Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ICW to Make Comeback


We Defaced Your Site to warn u all that if u don’t stop then get ready to face the wrath of Indian Cyber Warriors....we will crumble ur entire internet backbone and networks to paralyze ur economy, so stop playing and go first learn something and get a JOB.

<---With Love --->

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Hg_H4x0r (ICW TEAM)

o you remember these above written statements? Once they were made by ICW to protest against the defacements by Pakistani Hackers. There was peace treaty between ICW and PCA, it was mutually decided that no one will deface each other’s Government websites. But recently there was breach of this treaty; Pakistan Hackers once again are engaged in a round of defacing of government-run websites of our country, targeting such major organisations like CBI and defence. The cyber warfare began in mid-November. There are many hackers groups emerged after that in India. But most of them are just defacers not hackers.

The silence of Indian group of hackers known as ICW "Indian Cyber Warriors" is misunderstood by their own community, or may everyone is busy in their own life and unable to give much attention to ICW and there where the equations went wrong. ICW (Indian Cyber Warriors) is a group of hackers from India, and once upon a time all the core members worked at very senior posts in various security firms.

My articles are most of the time misunderstood, that’s why I am emphasising on one thing they are not making come back for any sort of Black Hat Activities, they will be making come back for securing cyber space, creating new waves and setting trends that is. This time they may not deface but can prevent others from doing so. ICW has big planning and strong vision, this time they make comeback in highly professional approach.

So wait for their new avatar, till then log on to


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