Friday, January 14, 2011


W henever I come across the word Indian cyber Army, I recollect the young hackers of my country, who gave meaning and existence to the term “Indian cyber army”. This word is not someone’s personal property or treasure. This is a life style of Indian hackers, they are the one who protest and disagree to the atrocities of other country. They are none other than the hackers of my country. This word gives sense of belongingness. Indian cyber worriers, Indian cyber soldiers or Indian cyber army whatever it may be the bottom line is that they belong to my country and they are there for the country. By saying this I am not approving their misdeeds but let me be little bias and take liberty to disagree with the forces around, the one who are trying to snatch this name from particular group in the name of law and order.
I too own and , that dose not mean I gave recognition to this term. I am encashing the famous name by registering a stupid domain in my name thats it or maximum can register some NGO. but that dose not I can stop some one using these names the way they want. May be for security, defacement, or any other reason, Ethical or unethical this is again subjected to the principles of that perticular group. No one can stop or ban someone using this name the reason Indian Cyber Army is not someone’s own property or commodity. It is an integrity and existence of this hackers group.
My dear friends please never hesitate using this name as per your desires and wish. By using these names you are not doing any crime even if I register it under any NGO or Home department or some Cyber cell. This is just an eye wash. We the Indians have by birth some fundamental right to live and execute, if someone encroaches your fundamental rights no matter who so ever it is, let it be government or police or some so called custodians of law, you can very well show them their limits. And their limits are nothing but to hold the domain they have and execute their rights in given limits.
One has to admit that we are facing "next generation threats" and are worried over the complex world of cyber warfare amid reports of Chinese and Pakistani spies targeting the Indian military establishment. Though attacks from hackers can come from anywhere in the world, cyber onslaughts have been more frequent from China and Pakistan, which have reportedly been peeking into India’s sensitive business, diplomatic and strategic records. CHINA, PAKISTAN POSE THREAT AS PER reports from the cyber industry, China and Pakistan hackers steal nearly six million files worldwide every day. A report by US-based Defence Systems magazine found that there were 25 million new strains of malware created in 2009. That equals a new strain of malware every 0.79 seconds. The report underlines how the current cyber threat environment is dramatically changing and becoming more challenging as the clock ticks.
To address cyber defense, which is also under threat from terrorist outfits that have their own trained recruits, officials said the army frequently upgraded its comprehensive cyber security policy to pro-actively deal with and anticipate these threats. The force has established the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to respond to attacks targeting the army's critical systems and infrastructure. These are high level talks and in spite of having such cyber cells, experts, cyber security establishments the cyber terror has no stoppage. No break or no assurance. As I said its next gen threat so every individual child of this country, should learn cyber security and hacking. If someone wants to use this Name Indian Cyber army, I am generous enough to give this liberty and assurance to the hacker of my country.
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