Monday, March 21, 2011

Kaizen, me and my dream project

The very first question people ask us is “What is the meaning of Kaizen ?” .

Well when we were planning to start the organization, we had several issues in our mind. Kaizen is a upcoming Information Security Company, which we are going to start with like minded people who are dedicated and passionate and having a vast amount of experience in the Info-Sec domain, and who understands the importance and necessity of Info-Sec in the present world scenario.

Kaizen is actually a Japanese word, Kaizen is a philosophy or you can say its a practice that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, supporting business process, and management. It has been applied in a lot of fields from healthcare to physiotherapy, from life-coaching to banking and government and many other industries.

One of the most important reason behind starting Kaizen is that we are very disappointed by looking at the way most Info-Sec consulting companies are providing services and solutions to Corporate, government organizations and various other small - big organizations. Most of the time the people are not at all aware of the actual security threats and mind sets of cyber criminals who are dedicated to break in to your system and networks.

We have a very dedicated and highly experienced team and we have many ideas and proposals to offer which none of the security companies are offering. We are going to give the best solution and security practice.
Another most important reason behind starting up this company is providing every possible help to our government agencies and bureaus to fight against these cyber criminals and highly sophisticated cyber terrorists who are a big threat to the security of our country.

Kaizen and Hacker5 were a dream project and it was a ambitious project too with just one thing in the mind and it was “providing a platform to the fresher’s and young talent hackers who are doing extremely good in “Hacking (in its real sence) “ but they were getting misguided or not getting an opportunity to make a recognization for themselves in the industry. Infosec is a very rigid domain and moreover the concept is very new here in India, most of the people are not at all familiar with what actually it is all about. Another big problem is that when these young guys talk about making a career in infosec, parents and relatives don’t really understand what actually it is all about and because of the ignorance and the way term “hacking or hackers” is abused by media, people think that this is something illegal or something related to criminal activities.

We started Hacker5 with just one aim, to provide a global platform to all these young and very talented people to contribute and show there work so that it can reach to various organizations, companies, security professionals and all the places where there work can be recognized and appreciated. All this would not have been possible without the support and encouragements of all our friends and well-wishers and those who believed in our dreams. The most important names I would like to mention is Vaidehi Sachin and NBC pvt ltd. The concept of Hacker5 is the brain child of Vaidehi and she started Hacker5 with the same reason and purpose for which we are coming up with Kaizen. When she came to know about Kaizen, she immediately showed her willingness to carry on the Kaizen project and gave us every possible help and support. The entire NBC team supported us in every possible way. They very well understand the value and importance of securing the data and the valuable customer information from any unauthorized person.

We can create this awareness and make people understand the importance of infosec not just by providing good service to them but also by making the common people capable enough to secure there assets, and this can be achieved by giving proper training to them. With this aim the hacker5 and Kaizen team is going to provide seminars and workshops at the educational as well as corporate level with the help of a very dedicated and talented team. The aim is to create awareness as well as help those who want to make a career in infosec. We will be working as well as providing solutions to various government and other law enforcement agencies too.

For the hackers by the hacker

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