Monday, March 21, 2011

Anonymous Vs Bank Of America

Anonymous is back!!! - a week back the hackers group has released the documents and a series of internal emails of bank of america - one of the 'major US Bank'...The documents were released with the help of 'BOA n Balboa insurance' former employee. This docs contains the mortgages issued by a major US bank, that shows Bank Of America committed mortgage Fraud. Anon says the documents exposed of "corruption and fraud", and relate to the issue of improper foreclosures.
Some of the e-mails hint at an organized effort to tamper with loan numbers and audit trails. So many code words r used in the mails - difficult to understand and how much impact is it really merging this documents n mails. and no one knows how much it gonna damage the reputation of BOA were as Bank of America has denied wrongdoing and called the claims "extravagant"Any one can check out the files on
when Web site was posted - soon it was unreachable for periods of time due to the huge traffic - when it got released on monday.Anonymous says that this was just "part 1 of the Emails" ^_^ - They says "Stay tuned though. You’ve only seen the first shot. Despite every effort on BofA’s part to silence me, Part 2 is coming"
it was expected that WikiLeaks would publish the secret documents, not a site associated with Anonymous. This is nothing compared to what WikiLeaks has in store.. ^_^
" There is a fear of being launched..."

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