Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is police acting deliberately?

Investigating agencies in any serial blasts by terrorists usually have two big-time `friends' - the ubiquitous cell phones and emails. The perpetrators behind most attacks were traced by combing through a series of cell phone calls or by sifting through millions of emails, including some in coded language. In 13th July Blast Mumbai police suspect two residents of Juhu and Grant Road, Subhan alias Tauqir and Aslam. Police need their email ID; can any Indian hacker reach to them? Can any cyber security cell do the miracle? However, how are these mails going to help police? Nowadays, almost every kid knows the trick to use temporally email IDs and everyone know the funda to maintain anonymity on internet. Not only Abdul Subhan alias Tauqir is a computer engineer but also an expert in making bombs. And, this is known to the mastermind and chief of Indian Mujahideen also known as Bin Laden of India. Thus, it’s not easy to get the personal email ID of Tauqir.

Another thing is that when police is aware about whom they are where they stay and their other details then can’t they raid their place and nab them? Or it’s again a stunt to mislead media and common man? The men behind the attacks kept far way from cell phones and emails. The only time they used the cell phone was to trigger the bomb I guess. Moreover, the terrorists are well versed with the city; rains have helped them erasing many traces. Whoever is behind this attack, one thing can be said that they have used every resource accurately. They knew the exact time and places where there would be gullible crowds and used the rainy climate for two purposes. It was raining heavily and most people in the area were either using umbrellas or were in raincoats that masked their face. Hence, the series of snooping CCTV cameras could hardly `capture' the men who may have planted the explosive material. Fuel oil is an essential component and as it acts as a force to ammonium nitrate, it helps increasing strength of the explosion. This proves that whoever is behind the attack has to be local Mumbaikar. And if suppose this is done by some outsider then, to study that location and doing recce, he should have definitely visited the location in the past. Instead of looking at current CCTV footages police should look at previous footages and try to find out the new visitors. Moreover studying CCTV footages of airport or railways stations or bus stand is again a time waste, because there are many ways to escape from Mumbai.

One option is taking a ferry through see from Gateway to Panvel, and Panvel to highways towards Pune. Second option, there are several private bus services from one locations to another; third option, Mumbai is blessed with hideouts and shelters for criminals, may be someone sheltered them and helped to escape. Beating around the bush is not the solution at this moment. Investigators are now banking on huge amounts of forensic verification sifted from the area and the reams of CCTV images from the blast sites.

Look at the irony, our Central Government doesn't have any road-map or guideline to foil or prevent such attacks. It is certainly least concerned about well being of its citizens. This is the seriousness of the government that the most important portfolio RAILWAY which has largest employees, remains without union railway ministers for months only because coalition partner is indecisive to choose one. Keeping in mind the innocent lives at stake Indian government needs to act swiftly. We are not at all 'resilience' just the fact is that we have no choice. The people of India who are responsible for the safety and security of the country are thoroughly corrupt, in-efficient, inept and unbecoming of the high and administrative offices they are holding. Our border security is next to non-existent and our borders with Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan are porous. Traffickers pay huge bribes to the officers and men of BSF and freely and fearlessly cross the borders from both the sides. The govt. of India is not blind to all these, but directly and indirectly encouraging such corrupt people to man the borders for their narrow political gains as the immigrant population, belonging to a particular community and religion always and invariably, votes for one particular political party. Our security and intelligence officers do not bother to do their duty for the nation but are involved in turf wars and ego clashes. India needs a revolution to throw out all the corrupt and criminal forces. Investigations in the blast case are on the line of as usual process, no extra efforts made for reaching criminals, helpless police and administrations just passing the bucks and moving with thick skin.

Look at Ajmal Aamir Kasab, he is eating nicely cooked biryani and enjoying his time after killing so many people, police any how managed to catch him and finish trials. But can anyone really damage or deter him? He has put on 11 KG weight since his arrest, looks cool and relaxed because he is aware of his good fate. Look at Abu Salem, he comes to court for trials like a Bollywood hero laughing at Law. Goes back to jail gracefully, doing gym, maintain his skin and watching TV, reading news. Moreover, he even contested elections from Ajamgad sitting in our own Indian Jail. If this is what terrorists are going to receive in our country, then they are not even bothered to be caught. They are running and still you reach them, once you nab them they will hit headlines, they will be talked and shown round the clock, they will discussed and finally land in jail to have their relaxing time. They will remain as under trials, government will take care of them spending crores of rupees and energy. Police personals will be busy narrating all glossy stories about terrorists, their defense lawyers will narrate every glossy story to make it more attentive and interesting. We the public will forget who he was and what they have done to us, because we have very short memory.

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