Monday, January 31, 2011

Rota hai KAI ko over Fake Things ...?


L ast night we had to stay back in office due to some print error in magazine and reaching the print deadline by completing the task. My collogue Anupriya stayed back to accompany me home, who has recently joined our firm was online chatting with Kai Ty Agi( Group), he was trying to scare her the most by so many things . I have groomed my girls and they are not scared of anyone, by using chain proxy and hidden IP how long one can hide his or her identity? His dispersal to join NBC, his dialogues, the way of his chatting, his pretentious style of saying things got him caught. We can pretend over anything but somewhere we leave the traces and I am CAT, an investigation is my biggest job. Tracing such things makes me happy. Guys you need to change your style while fooling others. When you are sure that all these NBc girls’ profiles are fake then why the hell you send friend request to them or go and chat with them? Leave them aside, I am damn sure they never come to you, they are happy in their group. They are alright with US(me and r45c4l). Hollow vessels makes big noise, guys barking dogs never bite. Stop barking please, we are not interested.

More over some so called high profile business man Hacker using abusive language was quite upsetting, first you cross your limits and then you get it back and when you are asked to evict you abuse, why? Fisrt place I am surprised how these people get so much time to be on social sites and toop so low? Facebook is the one site on the internet that is probably the most used. The amount of Facebook users are increasing dramatically on a daily basis. Facebook started out as a social networking site which mainly consisted of lots of young users but as Facebook currently stands there are users of all ages and walks of life. Inclusive in the Facebook security concerns is fake profiles. Facebook is currently being flooded with fake profiles. Due to the huge daily registration rate on Facebook, it is hard to keep track of who is a regular user and who is a Facebook fake. 50% of profiles on Face Book are fake.

As the guy was scaring anu (though she was not) that they were suppose to publish her profile picture in news paper because, he thinks its fake, I felt like laughing as a Journalist and lawyer. See above given profiles and tell me how many of them are holding their real pics including some Dev D and some Kai or who so ever. There is no law made, if you are using Salman Khan’s pic as your DP, its Salman Khan who can take legal action against you. That to if you are 100% sure the profile holder is not Salman Khan, or Salman has never given him permission to use his pic. I want these guys to go ahead and publish the stuff, some of them are soon appearing on TV that day see the mess from my side, because I was waiting for their public appearance. Let it me Arnab, Rajdeep or Pranan Roy they are legends in their own way and can gage the fraud and channels has access for public opinions, please don’t treat us with your stupid cock bull stories. That won’t make any difference, as far as my company is concerned “I AM THE BOSS and ITS MY BUSINESS, NO ONE IS ABOVE ME TO DECTATE” my board of directors are my cute brothers they know me better than anyone on this earth…..

As far Keeping eye on my company 24/7, I would say “please arrange living for yourself and then poke in others business, I am not going to lose anything, I love attention, controversies, messing with bad guys, because I know what I am and I know who the hell trying to create illusions. My staff and team is equally strong and determine. You eyeing on me may not get anything but If I eye on you, you may lose many things, the difference between us are a creature of hidden world and I rule over to live with FACE and Identity, so my staff. NBC is my concern and we the family are very happy here. And when we feel some one is unwanted we throw them out and forget. Once gone …No return is our policy. I will be happy if you keep eye on opportunities coming your way than messing with us, you get nothing accept a big KICK ON YOUR BUTT

His next allegation was, CAT respects Pakistani hackers and seeks help from them, A BIG YES! Why not? As an Indian fellow being what you couldn’t do they did it by showing basic respect for me and my team. The faith that they invested in us made us feel special. When a Girl is respected she automatically pays that gratitude and it’s her ego and pride. You guys failed to receive and they were at receiving end why shouldn’t I respect them? As an individual I don’t have any enemies, if you think I am your enemy I can’t stop you. What you need todi is... change your attitude.

It has recently been discovered that over fifty percent of new Facebook profiles are actually fake. The question that may be asked is why are people setting up fake Facebook profiles?

Facebook does have an extremely clear and precise policy with regard to fake profiles. According to Facebook and its policy a fake profile will be deleted when the Facebook teams becomes aware of it. Fake profiles are causing huge problems for many innocent Facebook users who have genuine profiles. The factor that spammers and virus writers are using fake Facebook profiles to their advantage means that people will stop at nothing in order to get people online to do what they want. It is interesting to note that besides people creating fake Facebook profiles for the usage of malicious purposes or spam, people create fake Facebook profiles of celebrities and actors all the time. If you are a regular Facebook user and do a search for a celebrity of your choice, chances are very likely that this particular celebrity has a Facebook profile. The question that arises is if this genuine Facebook profile or is it a fake? The majority of the time there is no real way of telling. It can thus be said in conclusion: Don't take everything on Facebook.

Hey rebellions just listen one thing, don’t dare me or my staff ….we are simple but definitely not fools…we have not messed with any hackers life, it’s you people sabotaged your community and crying over buried graves…If you wouldn’t have messed with their personal life we could have never reached to them. Blame yourself for playing with the life of fellow community members….and now when I stopped it are provoking me, this time you are responsible for the mess.. last but not the leaset if any Hacker has problem with us please remove us from your friends list..
You have every liberty to GET OUT….

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  1. Madam cat u have given my profile in above picture asking that r these profile real?
    its better u ask ur rascal who is barkha or mahi he knows me better.or ask anybody from hmg ,icw and ica@lucky or ica@kislay ,for ur kind info iam one of the member of ICA@atul and lucky.or ask any pak hacker. they will tell abt me.

    here is my orkut have a look or talk to me number is with rascal.

  2. i think cat's point is about profile pictures not persons.. If its about persons i know barkha and nishi pretty well.. their DP may be not real pics but in person they r real.

    I agree with cat that fake profiles r causing mess they should be dealt without excuse.. as far anu is concerned she is my friend a real person if any one threatens her i leave this message to them that i will be there backing Anu so watch it before messing with my friend..

    a request to cat : please remove nishi and barkhas pics from the image

  3. @cattechie I am also aware that you hold many fake profiles in facebook! I am not fighting with you .. I just want to say that this is a way wrong way of utilizing you power and projecting things in the wrong way!