Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THis is How Attrition was Hacked

One fine morning Some “James Attrition” reached my inbox with some pastebin link, as usual the link was about plagiarism in the book and it was also about cautioning Indian hackers against me. Being a hacker he was caring for his community and warning them against me, anyways it dosent make any difference, but no issues.. It just hurts.

I have 5011 friends in my “Cattechie” FB account, and 3500 on my public profile, another 1500 in my “Catz” group. I have maximum enemies in friends list, if given a chance they might even cut me in to hundred peaces and erase my even remote existence. But few of them are my real fans, my kids, brothers and real friends too. With them I feel life is really blessed.

When this James started attacking me, some of my fans and friends went on abusing him, he also took them for ride by calling them Cat fake and so on, I have seen one common practice here, if someone strongly stands by me then people call that profile is my fake, and even if my fake comes and abuse me (though I don’t have) they will become fan of that abuser. Abusing me, being Cat critic and Cat enemy is fashion here, and that has become way of my life, I generally don’t visit others walls or groups, I have limited myself to my own group and wall. During these James Attrition days my fan Dnyaneshwar sent me message:

Hi di......i just wanna to tell u something that is......

if u have 3 fake FB accounts and id of victims u can hack the victims ac easily.... so think about responding ur friend request....and make ur ac secure.....i think u r well known about it...

Your biggest fan dnyaneshwar

my pleasure ...to guiding u di...

My eyes were wide open to his message, I was making plans of hack, and obviously none other than James Attrition .. But as you all know my condition ….hacking ..vacking mai kya janu re? a biggest noob in hackers community :P

I answered his message by asking him method of doing it..

He promptly replied saying

- First make three facebook accounts and add your slave (he must accept)

- then go to this fallowing link


There put the slave's email and fill the captcha then it will ask you to enter a new email where you put your email (not the one used on an existing account but a new one)

- it will then ask you the security question ( if you know it very well then just put it and the account is hacked )
But if you do not know the answer just keep entering random words until the limit is exceeded

- Once the limit is exceeded it will ask you to choose three trusted friends

There you put the three accounts you made and added your slave

- It will then send all three accounts the security code

And you go login all three and get the security code and just put it

- Hacked , enjoy now good night

This is how he explained me how to hack account, I was very much excited and went to Attrition’s account to see in log in mail and got very much upset because that was not visible. If you see Gaurav Singh’s wall, he made a post on June 25the at 7.29pm

i*********s@r*********.com guess :P

After few seconds one of his friend, answered there with proper email address.

That’s how the mission Attrition started, we fallowed all those instructions one by one and got stuck when we were asked to select three friends to receive recovery code for that account..

Except one, the two other friends were not known to me much.. But as I said it was team effort.

Finally we chose three guys and started chasing them, one was not in friends list of anyone of us, but his Cell number was on his profile, we called him and requested saying please friend help me with the code that you received to recover my hacked account, he went out of his way gave us access to his e mail and face account, same way even other friend gave us access to only Gmail but not to Face Book account, we changed his FB account Password and any how got second code, and third one was known to us so without making much fuss and queries he gave us the code..

To gather these codes we spent 23 hours and it was instruction from face book to get those codes and enter in 24 hours, my blood pressure went low, everyone was nerves but at eleventh hour, we filled that form and provided them Alternet email, recovery codes and everything..

We received message, “log on to account after24 hours with new email and password, those 24 hours was real tension.

We thought suppose if this attrition logs in, the whole efforts in vain. Second tension, if we get caught then he might tighten the security options and then there won’t be any chance… (See how little provocations make you do crime and you happily violet all rules and reach your target)

Exactly after 24 hours, I logged in and got access to his mail, my defacement page was ready, the 24 hours long waiting periods I was just planning all stupid thing to express my pain, grief, sorrow and anger..

Oh, my god..Finally I was in his account..

First changed all security options, and removed his post and all that the content which was hurting me..

We all were screaming and hauling like mad people.. Monitored all his activities, I really lost faith in humanity and especially this community… his inbox was flooded with all shit, everyone was trying to build relation with him , all were curious to know who he is? But this smart fellow, answered saying mail me, and add more friends to create awareness against her. All top guns of community were on task against me..

Hummm! mean but ok…chalta hai

One thing he forgot to remove during all this drama, his log in IP logs, which made me, reach the exact person, I tagged that defaced page to them, and as I perfectly guessed, he was the only one to give very filthy comment by abusing FUCK U CAT…

I can understand his aggression, I can even understand his frustration, he was flopped and I gave another name there CAT SLAVE.. That must have really pissed him,

All I can say Sorry, friend my intention was not to hurt you, I just wanted to solace myself from the pain of humiliations and abuses. You may call me Drama Queen as you have mentioned this on twitter also.

that time they bee lined at James profile with screen shots, links, and so on and now they are running towards attrition.org… 

I really feel powerful or sometimes a Big ghost, that so many people rushing to bang and fatak..

30 long hours on twitter, only one name and many master to abuse, Cat techie, Naidehi NBC and that is none other than me..

I vaidehi Sachin aka Cat Techi, most loved and hated creature here..

God bless you all with lots of happiness

Keep abusing, keep exposing,

As long as you all keep chanting my name I am Happy for you all

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