Friday, August 5, 2011

Sonia Undergone Cervical Cancer Surgery

Today if there is any news that is making headlines all over the media, then it is about Congress president Sonia Gandhi who successfully underwent a surgery and is presently in the intensive care unit of a hospital. A statement issued by Congress general secretary Janardan Dwivedi says that Gandhi, 64, underwent a surgery on August 4. The surgeon has indicated that the surgery went successfully. However, his statement did not reveal anything about the reason for the surgery and where it took place. Sonia Gandhi is accompanied by her son and party general secretary Rahul Gandhi and also Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Priyanka's husband Robert Vadra is also with them. I agree that this is a very personal matter pertaining to her health and medical treatment. Her family members request that Sonia’s privacy should be respected and people should not be so inquisitive to know about her whereabouts. Although, to some extent their request is justified; but since Sonia Gandhi is India’s daughter in law, its citizens are worried and would be restless until they don’t know exactly what happened to her. In India, Sonia is one of the VVIPs and hence the fact that that she is hospitalized and the entire nation is still unaware of the problem she is facing comes as a surprise. One thing which is not understood is that why big personalities opts foreign country for surgery and not India? Don’t they trust Indian doctors and hospitals for treatment? Or they are scared of their privacy?

Not only the nature of the surgery, even Sonia's itinerary, including the duration and place of stay (surgery) is being kept under wraps on the advice of the special protection group (SPG) mandated for her security. Before leaving she has deputed a group comprising Rahul, senior party leaders AK Antony, Ahmed Patel and Dwivedi to manage party affairs in her absence. More over if this matter was suppose to be kept under secrecy then they wouldn’t have even disclosed where and why she has gone. No one knows if she has really undergone a surgery or not. Giving only half story and keeping things so secret is making her fans the people of India who love her immensely under inquisitive situations.

Anyways, let me unveil the secret to all of you. She has undergone Cervical Cancer Surgery at Sloan Kettering Cancer Memorial hospital in New York. This is been declared by Dr. Nori Datthatreyudu on some website called “hello ap”. The site also stated that the Indian National Congress Party President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi on Thursday underwent surgery in a United States hospital. The details of the ailment have to be confirmed. Sloan Kettering Hospital is known as one of the best hospitals for treatment of cancer patients in the world. This development will keep Sonia Gandhi out of the country for a month.

The unconfirmed reports say that Dr. Nori Datthathreyudu has performed surgery to Sonia Gandhi. Dr. Nori Datthathreyudu belongs to Andhra Pradesh and studied his MBBS from Kurnool Medical College. Dr. Nori is a world famous medical expert in treating cancer, particularly cervical cancer patients. Sonia Gandhi has been to abroad these days, much frequently than she used to be in the recent past. Sonia Gandhi was also treated at the Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi. She has been even a patient of chronic asthma for so many years. Meanwhile, the health condition of Sonia Gandhi has hit the Congress Party activities across the country.

Political pandits believe that the stage is all set for her son to take over the charge of the Congress Party with his inclusion in the four member group. It is also to be noted that Party’s stalwart; Pranab Mukherjee and Digvijay Singh were not part of the highest decision making group of the Congress Party, at least till Sonia Gandhi returns to India. No one knows what made Sonia take such decision. And on what grounds these four members are decided? The inside sources says this decision was taken quite secretly and news about her surgery was made public because of parliamentary sessions, her absence would have created a news. So to clear the air about her absence the primary news was made public.

In a rare interview year 1985, Sonia told one Indian Magazine that she don’t like being in limelight. It is not something extraordinary. It is just her habit. The daughter of a Turin builder, Gandhi has become the torchbearer for the Gandhi-Nehru family, one of the longest lasting political dynasties in the world, ruling India for much of its independent history since 1947. Widow of one slain prime minister and daughter-in-law of another, she governs India in an unlikely partnership with the economist Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the man she handpicked to lead after reviving her party's flagging fortunes in 2004. Few would have predicted such a destiny for her when she married into India's first family in the late 1960s.

Being an Italian, she never hesitated to adopt Indian ways as her life style. It’s difficult of an average working Indian woman to wrap around Saree 24/7 and make easy moves in public, but Sonia managed it carry well you will find her in typical Indian cotton khadi saree, very well covered and carried. She became icon of her way of wearing saree and silently challenged all so called modern woman. As the wife of Rajiv Gandhi, she shied away from the limelight and focused her energies on being a good Indian housewife, although she did campaign for the Gandhi family, handing out blankets and medicines on the stump in villages. She was thrust into the thick of the country's dog-eat-dog politics after Rajiv's assassination at the hands of Tamil Tiger suicide bomber in 1991, but at first refused to accept entreaties from supporters to take over the reins. Such is her influence that Forbes magazine ranked her the world's 9th most powerful person.

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