Friday, June 3, 2011

NBC-Hacker5, Kaizen and Hackers

This post is dedicated to Indian l33t lamers & legends like them, who love to do moral policing, blot on my nation .....

Face book has one of the biggest community of hacker across the country, In India the term hacking and intentions are yet not very much clear and specific. Indian hackers lack unity and integrity. Hackers are divided in teams and small groups. 40 percent hackers are in the industry of producing hacker, I mean they are having their own seminars, classes, and certified courses. There are many hackers lured in unethical activities.

Certified Ethical Hacker’s certificates are bought and purchased. There is no control over these examinations and their authenticity is at stake. Many of them are working with IT sectors, and some of them totally dedicated to research, yet keeping there one foot in underground activities. Indian hackers are blessed with potentials, skills and self learning abilities. Only India has an average of skilled hackers between the age group of 14 to 17. At the age of 16 some of them even write their exploits, codes and scripts. These particular groups of hackers are form middle class or upper middle class families, they lack papers. They don’t have certificates to show but their skill can slam the claims of so called demigods of hacking community.

China, Korean and Us government already announced about their own cyber army, they train number of hackers at government expenses. Israeli and Africans hackers are known for their dedication and eccentric approach towards the cause. Each country globally has one or other national issue and the hackers of that particular country and dedicated to that cause and nation. They don’t harm their own country; they won’t become watch dogs for their own country. They are the loyal patriots and guards of their cyber space. Indian hackers lack patriotism, there are some small time group of hacker claims to be patriotic hacking community, but their patriotism is limited to the defacement of Pakistanis websites. They just deface randomly and leave their message for Pakistan and its hackers. Most of the time these messages are nasty and not worth reading. If this young generation of hackers given an opportunity and freedom I am sure the cyber space may come under secure zone.

Chennai, Bangalore ,Bombay ,Pune and Delhi are the den of hackers. Either they are working with private firms, or seeking education. Day time they are committed to their routine but at night they become cyber terrorists. The ethics are vanished, the focus is lost, and some of the groups even became scavengers and attacking Indian sites to set personal scores. They are attacking private firms and individuals for revenge, fame and publicity. Neither they are loyal to security industry not to hacking passion. This is the biggest dilemma of Indian hackers.

In the recent past few groups are stuck in identity crises, few old times group got in rivalry and others lost in the glory of other side. Youth of this country learning hacking through open source and Google, they use available exploits to hack their own country’s resources and properties; there are hundreds of forums and news bulletins and blogs, providing open tools, scripts and exploits. All this material is most of the time used on Indian servers. It’s high time we need to declare theses forums and communities as anti-national, they are traitors and threat to our cyber space. Laws are stringent but hardly applied; there is no watch over such practices. Cyber cell across the country lacks latest updates. The staff is old and every day updates are beyond their reach. Other than the power of law and order they possess no such extra ordinary skills to nail down such open sources.

There are number of good hackers working in call centers, some in cyber caf├ęs and some in low profile organization, and many land up becoming instructor in Hacking classes. If we go by statistics India produces on an average thousands of hackers in the period of three months. If you go by annual production then I can say it will reach in hundred thousand. Appin, Inobuzz, tech defense, whagela’s and fadia’s are lured in this industry of producing hackers, the irony is that these hackers have no jobs, opportunities and end of the day India still has challenge over cyber security issues.

Instead of crying over issues we thought of resolving problems in our capacity by providing jobs to, skillful hackers lacking papers, gave them a publication Hacker5 as mouth piece, unfortunately our concern was misunderstood and we became victim of illicit hackers and their traits. At the end I am proud to say this magazine is reaching in remote areas, where two hours electricity is a biggest challenge. These students have no open source to acquire knowledge. There are n numbers of young students, got platform to reach readers. Complimentary copies of Hacker5 reach 17 such villages where education and resource is biggest challenge. All over Mumbai library its reaches free. There are so many students request us for free copy, because they can’t afford it. I think minimum 200 hackers in this community will agree to what I said.

We have number of TV channels, news available on websites, but still crave for print (news paper). Just because open source of learning is available for those who can avail these services we cannot neglect 40% that Indian population still underprivileged for electricity, education, and finance. If you have hundred rupees to waste then you are not my buyer. If you invest hundred rupees to make this cause reach in remote places they you are my buyer.

Let them be privileged with your support

the only profit is smile on their face and support to live with dignity..

I never wanted to disclose this, because charity is never disclosed, we have our NGO “Aadhar”, I don’t believe in taking funds and donations from other to do my part of duty. I am born as human on this mother earth, and giving back to our society in own capacity is my own moral duty. We donate 30 % of our business profits to Aadhar. So that the needy and help less can live with dignity and care.

Oh! One more thing, if at all you all would want to visit our new family of physically disabled 500 members at, Jai Mumbai viklang santha, Dr babasaheb ambedkar nagar, Meeraa road east..You are welcome. These families are supported by NBC my organization. The young kids getting education, youth employed at our company in their own capacity. Distress woman and old people are provided with possible best facilities. I don’t know whether you are aware or not our NBC family members are between the age group of 19 to 30. We all need to go long way, we just started our journey.

I don’t know about other hackers, but I am proud to say r45c4l,ch0ta, Kai Farmer, Doper, Sid Shenvi are definitely the reason for making above person’s life worth living, and he is none other than OUR family member, Imran Mullah.

business or profits is not my motto, it’s one of the aspect. There are many people even supported by this blog income. Please visit us..They just need you time, your love and your attention, because YOU can and THEY cannot …..reach you.. 

we will, we can

my special invite to l33t hackers (anti-Indian hackers of india) come and see how beautifull is life when you share and care for fellow Indians.

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