Monday, April 11, 2011

When Hackers Penetrate Each Other

There is one article written by some hacker of Thailand Pe3z, “When hackers penetrate each other”. It’s really worth reading; he says (translated from thai by google) “This is not even any other drama this occurs when there is a group of hackers. The site of a hacker attack themselves, because due to a hacker site such that the "sales course" in exchange for money. The party then went further. Also stated that the "teaching shit hacking." Another very short one, so very careful, I bite find. Types of snakes very short money teaching other people to fish any other fraud Bla any other.” This was really an awesome statement.

But here I want to say in India there are hundreds of so called ethical hacking institutes and 60 of them are topers of this hacking training industry and doing great business. We are also against commercializing hacking, because as we all know plenty of open source resources are available for learning such stuff. The question here is “what if a person is slow learner or doesn’t have that much capacity to learn on his own? Why they should not be provided with the knowledge, hacking is not property of someone who can solely possess for himself. For that matter you are not even needed to attend school or college because the stuff you study in books is very well available on open source, knowledge is knowledge, let it be hacking or faking, its openly available everywhere. But the knowledge needs authentication. (again depends who will certify whom?).

One more question, there are many people who made hacking as an industry of producing hacker and randomly thousands of students seek courses from them? Do we have guts to physically stop this mockery or control over such business? NO, we can only deface or damage someone virtually which is nowhere related to his prosperity.

If all these classes are controlled or closed by some defacer friends of mine, then I will quit this business of cyber security and remain in the business of news that is what I am actually doing
(but till want to assure on my behalf).

Kaizen in a venture by a hacker and his friends, he tried doing something on his own by refusing to be a bonded labor. Where is he wrong? Whatever he is selling is his skill, and if he keeps on defacing pages to add glory to his skills as hacker who will take care of his living and bread butter? There are many such hackers working with him and he is definitely trying something different. The other side of hackers those who were working in some training institutes started new pattern of teaching because they don’t want to make this wisdom a mockery, where are they wrong?

Magazine is the only niche print which reaches stalls and corporate sectors and some hackers got the recognition and name out of it and this magazine is providing bread butter to vendor, circulation, printer, peon, office staff to the hackers those involved in it. Can anyone guarantee me providing living to these many people? Till today r45c4l used to struggle for getting his salary at the end of the month, now he must be definitely happy to be provider to some families…. that’s blessing and basic difference as provider and seeker.

Blogging, defacing, garages,groups,sects…oh my god there are many segments to one word HAKERS..I thought at least they are away from false pride, jealous, greed and politics but it’s quite unfortunate to say they are also victims of such evil tendencies. If hackers like r45c4l, trying to get hackers in main stream profession is crime then I support this criminal.

Last but not the least I thank “Anonymous” Group, it was really heartfelt message. They stood by hacker and warned mockers, those randomly harassing hacker by posing as one of the CBI thread. The one who are instigating young hackers to do defacement..they are scaring hackers against another group of hackers, they divide and trying to rule which is not possible because some hackers refuted such evil ideas.

Who does what, and why is big question, I don’t want to be a judge or moral custodian of someone’s behavior. When I cannot create or share. I have no right to destroy or snatch. I am happy to be a target of A HACKERS AND EVEN FEEL GREAT because now the focus of them is not rival countries or cyber securities or biggies of this business..It’s ME THE CAT…. Still some hacker are loud about saying it’s me who got the sites hacked for publicity, here I can just say..”I wish I could have been such a great hacker”...any ways I always had a great dream of having few dedications at Zone –H, someone gifted it to me..

Blessing in disguise..

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