Monday, March 28, 2011


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Not everybody pays their life for society. A person in any field whether an artist or a social worker should be appreciated, if he has contributed his time and efforts for the sake of society. We, Newsmakers Broadcasting and Communications Pvt. Ltd., (NBC) comprehending the importance of such people in society who have never claimed for their name to be cherished for their contribution; not only salute their hard work to improve the society but also like to count them amongst deserving citizens for awards which will be honoured on May 1st, 2011.


NewsMakers Broadcasting and Communications Pvt. Ltd, has set new horizons of ethical journalism is honouring unsung heroes of our society through the NewsMakers Achievers' Awards to the people who have risen from the rank and file of the common man to act as the beckon light for the multitude of humanity to rise to a notch above the ordinary.

NOMINATION: This honour will be presented at a grand function which will be attended by delegates of many countries, celebrities, business dignitaries, politicians, et al. A star studded event that will be remembered and cherished by every Indian. To be unbiased and transparent, the nomination procedure is kept open to the public. One can nominate their favourite heroes by sending us SMS or via email.


NBC has within a brief span of time become a name to reckon within the media. Our publication are fast being recognized for comprehensive analysis of events covering a wide range of subjects, the magazine has been appreciated on more than one occasion for its bold presentation of facts. The exclusive news, views and interviews have become the talk of the town. Our readership profile comprises of, besides the common man, the businessmen, hoteliers, entertainment industry, medical profession and others interested in gaining in-depth understanding of the subject. In-depth coverage of top stories dealt with responsibility, courage and honesty has made our presence felt in the market in a matter of just seven months! It was launched on 3rd July, 2009 and it has reached majority of the stalls all over the city with a wide readership.

Our core competency lies in providing extensive and exclusive coverage to all spheres of information, which is made possible by our dynamic team, comprising of the right blend of youth and experience. This provides our publications freshness and depth. Honest reporting with an emphasis on ethics is our forte. We are a multi-dimensional media company involved in a multitude of activities in electronic and print media, which includes, among others, production of TV serials and documentaries and our leading publications include Beyond the News, the international fortnightly magazine and a daily eveninger Afternoon Voice; both being printed and published from Mumbai.

'Afternoon Voice' is a Mumbai daily covering all aspects of the city. Besides the daily diet of news, sports and business; readers are served stimulating columns and features related to the theme of the day. With an ever-expanding readership base, our newspaper tries to be different by not just focusing on city-centric reporting but also present the relevant national events with the city's viewpoint. Detailed contents of these are available on our websites and respectively. Maritime Bridges is our monthly trade magazine which gives the readers an insight on the shipping industry and maritime events happening along the country's vast coastline. Soon to reach stands are Mee Mumbaikar, a monthly Marathi magazine and Mumbai Manoos, a Marathi daily; both shall have superlative and fresh content specially drafted for the niche readers. Today, everyone is speaking in hushed voice about the growing popularity of our publications and even veterans in the field are feeling threatened by this fledging. We set new trends in the industry and our production and editing standards are being taken note of by even well established print and production houses

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