Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hacking that saved a Life of a Hacker, hackers ruined it again

Today something surprising happened to me...Thought I should share with you.

I am busy 24/7; I go to college in the morning, then reach NBC and from there running around pin to polls to reach dead line of news papers, till printing. Our day starts at 5am and ends at 1am.

Saturday is my favorite day because this is the only day my collage is closed and for Sunday newspaper edition we have different desk, I just need to monitor the content that’s it.

My building kids are my friends; I generally don’t mix with the elder crowd of society but love to be with kiddos and young friends. With them I feel energetic and innovative, with them the child in me becomes happy and my soul blesses me.

Today at 9am, somebody knocked at my door as if some storm has come, I was very much irritated.

When I opened the door my little friend Shrinivas,( who is in 5th standard and his parents are in IT sector) was at the door. I yelled at him, shree where you banging at door? Don’t you have patience?

He was upset; he just looked at me and asked, “Hey would you mind if I stay here for some time?

I asked him the reason for getting so much upset, he replied saying “I hate my dad, he always calls me RASCAL, that to when I am with my friends. Isn’t bad vidhi (my short name to vaidehi). I took a pause and said yes scolding you in front of friend is very bad, but you must have done something to irritate him. He said oh! It’s fine if he scolds me but why call RASCAL? (Since this name is very close to my heart, so something strike me)

I told him I have a friend who name is r45c4l, shree looked at me as if I am bullying him or probably teasing him. I again repeated my sentence; there was big question mark in his innocent small eyes.

I made him comfortable, and told him the story of r45c4l.

There was a small boy like you, whose name is Gaurav, his mom Calles him Bittu.

Immediately Shree bounced a question at me, “Oh! So his dad also used to call him Rascal? I said NO.

He was little neglected child, could never get chance to express his feelings, and explore what he wanted to do. His father was short tempered and mom used to be busy with her duties and his small sis. He hardly has any friends, he hardly used to speak to anyone, and all the time he used to alone and lost. The days passed, he came to his higher education, he wanted to do literatures but his father forced him for computer or engineering studies. He took admission and failed, because the subject was not of his choice. He failed again and again and returned home. His Dad was damn angry.

He left his studies for some time and stayed back at home. Just to kill his time he used to be online. Chat with friends. That time Face book and Orkut was not introduced. Yahoo messenger was the common and very famous mode of social networking. There used to be a guy from Pakistan, who used to mess with Indian boys, one day he messed with Gaurav and switched off his computer. Twice he did that to scare him.

Shree was amazed with a thought and asked “can we have access to any computer like this?” I said “yes, with permission there are ways to be in your friend’s computer, and without permission also you can be there, but that’s not good.” (I never wanted to condition his mind with ethical and unethical term, or tell him that the one who enters your pc is none other than a Hacker and Hacker is a bad guy)

He said but how? I told him the Hackers; they know how to get in because they are very intelligent to do that. You can operate your own computer but if someone else having control over your computer needs skills. Those skills are hacking skills. And the one who posses these skills are called Hackers.

He promptly questioned to me “bad guys inst it? I just blushed and said NO to him.

In reply I asked him, have you ever seen Krishna, he used to steal butter and curd, just for fun. But if you do the same what will your neighbor aunty do? I think he got the point, but again came back to Rascal.

I told him that Pakistani hacker challenged Gaurav, that’s how he got interest learning ABCD of computers..His parents were very happy when he told them about going back to studies. He perused his studies in computer applications and that’s how he started learning thing. He was book worm, reading literature and old village music is his passion, he also read many book on computer related. His life took U turn. He was far away from his mom and dad. He was living his independent life and gained some confidence. He got a good girl friend; with her he could share everything.

After some time his friend got married and went to her husband (I never wanted to use word like break off or any such disheartening thing, I know he was feeling the pain of being separated from a friend)

Then again Bittu got sad and lost interest in everything, he was missing her all the time. To overcome the pain he made some outside friends and with him he became bad boy, left his studies, he became arrogant and cranky. But later on he realized his mistake and tried becoming a good boy. He learned hacking and wanted to do something for our country. That’s how he changed completely. He started defeating his rival, he became more powerful, his rivals got irritated and pissed at him, and they said this guy is a RASCAL. That’s how Gaurav got another name RASCAL, and he uses to write it r45c4l. (He asked me why 4? I said that’s hacker’s language, he immediately asked me how to write shree? I told him shr33, if you want to make it more complicated then5#r33. He was amazed, because he learned new language. That’s how I told him the story of r45cal and how he became computer hero by defeating all his weaknesses.

(Yes the girl gave him heart and took away his life, he went in drugs and started injecting them in his body on his own, and this pain was less than what he was going through. He gave up home, he gave up his life, he lost confidence, parents were panic, by the time they realized about the injustice done to this kid, it was too late to rectify, and there was no option than repenting. Finally his mother got him home and said you do whatever we won’t stop you but do it here; at least I can see you. Those days he got back to computers with drugs’ and pin. Started learning hacking skills, and got in full time hacking. Through this passion he wanted to live life and asked his parents to admit him at rehab centre where he can come of it. He was put in under medication, his mothers concern for him and his online community members installed life in him. He recovered and came back home, that’s how his journey of HMG and ICW started.

This entire story I told Shree with using very simple words and which will not introduce him to the cruel world. Half of the time we are conditioned by others and stop experimenting or we adopt bad habits to overcome the weakness. While dealing with kids that to when you introduce them from known to unknown subject you need to be very mush attentive. Life of rascal of full of challenges, yet he was very humble and helpful person. After some time a girl came to his life, the meaning of her name was happiness but she left him for another man making his life miserable. Unfortunately she was none other than a sister of a Hacker, who wanted to get out of her marriage because she was in love with someone whom his family never liked, that’s how her brother the friend of r45c4l introduced him to her, and asked him to make her understand. During this period she fell in love with r45c4l, and without caring for her past he accepted her too. Convincing parents to settle life with this type of girls is difficult. But he managed to do so, she stayed at his house in Delhi, and one fine morning ran away with one builder, and caught by police in financial scam. Once again his life was at pain. Fighting all odds and even he got opportunities in life, and the passion for cyber world he never went in drugs that bad. But damaged himself again)

he had to leave his government job and joined private firm in Bangalore, there he got very good roommates, that was his family away from family. I can say they gave new definition to his life. He became responsible earning member of family by supporting parents in whichever way it’s possible. The only thing he did wrong was he abused himself by neglecting his health, eating tobacco and heavy smoking. Those days I was doing research on inj3ct0s, and my search was on, I Google about him, the info was not sufficient enough to reach him, some told me he is in Japan, some said in Germany. One day I wrote something about inj3ct0rs on my blog, my flight was delayed for two hours I was online, one inj3ct0r came and ridiculed me, asked for my contact number, I gave him. After five minutes I got call from some unknown number, and the person said hello! Vaidehi this is r45c4l here! I was numbed couldn’t believe my ears. Then after we spoke for 2 hrs till I board in flight. He told me his reservations and I explained him my plight. During conversation he spoke just few sentences and all the time it’s me who was talking to him nonstop. That who my search ended there, I seek his appointment. He asked me to meet him Bangalore, finally we met. A guy with typical attitude, red brown teeth, dirty nails, and looking at him I was sure he has not taken bath from ages. Let me confess here, my research took back seat and the human in me was strongly indicated me that he needs help. He needs to be taken care or understood or else he will be ruined. With great difficulty I got to know his pain and regrets towards life. He was at the verge of waiting for his death; he was pulling his life with unsaid pain and lots of depression. I decide to save that r45c4l in him to save Gaurav singh.

I frequently traveled Bangalore, now I call him Nanu because he takes care of me like child, that time I was parenting him. He was like a lost kid with so many questions. So many tragedies and unsolved puzzles and only answer was, addictions. Anyways, I was in regular tough with him, he was my search engine of any cyber happenings. In that period I became his support system and he become my mentor in this new school of cyber space.

That’s how again he tried on his own to come out of all addictions, he started living clean, second time when I met he, he was groomed, clean and his way of looking at life changed. He is an intellect, his craving for learning more and becoming independent was forcing him to come out of job and do something of his own, I am a business woman too, his ideas match with me and I extended financial support to him, third time when I met him as the director of Kaizen, I couldn’t believe, he was confident, restored and gave up 90% of his weaknesses. A young man holding big dreams shifted to Mumbai and trying his level best to get his foot hold in this business. Look at the irony, life again showed the cruel face of his fellow hacker friends, they attacked his sanctity by hacking his server leaving question mark on his abilities. He was lost, probably never thought he will be ruined by his own community. Javed hacker, chota, doper, me now and now Micr0 we all stood by him and encouraged him saying, this is just a beginning, and attackers were not enemy. They are your peers; take it positive and strengthen your skills, doing job and taking salary at the month requires nothing, but slogging your ass off for 24/7 to create space for you, is challenge, the servers were frequently attacked, he was criticized, provoked, tampered by many forces. It’s sad to say hacking gave him one new life and his fellow hackers tried taking another new life. No matter you try your best to finish him, till the time we all there you won’t finish him that’s my promise, but just a request.if you can’t help some no issues at least don’t harm them. Its cruelty to Mother Nature)

Oh! let me come back to Shree, he was very much impressed, and the word “rascal” gave him new meaning, he asked me where is this Rascal? Can we see him? I promised him one day he will be mentored by Rascal. He just giggled and asked, hey Vidhi can I hack my dad’s lappi? I was shocked and surprised. Asked him why? He said noting mush he irritates me, I just want to cause him inconvenience. My heart started beating, OH MY GOD, look at the seed of hacker in his brain, just to cause inconvenience and show his disagreement he wants to hack his father.

I asked him, if you keep on causing damage to your father will he ever be able to love him? He himself said “No.

I asked him how about you learning to protect your dad’s lappi, your mom’s email and your face book account? I could see spark in his eye and he was convinced for construction and winning the heart, that disturbing and causing inconvenience, to his loved once.

He whispered, can I be like rascal?

In reply I said “you must, …… and ‘must be rascal”.

He wanted to extend the conversation about these cyber heroes. His existence on cyber space, his security, securing country and much more. ..

While leaving he asked me, can I share this story of a RASCAL with my friends, I nod my head saying yes..

He was very much excited, I am unable express but he was just a bundle of happiness..

To break the silence, I asked him shree, do you know bond? He said yes “James Bond”

I said Nah! Bond the cyber hero,

He asked me if there is Bond and he is cyber hero then why can’t I see him.

I just replied him, you can, but to see that bond you need to come on line.

He asked me he is also a savior, and hero like my bond?

I said yes he is Cyber hero and secures our country’s cyber space.

He left my house with so much to share with his friends, but for some time I was very much quite and ambience at my house was silent.

I said to myself,

Aah! When all the heroes are discussed to set moral parameters why this heroes are missed out?

Today I started introducing them,

One day they will be talked about, with same respect, regard and proud.

It’s you all need to care for the dignity of your fellow being.

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