Monday, January 24, 2011

Journalist to Launch

The disclosures made by WikiLeaks have given a blunt and candid assessment of how American foreign policy is conducted. On Right Left and Centre, Wikileaks revelations has not only embarrassed America and exposed America's Diplomatic secrets but also India and several other countries. WikiLeaks has succeeded in hitting the reset button on International relations and politics.
India has become a hot spot of corruption, what with mega scams like the CWG, 2G, and Adarsh scams breaking out impoverishing the country's exchequer by 100s of billions of rupees. Politicians, fat-cat industrialists, and bureaucrats have formed an unholy nexus, which is bleeding Mother India like never before. The rich is getting richer, while the poor is being pushed deeper into the abyss of abject misery and poverty. How can we tackle this problem? Do we need an Indian Julian Assange to lead a crusade against our corrupt netas and babus?

In a way WikiLeaks has helped the common people to know the true faces of their politicians and leaders. Though it seems to be a wonderful source of true information, unfortunately the Indian government has made it an offence to own any website based on the lines of WikiLeaks.

Supreme Court advocate Pavan Duggal, who specialises in cyber law, points out that starting a site like WikiLeaks could make the owner liable to paying a fine of up to Rs 5 crore per contravention under the IT (Amendment) Act, 2008. One may even attract a criminal liability of three to ten years in jail under various statutes and the Indian Penal Code.

“At one side where the government gives each and every individual the right to freedom and information, on the other side they are restricting the citizens from their expression. Is this justified? There should be a media like WikiLeaks in India which will expose the corrupt practice of our leaders,” says Amar Pawar, a BPO employee.

As per the RTI Act, information sought had to provided to the citizen within a period of maximum 30 days, but citizens in our country have to wait for more than two years to elicit any information from concerned departments. List of pending cases runs in thousands and remains without addressed. Since the voice of the common people goes unheard most of the times, their issues remain unnoticed. A journalists group plans to come up with a website named which would be solely based to inspire transparency, exposure of evils for wider interest of nation; and thereby to bring blots on our system to books. Several cases go pending even though government officials and contractors have access to skeletons-in-the-cupboard, they find it risky to approach courts or journalists or any civilian out of the purview of government service on the grounds of safety of their interest. Thus, shall facilitate relaying of such material uploaded by such government servants; who wish to expose evils in the system.

“People must get to know the truth of their leaders and its government. This can lead to bad apples being dropped off from the basket. Policies that have direct influence on you can be debated with justice. The country can eventually move forward due to its transparency. I would support since it is serving the nation for betterment,” says Chandrashekhar Shetty, a resident of Bhandup.

When AV contacted some of the personalities, here is what they said:

YP Singh, Ex-IPS officer - Looking at the corruption rate, there is a need of WikilLeak like website. I welcome which will help the people to know the true faces of corrupt politicians. People are aware of corruption happening in the governance but no one protest or take any action against it. SabkiLeak will help to strengthen the people’s power to fight against corruption.

Shaina NC, BJP spokesperson Mumbai Unit - If SabkiLeak is for the welfare of the people then it would be fine but if it is used for blackmailing purpose then it would turn as a huge problem. I welcome this website and hope to see it soon.

Abbas Kazmi, Advocate - SabkiLeak should be handled by a strong and prominent personality. If these types of website come into existence, then hundreds of corruption cases will come into light. This will help the country to grow at a faster rate.

Amin Solkar, Advocate - Initially RTI proved to be a powerful tool to curb the issue of corruption to a great extent. But, today hundreds of RTI cases are pending. SabkiLeak will help the nation to overcome this barrier.
Vijay Mukhi, Cyber Expert - It is a great move. This will help the common people to know how corrupt their leaders are. Thus, it will help nation to bring the issue of corruption to.

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