Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stringent Cyber Law– need of the hour

I ndia is far behind in terms of technology to understand SPAM, which takes over the personal security for ride without anyone being aware of it. Is there any spam law in India? Indian government is yet to give its answer for this. Everyday, every hour we see unwanted messages buzzing on our mobile without any sense. It is high time that developing country like ours have a legislation regarding unsolicited commercial SMSes that pops up leaving people irritated. Few service providers claim that if anyone makes a compliant to them, only then they can control these kinds of issues within forty five days. But, in reality this rarely happens. These kind of This SMSes over mobile communications are nothing but ads, news, rumors and promotion = SPAM. Nowadays even in the name of friendship club prostitution and flesh trading is done over SMS. These SMSes are never sent by any service provider but from some third party. These vendors hold huge number of database with mobile numbers of customers which they pass/sell for ads, promotion for few amounts of rupees. It is advised to be alert because, generally in shopping malls, people are given forms to fill in the name of any lucky draws. These people are generally found chasing the customers entering the mall. In some cases, people are even cheated in the name of voting via SMS. Getting greedy over all unwanted schemes and discounts, we land up in mess disclosing all our personal details to these spammers. Is this ever observed by any Cyber Bureau of India? Definitely yes since they too have cell phones and email ids and these spammers doesn’t spare anyone. When they are aware of these spams happening then why don’t they take any action? Is it really difficult to crack such syndicates?

The another kind of spam we all entertaining are “TD-sell 1.own property @2000pm in **** city near developed housing and resorts. “ Details contact - +91 900776 *****, you own so and so club holiday package, or won a lottery “BL- GIFT 2. Congrats you won a brand new fast track watch from smart platinum. In order to get – claim, delivery charges 755/- Rs contact: #+91 98345 ***** . TA-TKR 3. Tomorrow there will be holiday to school, colleges n gov office due to protest over some issue. These kinds of messages are broadcast to lakhs of user at a time. What if rumor, threat or abusive messages are been broadcasted? Can we get lakhs of customers’ mobile numbers in 5000 Bucks? Do we really have any Privacy act / law? This never happen in other countries – the reason is that they have strict spam law and if someone violates the law, the spammers are cracked over night. Why India lack in cyber security? The reason is that we have failed to sense these kinds of next generation threat.

First Mumbai police cyber cell website was hacked, and then vulnerabilities in traffic and highways police websites were found. Inspite of informing them about the loopholes, the issues are not been fixed yet. Pak Cyber Army already declared that they have rooted into maximum government websites, CBI was recently hacked and our expertise was exposed in front of the world. Now is on the hit list of them. The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) continues to be a source of worry for security agencies as intelligence inputs suggest that the premier nuclear facility and its staff housing area are on the hit-list of Pakistan-based terror groups. Extra-vigilant security officials are having a tough time in manning the "Anu Shakti Nagar", the residential complex housing nearly 10,000 people adjacent to the facility, battling BARC authorities for regulating campus' entry and exit, official’s privy to the arrangements said. Recently, two labourers from Kashmir were detained by security personnel manning the complex and released only after their background check was done."BARC has been constant sources of worry for us. Lashker-e-Taiba's American terrorist David Headley had carried out a survey of the location which has made us extra-vigilant," said one of the security officials.Intelligence inputs from various agencies indicate that BARC continues to be one of the favourite targets of LeT whereas other terror groups including the Jaish-e-Mohammed could also make attempts to attack it.

Last month on 31st Jan, Punjab Sind bank was hacked but bank authorities were not even aware of this. Gulshan Rai from CERT informed them every thing well in advance but nothing was done. 90 percent of government websites are on the hit list of Pakistan hackers but Indian government is yet to wake up.

There are many so called ethical hacking classes mushrooming in India, the so called brands of these organizations cater hackers to create threat in common man’s life so that they send one of the ward to learn this baseless ethical hacking. They are using hackers for their business promotions. If someone disagrees to this, then my question is that if these institutions are producing hundreds of hackers a month, then why do we lack securities?

Don’t take Hacking as hobby or craze. As said by NASSCOM there was a shortfall of 35,000 to 45,000 cyber security professionals in India in the year 2010, but its 2011 and still this gap is not filled. It estimates that the demand for Cyber security Professionals, at that time, would be around 90,000 in India. This figure is estimated to touch about 2, 00,000 worldwide. The industry estimates much higher demand in the local as well as overseas market with more and more attacks on systems worldwide. While in college if you had successfully hacked your way into your friends orkut account, edited it and had fun, and were even involved in hacking your college website and adding your ideas to your dean’s thoughts then you may be a budding hacker. And let us inform you that Hacking is illegal! But what if you get paid for what you are good at and still be considered within the law. Surprising but yes, you can be an Ethical Hacker. It is quiet natural to hear from people in the IT field that, what we know today will become of no use tomorrow. With so many changes happening in the IT world this is very common. People are looking towards amassing more knowledge as with recession, companies are willing to hire only those people who are competent enough and also have the skills that can be useful for the company. One area which is still in a lot of demand is that of mainframes. But too many people don’t opt for a career in mainframes. This is because most people love concentrating on the programming side rather than venturing into such fields. One main reason is that they find mainframes to be boring and most companies don’t rely on mainframes, so this gives less of career opportunities. Mainframes will always be in demand as they are the most reliable. Compared to present day languages and other open systems they are not susceptible to virus attacks. This is a huge plus point. Businesses like banks, insurance, retail and money markets which process huge amounts of data need to use mainframes as no other system can be trusted to store huge amounts of data.

We need to wake up……………………….

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