Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vaidehi sachin aka Cattechie to be launched on 8th August

Dear friends and blog readers,

Long awaited book “Cat Techie” will be launched on 8th August, in Mumbai. In the recent past so many issues and controversies mushroomed up all of sudden, from all angles. I though let me answer all those issues through this book of mine, which was dumped in the past, due to certain reasons.

After the launch of this book, you will be able to access online edition of the same. I am publishing the tentative index and rough sketch of this book, but I am sure you will get to read something even beyond this.

Till then, I won’t be available for frequent communication on line. If you guys have any queries or updates, mail me at or pm me at my Face book account. Both my accounts would be answered by r45c4l.

One more request, stop sending me all sort of threats and blackmailing mails as someone has sent it to me in the name of Anonymous regarding ICA, I am sure this may not be the real hackers group, who so ever..Please don’t repeat.



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