Sunday, February 6, 2011


Author of book “Cyber Terror”, Vaidehi Sachin was awarded the Best editor, Hacker5 at the Hira Manek awards by Chief Justice ,which was successfully organised on Feb 5, 2011 at Birla Matoshree Auditorium. Thanking for the award she spoke about the global threat and the wage of third world war that would have no bloodshed, no arms or weapon, but will give a major jolt to our nation.

Highlighting more on the issue, she said, “The complete war would be virtual, which would take India 15 years back from now since sixty percent of our infrastructure is online based and a war would mean nothing but destruction and devastation. And, it will take ages to recover.”
There has been a tremendous growth in the cyber arena and hence we saw websites of several countries hacked by hackers of their counterpart. With the recent CBI website hack of India along with many other websites, also the latest wikileaks have given the indication of a waging war. Adding further she said, “Everyday thousands of government websites are been scanned by hackers and always hunt for weaker sites. Unfortunately, despite warning the concerned officials about the threats and loopholes in website, the authorities never paid attention nor took initiative to fix the issues resulting hacking of website like of CBI. The government should take this matter seriously and understand the danger it pose to the nation.”

She also said that the Government should secure the cyber space by uniting or utilizing the skills of the hackers of our country. Vaidehi Sachin has initiated a Cyber security firm ‘kaizen’ which is looked after by a well known hacker Gaurav singh (rascal). She along with her young team of hackers is giving cyber security to main streams like stock exchange, power, judiciary and defence. According to them, they want to set a new trend by saying no to the monotonous way of commercializing security agencies.

As predicted by the NASSCOM, unfortunately there are no courses relating to hacking or cyber security in India which are authentic or government approved. Although people who have commercialized it and hit the headline by making huge commercial success, they are unable to fulfil the basic needs of security.

Concluding the speech, Vaidehi said, “It is very saddening that hackers are always seen as criminals in our country they rarely get awarded or rewarded due to the lack of social acceptance and taboo. But, it is not the truth. Hackers are highly skilled and can be very useful for the nation. Their efforts should be appreciated. I thank Hira Manek and its founder Mr. Hardik Hundiya for appreciating the rarer side of the society.”

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