Monday, August 1, 2011

“Guide for Beginners” in hacking

For all my dear Kid friends

Every day I get minimum 15 inquiries about how to become Hacker, how to learn hacking and for that what should be done, where should search for content, and how should they go about it. Open source is available but finding exact content for beginners is little difficult because, they want to get in to the inexperienced zone without any basic knowledge. They are simply fascinated by hackers and want to be one like them.

I have gathered the required basic content from Google search engine, compiled it for you in sequence, and giving you the link below. Read it and try to understand the basics, after that if you have any query just ping me, whatever I have learned so far, let me share it with you, if I lack somewhere then we will learn it together and share the same with other too.

Download you guide clicking following link

All the best..

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