Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So called Patriotic Indian Hackers

F ew days ago PCA hackers sent me mail about an indishell hacker and asked me to pass some message, which was ethically against my principal so I didn’t do so. Why I am mentioning this because every hacker thinks that I have gone through some crucial period, and the well wishers in their capacity were trying to solace me. Frankly speaking this was probably the best period of my life because; I actually got to know good, bad ugly side of hackers. And today I am out of bad company which I was carrying on just as a liability. One thing is sure this had to happen at any cost because you cannot keep everyone happy all the time. And the greed for have and have not always brings such crises but believe me that happened for good in long run. I am a writer I am very well aware with whom I beguiled the war, they came in my PC tried taking some data, or hacked my mail and blog which was gracefully recovered with nice chapter added to my book, who the group was and how cunningly they plotted the game and failed in their own grave. I thought hackers possess at-least some average intellect but they flopped me, the reason the one who did this shitty kind of things were not hackers at all.I adore Hackers becuase they live with thier principles and privacy.( I indicate this to real hackers)

you must have never seen a Pakistani Hacker hasseling their own country girl or female weather there is any reason or not. Look at our so called defacers, they randomly started gossiping and mud shilling over the dead issue and gave good show of their own conduct. then why should be blame Pakistan Hackers ?

Moreover it’s a common sense if somebody defaces your blog or site, he will use all it as platform to satisfy his evil desires, they too did the same. Some apologies were published, the warning messages and mails were send to the followers of the blog, the commenter were abused, and god knows what was in their mind but it was all a dirty show of their own aggression and frustrations.

I am thanks full to these so called hackers because they gave me more popularity and some concrete relations and friends who stood by me and they care for me. and i learned to face such siruations, now i am not scared of hacking.

Indishell got very bad name for the so called patriotic community of hackers. The members were in illusions, there were financial jolts, and criminal activities between the groups were on rise. Many of the members were working for money they diverted their focus. The forums had ups and downs, mean while there were big issues over fake and real ICA. There are 12 most prominent members of ICA who were good at carding and they hacked many such banks details, this would be elaborated in “Cattechie”, Well Day by day new groups were out in the fire of revenge against one other. By defacing sites of each other’s countries they did nothing but went against their own country by doing this and some of them can be even declared antinational elements for their immature gestures.

Mean while in Pakistan the group was formed called and the super moderated of this group was <=SHAK=>'and his partner 'Netcracker'. This group came in existence due to the disputes between <=SHAK=> and the member of Pak hackers group. These three groups were on the top of the list of cyber war. Later on was hacked by indishell and the group got defaced from the era. It's been quite some time no trace of these hackers has been found. Now the only person left was <=SHAK=> and few others who are acquainted with the technique of SQL injection and Google hacking tools. None of the members of this group was partially related to ethical hacking.
<=SHAK=> and NutCracker took undue advantage of hacking and they started targeting common man who regularly did internet shopping. These hackers hacked their credit cards by introducing server of Pakistan into Germany even this was suspended when the credit card holders started giving them back. Even though nobody could stop these hackers from committing the same crime once again so they came in with new servers and hacked new credit cards. Even this wasn't sufficient for those hackers so they started online institution for teaching credit card hacking, after some time they were forced to stop these traits due to legal problems but the institution are still merrily existing behind the blind eyes of law. Indishell member reported deeds of the Pakistani hackers to the CMO office. Unfortunately the officer was blind folded. 14th August as it is celebrated as Pakistan's Independence Day Indian hackers defaced nearly about 2000 Pakistani websites, on next day Pakistani hacker’s too defaced lots of Indian sites with all sorts of abusive language. They abused India, also insulted the lord Ram by pasting his face to a dog's body. May be this was the reason Pakistani hackers were into nerves of Indishell. But the question remains here is why this happened? Who were the reasons for provocations?
Any ways the battle was on, to give them back ICA was ready. Hackers like Mr.XXX, SiLeNtpOisOn, inX_rOot and by that time Indishell became an open door for every hacker in the name of India. ICA was started by lucky and silent poison is the part of Indishell but it's only for Indian hackers as hackers from other countries cannot be asked to support India. That’s how they call themselves patriotic hackers but what is the reality read in next post……………………
to be continued..................

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