Friday, March 25, 2011

The truth about vaidehi sachin - how she tarnished the Indian Hacking Scene and exploited Indian Hackers and backstabbed them

The truth about vaidehi sachin - how she tarnished the Indian Hacking Scene and exploited Indian Hackers and backstabbed them

Hey this was one of the hilarious slide show and animation made by a Delhi group and I am proud of them, they made this much efforts on me. One line I liked the most is “don’t feed Cat
yes friends don’t feed cat because she is feeding others. She no needs to be fed.
The group of losers, unnecessarily dragging ICA here I clearly indicate indishell and ICW the guys are working with me and pretty happy.

This series is worth seeing for the extraordinary imagination and grief portrayed by group of hackers, who joined me with big dreams and parted digging their own graves, killing anyone is small thing, killing cat is even more easy, but for that you can only imagine a story board but can’t do anything much beyond.

Coming to my PM with fake profile leaving some nasty dialogs, leaving some awful comments on group walls, creating blogs, making animations..What is all this? Simply you are wasting your time and I am utilizing the same time and growing, I am where I should be. Just moving ahead, but where are you? Why wasting so much time on me? The reason you don’t have much to do and I have no work for you guys..Poor losers..Somewhere at the bottom have you realized one thing? I am still keeping you busy and the task is also me THE CAT… ha ha ha..The elite world of so called social system blesses me looking at these videos, thinking Oh my god the girl has real guts to take hackers on task…bravo..

The hackers working with me are proud of me because they know the fact and who is who..

The hackers still failed to understand me are in dilemma and the hacker’s newly associated with me are not even sacred of these traits. Then what is the use of such videos, accept you making fun of yourself, one benefit is there, some where you are learning animations and may be little bad sequencing and rendering but well began is half done, good creative work go ahead boys, god bless you..
Oh just forgot to remind blogging, defaming.damaging has become your lifestyle.
oh..gosh..Some of your fairer side is good at SEO make best use of it..Good bad or ugly I want CAT to exploit maximum space over cyber world

Thanks for helping..

Fat CAT is still alive and follow Vaidehi Sachin


  1. hey sunny thanks, no hard feeling..who did ti not important what made them do it is important..they are already looser, dug the grave of their own community thinking that i will harm others, when i stopped doing so they got pissed, they are the actual back stabbers,and matured hackers are aware of it..
    May god bless them because they dont know what they are doing...

  2. Yeap..!! You are correct..!!! Let them do what they want..!! Hmmmm.. no hard feeling..!! But no one should think others weak..!! Everyone is good in their own way..!! Whoever has made that animation will one day realize himself or herself that he/she was wrong in doing this thing.!! Time will make them realize. We to always are ready for unity and friendship..!! :)