Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We, as a nation,only be recipients of abuse

Mumbai blasts: Once again slap on intelligence

Indian Mujahideen module was active in India from Varanasi to Pune, where did the intelligence went wrong? Number 13 and 26 has big significance in these blasts; the mystery is yet to be solved. When German Bakery case was under scanner, that time a group of hackers and researchers found out the details referring to the past incidences of the blast, when the pattern of the date and day was studied, they found some common significance numbers and those were 7, 9 11, 13 and 26 and the day were Friday or Tuesday. K P Raghuvanshi was then ATS in charge; he was keen in looking at this angle but some government authorities disagreed with the research by declining all investigation. Even though, this is just a theoretical expects of the incidences and it is hard to prove the link of terror attacks based on such research. Another reason for not believing in this study is the investigating agencies never work on theory but work on proofs and evidences. Whatever the agency may say but the significance of these dates and days cannot be neglected.

The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested two suspected terrorists near Mankhurd Railway Station on July 6. The two are said to be part of Indian Mujahideen (IM), and were allegedly involved in the Ahmedabad serial blasts that killed 56 people on July 26, 2008. Mohammed Mobin Abdur Shakoor Khan alias Irfan, 32, and Ayub Raja Amin Shaikh, 28, were nabbed outside a municipal school near Mankhurd railway station. And the two were found in possession of a 7.65mm pistol and 32 bore revolver along with four bullets and have been booked under the Arms Act. But why police failed to gather further information from these terrorists? These two were also wanted in cases involving threat mails sent from Matunga, Navi Mumbai and Chembur. The duo stole four cars —three WagonR’s and one Maruti 800 — which were used in Ahmedabad and Surat by the IM. The cars were stolen at the instructions of IM operative Afzal Usmani Muthalik, who is currently lodged in Ahmedabad jail. They stole cars from New Panvel, Vashi and Nerul and delivered them to Surat and Ahmedabad and duo was on the run ever since the IM module was busted by the crime branch.

They lived in Indore, Bareilly, Rampur, Ghaziabad among other places and were involved in several car thefts. When all these details were indicating threat to country why intelligence failed to smell the probable threat and made the vigilance strict. Biggest problem in department is professional rivalry between the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) and the crime branch of the Mumbai Police came to a flashpoint during the hunt for the two Indian Mujahideen (IM) operatives. However, good sense prevailed and a face-off was averted. Sources said that a special unit of the crime branch had been tipped off about the two terrorists by a trusted informant almost four months ago, and was on the verge of tracking the duo down. However, the murder of senior crime journalist J Dey around that time forced them to put the operation on hold to launch a manhunt for Dey’s killers. The ATS got wind of the crime branch’s unfinished operation and traced down the informant, who soon buckled and led the ATS to their prize catch. This was not the first time that the two agencies had come to a head over a common target. A few weeks ago, their tussle came to the fore over the arrest of some suspects who, the ATS claimed, were involved in a shootout at south Mumbai. Police department itself is in deep shitty politics and rivalry as the common man has to bear the brunt of such acts. Another dumb soul is our Home minister RR Patil. Ever since Patil has taken charge there is no control over crime, he shamelessly stuck to his chair and crimes keep shooting up in Maharashtra.

Yesterday all blasts took place in crowded places. Many persons were injured and some died in the blast. Police control room had received a call claiming that there were serial blasts in Mumbai, but clueless police was resting in peace till some people lost their lives. A team of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had rushed to Mumbai from Delhi to investigate and collect forensic evidence. The blasts, went off within minutes of each other.

Security alerts have been issued in Delhi post the blasts in Mumbai. Two IM members were arrested from their hideouts near Mumbai by Anti-Terrorism Squad. The official said the two were suspected to be involved in one of the blasts that had occurred in the country but did not specify which blast case it was. Blast took place at 7pm; 8.30 pm Chief Minister of Maharashtra took press conference, meanwhile PWD Minister Chaggan Bhujbal was dealing with media. However, our beloved dumb Home Minister R R Patil was fortunate that he managed to be out of scene and escape media’s countering as he was at Nagpur when the incident happened. He left the place after knowing that the situation would be under control. Now after blast so many investigation agencies are heading towards Mumbai to find out the forensics. But why all these agencies together failed to smell the threat to city? Or should we assume this as a Birthday gift to Ajmal Aamir Kasab?

Some where I read, Old saying – “Yatah raja tatha praja”

New saying, which India proves – “Yatah praja tatha raja”

We are crappy people who elect crappy leaders, and then expect them to perform. Accept the reality. We, as a nation, can only be net recipients of abuse, as history has borne out over centuries.

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