Friday, February 4, 2011

NBC Reached Kerala

N ewsmakers is one of the fastest growing progressive media houses in India. We bring to you 'Beyond the News' fortnightly magazine, a monthly 'Maritime Bridge' and the 'Afternoon Voice' daily, Mumbai Manoos marathi daily, maritime bridges and Hacker5 magazine, Our core competency lies in providing extensive coverage to all spheres of information. To this end we have build a team expertly poised with the right balance of experience and youth to give our publications freshness and depth. Honest reporting with an emphasis on ethics is our forte.

We especially pride ourselves in being a self-funded organiz-ation without relying on big industrial houses for sustenance. We intend to champion the new brand of journalism widely dubbed as 'citizen-journalism', with over two thousand citizen reporters all over India and special correspondents to cover every area. We also mentor young journalists filled with new ideas without the burden of intellectual dictatorship. These young minds are the USP of the company. Our exclusive content allows us to build strong readership loyalties which become our coveted reward. We are here to play a long innings and continue to play an integral part of our reader's lives. News Mkaer started in the guidence of reputed journalist Vaidehi sachin, the main aim behind starting this organisation is to fight the evil in forth estate and do justice to journalism.This website is started with an intention to encourage fair, sensitive and accurate news coverage of issues concerning India. This website is envisaged as one of the leading voices of the people of India, as also for the purpose of upholding journalistic standards and ethics. This site shall provide all kinds of assistance to fledgling journalists and instill in them greater independence and to promote what is important in the interest of public. We have a Directory, Photo Gallery, as also interactive window that the trainee journalist can access for help from us on any issue. We are at initial stage, waiting for your feedback to shape this in much better way. Keep logging onto this site.



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