Monday, July 18, 2011

There is lot of row over the RAW

What will the poor Supreme Court judges do? They are doing an excellent job in forcing the executive to do what it needs to do. When constitution was framed, the authors did not realize that the executive will not function or will avoid willingly doing what it is normally supposed to do, in national interest. Now, when SC has to push for everything, they are likely to make a mistake once.

This one mistake appears to have been made by drafting Director of Raw in the SIT. Director of Raw is functioning under the Governmental control and he should not be called directly to account for his deeds, always through proper channel. It would have been okay for Supreme Court to draft a retired director of raw to SIT or to any other consultative body. It is hoped that the learned SC will rectify this.

Rajendra Babu was in the drafting team of our constitution. Simple man, learned man. In our school text book there was a chapter written by Mahadevi Verma where she mentions that she was requested by the wife of Rajendra babu to bring a “ soop” ( used commonly in village homes) along with her when she comes calling. The framers of the constitution belonged to a different generation where people never even thought of that the persons down the line who will put it in practice will fall to such low level in morality.

When the morality of the politicians has fallen so low and everybody is trying to grab the maximum and deposit it in secret accounts overseas, the supreme court is to be worshiped for giving a thought to misuse of funds via the RAW and that is why perhaps they included the director , but, they are also human and so made a mistake in including the serving director in the team.

I was told by a panditji who was close to Charan Singh family that after becoming PM, he was asking obsessively the concerned persons, “ Yeh batao, Indra Gandhi ka paisa kahan hai”. No wonder, soon he lost the chair. Same thing happened with VP Singh. Narsimha Rao continued and Chandra Swamy had free access to his residence. Now, here is a respectful caution for Anna Hazareji and Baba Ramdeoji.

These days there is so much money in politics to be made that everybody is pushing their sons and daughters (and even the daughter in law in case of Mulayam Singh) to become MP or MLA. Look at Sushil Kumar Shinde. He did not do any “ drashtipat” on Adarsh files before putting his signature but he is not that simple, he did not forget to make his daughter an earning politician. Look at Vilas Rao ji, he is more interested in cricket than in the national upliftment through his ministries. All these persons have been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and look at poor present chief minister lamenting that for full 15 minutes he could not get in touch with his top brasses. This is happening even after several bomb blasts in Mumbai in the past. This is unpardonable.

There is an urgent need to put our own house in order. What is the function of the governor? Why do we waste so much money on this office? If we cannot do away with this office, let us demand that a meritorious police or army (defence service) officer or merchant marine officer be made the governor. At least he may have an iota of conscience and will at least try to do something.

Innumerable times it has been said that we must work to very drastically reduce election expenditure because without this, there will always be the need to stack cash and all efforts to purify our system will surely fail. We saw a spectacle in parliament, money being tossed around for a quite a while. What happened to that? What happened to Madhu Koda and his associates, who held high offices in Maharashtra government, is anyone looking to unscrupulous builders in Mumbai and navi- Mumbai?

The citizens, at least those who are educated, do not know if RAW is raw or has it been cooked. Agreed, everybody need not know but at least the learned Supreme Court be allowed to know.

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