Saturday, April 16, 2011

The SAGa of server hack

The hacker mindset itself is great victory and debacle for their growth. When my server got hacked, there were many hackers settling the scores with their rivals and some of them were sighting the reasons for hack, many of them felt bad and few of them thought I got it hacked for publicity. Anyways whom to give credit or whom to hold responsible for this hack is still a big question.

Look guys you all have always blamed CAT for every good bad ugly reason, but have you ever thought the guys amongst you are digging your graves and providing your info to us. I have not taken any legal action because I trust your potential of hacking. More over no hacker can eliminate anyone’s online existence. This is just a myth. With the blessings of Google, there are hundred pages dedicated to me, there are thousands of pages talks about me. There are hundreds of youtube clips, shows about me. Whom are you going to stop? And whom you will hack? What if I create beautiful blogs of my publications and create social network profile and do our publicity? Will you be able to stop me?

NOP ….No one can eliminate or finish someone’s online existence ever.. The reason everything has limit to it.. And if suppose to reach all these places Hackers make special efforts and try doing what they want to do..I think I am the most important target and I can scare them..lolz! guys be focused on your carrier, there are better things to do, utilized your skills and talent to display in better fashion, that may benefit you with better future..Hacking cat :P no gains..I am sorry to say this..but you are making me feel very very great and let me come to main topic

A Smart guy pm us saying “ It’s sad to hear about Cat Techie server getting root ->, The guys who did it approached me and said, even u r against r45c4l, time to fuck them... I thought they were kidding but, it actually happened... they are from inj3ct0r and 1 of them managed to steal openSSH 0-day which was written by anti-sec (romeo)... guys are from USA... (Indians in USA).... all I know is, they are pissed on Gaurav for 1 reason (calling ICW a group of skiddies)... and glorifying himself... as it was in one of the mails of him to inj3ct0r where he requested for r45c4l at inj3ct0r email... and they hate r45c4l for one more reason -> teaming up with cat-techie...!!! today morning I got an email saying 'congrats' but, I am not impressed in fact, I felt bad coz once upon a time... I used call r45c4l, my bro...I am trying to mitigate the dispute whether cat and ras knows it or not... coz I know these guys and they are powerful... with reach everywhere.... I mean, everywhere...I am trying to find a patch for that 0-day or will make it and once I have it, i will mail it to u.... and trust me, openssh 0-day is INEVITABLE! 99.99% of the servers are vulnerable to it...!!! Someday try to research on milw0rm and threat to milw0rm by anti-sec coz of openssh 0-day it’s a MasterCard which has to be broken somehow! For time being ask both of them to be quite because these guys i know are at their HIGH!!!! Let time go by and yes... u can share this with cat but not with rascal...

Before the real fun for the hacker begins, three essential steps must be performed. ... If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you..People on stages are called actors. All they are required to do is look plausible, stay sober, and say the lines they're given in the right order. Wisdom of Hackers is a untrustworthy force in today's world. A finding shows that a small group of people accounted for a large number of ratings. In other words, as many have already begun to suspect, small but powerful groups can easily distort what the "Hackers" really thinks, leading groups to often end up appearing extremely positive or extremely negative. The so-called "wisdom of the Hackers" has been called into question. The term, which implies that a diverse collection of individuals makes more accurate decisions and predications than individuals or even experts, in Predictive cyber world, it’s not all gamblers who participate, or all people who follow them, and neither are its participants widely distributed throughout the country, and its mostly black males.

At his second hint

I really ‘smiled’ …he again PM me saying “Hmmm... I am not anti-sec guy :) U wanna know who did it? Promise me, you won’t harm him. Also, I will secure your server... server is not ur bread and butter but defame will affect the growth... if u must know.... the people who did it, I call myself their 'daddy'... I know the toy they are playing with and I can the shield that will work.... someday if u need me.... smXXX XXXXX will be at ur service :-) he is not brother :) and remember, in this nasty no one, own everyone. for godsake!!! dont call anyone brother... I dont remmeber all of them but, he told many... u have a pic in which u say, save hackers join cat army... he dislikes denaming any group... may it be anything.... and..... rascal is one of the reason, they dont really like him.... his handle is nullzer0 and is usually found in freenode irc and smashthestack irc.... real name : Roshan L****NI, location : Mumbai :) age : 28 years old groups : inj3ct0r and hackforums education : Diploma 2nd year mech (drop out) current job : working in mall (…………..)... luck with girls : as his handle null and 0 .

so it was not made by u? that pic? actually i ahvent seen that pic so cant comment but, trust me... hackers dont like gettined 'owned' by anyone. do no harm to him even if u find him, i know this has gone legal... sorry am not saying it :) rest assured, I can arrange a meeting and u can discuss further ..... try to think 'creative' which u will.... this guy is a charm! however, no matter how much he might like u (which am sure he will) he wont give out his toy... we know each other since 4 years... yet he denied that scripot... it was a server hack not web hack and trust me, u will waste time in forensic... it has privoxy auto enabled... that’s all am giving :) he is blessed guy... but, this is not the end vaidehi... he is not 'enough'... he will pounce back.... and he is getting script to reach subnets.... coz i remember he once said.... that ur bread and butter is press and ur press uses computers... i discouraged him , he may not do anything but, am not sure... i honestly feel, u must talk to him on irc.... tomm 8pm indian time... "u must talk to him on irc.... " - i said (learn to befriend the robbers :)

Third story

Last night I called u my friend so remember, NEVER EVER even doubt that I will do wrong to you... There is one guy who hates r45c4l and he is in London , living in 'South Harrow'... and he leet than you could imagine! Not on facebook or any social n/w sites, not on full disclosure sites... For more info, ask r45c4l about 'Jeed'... and he will tell u... rest assured, never even doubt that I would do anything 'unacceptable'.... :-) and if again some damage happens.... dont come to me saying i did it... am saying in advance, am not coming in ur way.... u dont come in my way ..Happy? :)

These are the three different stories given by him. let me speak my mind, yes I gathered about many hackers, it’s not only one hacker in particular, that time I was just a journalist and researcher. My focus was to get in unknown world and find answers to all hidden crust. My question here is why you all blame me? Why not those people who mortgaged their own communities pride in my hand? It was just impossible task to reach any hackers personal life unless and until a journalist have resource with in that community. It’s your community to be blamed not me.

Anyways Slowly slowly I became one of you. Whatever reservations a common man and authorities had about hackers, I tired becoming voice and represented everywhere in my own capacity. It’s not you but I have never exposed any hacker or his personal life to anyone. I am rich by pocket; but I am really rich by people and friends. My profiles have more than 5000 friends, my public page has another 3000 likes, and all my groups have thousands of members. I have an organization, where 90% of staff are from middleclass background, we all alike people has set this firm and came up with flying colors and set a trend in Media market. We all are between the age group of 19 to 30.

I never thought bloody this CAT would be really subject of discussions, and will overnight gain name (Good, bad and ugly) and fame and all of sudden become famous. It my confession, I feel honored because; many young web developers, designers, hackers and writers are empowered by my organization. I have never harmed anyone, and known for my integrity. That is what I have been doing and so far I have never crossed my limits. Let the hackers make my server a sports ground, about this I am openly going to challenge some people on 1st may 2nd anniversary, I don’t play hide and seek. And don’t approve the same. Control your fellow beings, they are mortgaging you.
I wish you all the success and bright future. Anytime you need me I am there by you

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