Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sex Swami and Scandals

The day was Guru Poornima, there were a grand arrangement and thousands of people had gathered at one place. Maximum of them were women with lots of jewellery, make up on the face, along with flowers on their head and wrapped in beautiful saris. After sometime a dark thin man with clean shaved underarms and sword in hand, entered in an ashram on a golden chariot, he was teaching levitation to his disciples. However, that act was like a woman riding a man. It looks funny as they were shaking their butts by sitting on the ground. They were shaking their bodies as they were engaged in love making. One could see the lust in swamiji’s eyes. I am damn sure instead of garlands and flowers, condoms would have been the most saleable item at that moment. Swami Nityananda, the notorious spiritual guru who was caught with actress Ranjitha in a sex scandal in Bangalore, created a flutter in Prashanti Nilayam when he arrived at to pay his respects to the mortal remains of Baba.

Awkward Nityananda in Baba’s casket, made a theatrical appearance, he was escorted by hundreds of devotees and well wishers. I am sure Nityananda must have definitely gone through spa and beauty treatment, as his hairs were looking silky and glossy; his face was glowing as he had applied makeup, and his eyes were full of lust and shine. His false and artificial smile was indicating many things, but women were mad. They all were pouncing on each other to seek his darshan. Media was quite attentive and ready with the camera to capture all these odd moments.

The self-styled swami is not impotent as told earlier, but only had an erectile dysfunction. Swearing that whatever he told CID officials during the interrogation were only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And truth was all about his sexual urges and assurance of his intact organs. Elaborating on his sexual life at his ashram, he admitted that, apart from the actress, he had sex with more than 15 other women, but did not remember their names. He admitted that he himself chose female devotees to have sex with, and sometimes they were already willing to do so themselves, because they see supernatural power in Baba. Indian women like to impress so called god man by compromising their morals. One more reason, women have always restricted their desires and fantasies by the name of norms and values. They feel safe with god man because no one even remotely suspect these goons.

Justifying his misdeeds, the disgraced swami always boasted saying that he had done nothing illegal, although his deeds might be socially and religiously wrong. He said that he might have had sex with many people, but never forced anyone and all the encounters were voluntary. He also said that he just wanted to come out of this mess. Ranjitha also accepted that there was nothing wrong in her action with Nithyanand in his bedroom that was exposed. According to the actress, it was her offer and service to her beloved Swami and nothing to feel guilty! She also mentioned that Nithyanand cured her prolonged wheezing trouble in a single day! The actress said, Media unnecessarily blew the issue. I know Swamiji for the past few years and my association with him is transparent. As a true devotee I offered my service like feeding food and massaging him regularly in his personal room. I used to stay with him during late hours but the inmates of the ashram also know this. The same chick was also present at the ashram, and she was as well experimenting levitation, for sometime she was seen quite and composed in Red kanjiwaram saree, with matching accessories, deep neck blouse. After sometime, she also came down on ground and shook her body upwards and downwards sitting at one place but couldn’t fly. Any ways her shaky body was worth watching than the artificial lusty face of Nityanand. During the controversy, Ranjitha claimed that she had no recollection of any kind of sexual exploitation by Nithyanand, but today looking at her on can say she definitely had the intention to be exploited, probably as a guru dakshina to Guru or may seek a blessing from the guru.

On the other side, old ladies keeping their legs in the grave were trying to follow swami by attempting levitation tricks. All were looking funny and mad; few were rolling on the floor in an inviting position. Some were just restless, but overall no one hesitated to shake, twist, jump and finally roll their bodies on the floor.

Any ways, swami was surrounded by garlands, prasadam, gifts and love of female devotees. In the remote corner male devotees were waiting for their turn. His disciples were having fun while watching such an exciting live show. I have one question in my mind, what is special in this Swami, that women are so mad about him?

I don't believe the swami or god man crap... This is just because, when you have a highway to get to your destination then why take the roads with potholes, facing issues to reach your destination? When you can pray to the Almighty whom you trust and have resources to believe your conviction, then why to believe on any 'Swamiji'? Are the believers personally so weak that they need some human god intervention? At the end of the day, ask yourself a question, is it the fault of 'Nityanand' that he may have violated the trust or is the fault of the people who elevated him to that level that may have given him the power to do that? YOU DECIDE! It is the ignorant masses (educated and uneducated alike)

Just being a realist!

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