Monday, January 24, 2011


Facebook is the most famous social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. But, this social networking site has become the modest weapon to abuse, insult and express hatred towards religions. Distressingly, a facebook page named Hindu has several images of both Hindu and Muslim gods cropped and merged with nude human bodies. Not only this, the page also includes pathetic and adult comments.
The owner or developer of the website has misused the facebook by creating a page with contents hurting sentiments of both Hindu and Muslim religion followers. The page has 79,872 followers and their only reason to be there seems to abuse other religion. Very sadly, there are number of images in which the Hindu gods are shown in compromising position. Whereas, there are also images which a pig is shown holding the holy Quran. Some pictures are so distressing that it cannot be explained. “It is surprising to know that these kinds of pages are entertained. Isn't there anyone to moderate? Facebook should look into this matter,” says Kiran Raghavan, a Bank employee.
The images can be found on the link pages/Hindu/24525368223?v=photos. In one of the images, three Hindu gods are shown as 3 idiots as in the movie poster. Another one shows a pig resting over the Kaba of Mecca. Almost every deities are been abused. Every post is related to sexuality.

Harish Gupta, a resident of Borivali says, “Facebook should ban these kinds of pages which is spreading hatred towards other religions. People should protest against these anti-religion pages and make things safe for the future.” Adding further he said, “We should not get instigated rather we should live in peace and love. All religions are equal.”
Few months ago, Pakistan had banned facebook for a month of time due to the abuse made towards Islam. "Many pages are been created to target religions but still no proper actions have been taken. It is necessary that admin department of facebook should take care on these kinds of sensitive issues since this can result into a major physical war between the existing religions. Virtual war has already started this kind of stuff may also adversely affect the cyber space of many countries," said Mohammed Shaikh, a Dahisar resident. “These pages are intentionally made by people who possess evil intentions. Facebook is used by millions of people with different mentality and approach towards life. Though we cannot stop their evil thoughts but they can be definitely banned and discarded,” says Rehan Ali, a businessman. When AV contacted Vijay Mukhi, he said, “Government must issue letter to these kinds of websites and put an end to the insult of any religion. The miscreants should be booked under IT Act.”

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