geeks, cyber security experts, and even defacers. To deface and express their disagreement over certain patriotic issues they have been using this name and there is nothing wrong. For them Hacking is a weapon for Cyber War, they even believe in using Hacking skills for Security and Development. Without your knowledge they have secured many such Indian websites.

I have cyber security as business, but they are doing it without any commercial gains. They are not against any Country, Community, and Group. Indian Cyber Army is the open platform for everyone to come and join! They are against just against antinational elements. So what is wrong in it?

They are the members from different countries and Religions, groups. I think this is the best example of Team work where everyone is dedicatedly having concentration mission..They too don’t believe in cyber war and working underground. They believe in giving it back when some casualty comes to this nation as terror or threat. And I am sure they don’t need to prove us!

The Purpose of Indian Cyber Army is to provide security to cyber space of this country and safe guard nation’s interest. Thousands of young aspiring hackers are getting trained by them; they are the huge group with utmost integrity. Real Hackers should know to deface a website or who can root venerable servers if needed. Lucky, silent poison Atul Dwivedi I am sure these guys are good at code programs, find vulnerabilities, can write exploits and can test the every possible way to hack or secure a system.

The meaning of ICA is that, a step taken by an Indian for securing the cyber world and taking stand with best of the best persons of Cyber Field. Here ICA is not mean to only a group of 10-15 members, Even in actual, Indian Cyber Army should include every that person who is interested to be the part of National Security.

Now even we also possess the trade mark of Indian cyber Army, we have magazine titled Indian cyber Army, and even society and company registrations formalities are under progress. No one can stop us using this name or no one has right to stop anyone using this name. Not even kislay Chaudhary.

If Kislay has any issues over this title, then he can go legal and fight the battle, and that he cannot do, because he has nothing to claim. more over we also posses ICA website that is Trade mark registration can be done under any class by any one, with the same name. That does not mean the one who got trade mark; possess every right over the name or banner. Mr. Kislay chaudhary stop using cheap traits and back stabbing others. If you have any issues come across the table or go to court let judiciary take call over this subject. Stop phoning, threatening, warning and accusing people over false issues.

Sorry Manu Bharat for the inconvenience caused due to misunderstandings and unwanted claims.



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