Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vilasrao Deshmukh Played Foul

Union Minister for Science, Technology and Earth Sciences Vilasrao Deshmukh, was elected as president of the Mumbai Cricket Association at its 77th Annual General Body meeting in Mumbai. Deshmukh won the post by securing 182 votes in his favour to defeat former Indian Test player Dilip Vengsarkar who managed to get 135 votes. Deshmukh succeeds Sharad Pawar, who was MCA president for ten years from 2001.MCA had been led by political biggies Manohar Joshi and outgoing president Sharad Pawar since 1992 and its going to be a tough task for former India captain Vengsarkar to prevent Deshmukh from continuing the domination of politicians at the helm of the association's affairs for the next two years.

Deshmukh has the backing of Pawar's supporters after the Union Agriculture Minister was ruled out of contesting the polls by becoming ineligible following a change of his permanent residence status from Mumbai to Baramati. Deshmukh permanent residence address where he casts vote is his permanent address. If Pawar can't contest, by same logic Deshmukh too can't contest. Why the rules are neglected? Why Deshmuckh is allowed to contest?

The battle between Vengsarkar, who has been the vice president of the MCA under Pawar for the last eight years, and Deshmukh has generated interest outside Mumbai too. The cricket legend wondered why former cricketers could not be found heading cricket associations in the country. These people have served the game for many years. They have given their life and blood for the game. They have been in MCA for eight years. There is no reason why they can't handle further. Why politicians to encroach sports? Vilasrao Deshmukh’s selection is foul. He disqualifies. Look at the papers above.

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