Monday, January 3, 2011


W hile to Delhi I and chota hacker boarded in flight and we happened to meet a famous film director Shekhar Kapoor, for a moment it was like dream come true as I always wanted some intellectual director like him to work on cyber terror documentary or film of mine. Immediately I went to him and presented him my books.. Looking at the cover he was quite amazed and said “hey vaidehi how come you with Hackers? In reply i just smiled and gave him the proposal to work on same, he was excited and happy, immediately he gave me his cell number to get in touch, but I asked for his email. Very promptly he replied saying “I will never give you my e-mail id what if I get hacked and winked” I had to leave him as flight was above to take off.

It was perfectly alright that he refused to share his email details but somewhere that pinched me because the word Hacker is still a taboo in our society and country. hackers are not treated with due respect everyone are scared of them probably that can be the reason why young boys or hackers land in to juvenile jails and have to go through languishing life later, teenagers who are facing such charges in day to day life for cyber crimes are unnoticed. They are just dumped in jails on own fate. Go to any metropolitan cities, and visit juvenile jails and see how these young hackers are treated. Their crime is nothing more than spoofing, making porn, or hacking some website for some money paid by other person, carding and purchasing domain or website. The young adults are kept in the company of hardcore criminals, scamsters, and murderers. Is this fair? Crime committed by these children is not as harsh as the other crimes are, but crime is crim. No one is spared as per the law of land.

What India lack is the interpreters of laws, laws are made effective but these interpreters are not confident enough to defend the accused so the judge and judiciary are equally ignorant about the subject on a large. The hacking and crime related cyber space are generally misunderstood to the extent, that convincing the authorities becomes difficult, in such cases generally hackers family has to be influential enough to apply sources or they have to be resourceful to pay enough bribe and rescue their child or else leave the child on his or her own fate. As per the statistics 398 cyber crime cases are under trial and the trauma their families are going through is heir rising. More over our system and police department is capable enough of arresting a cat and making it confesses to be lion. Why, who and where are sub-judicial matters. Moreover media plays every possible spicy role when it comes to highlight such things. It never fails to gain TRP in such issues, the court verdict is always far way thing due to lengthy judiciary procedures in India but media decides the fate nothing less than the judge.
Between the judiciary and media family reaches to such a traumatic situation either they are forced to accept the social stigma or leave the convict on its fate. Right now cyber terrorism is the biggest or the prime concern to government. Government needs strong thread to grab these so called devils of hidden world they are none other than the hackers. God forbidden if tomorrow the combing operation gets started to clutch the hackers, then nobody knows who to be blamed and where to look up for the rescue.
They say anything for India, agreed! I love this army of young boys trying to disagree on certain atrocities done to our country. But the question at large is, are they capable enough stopping terrorist coming down to India? Are they capable enough of tracing the terrorist and informing government? Are they able to control cyber crime and threat to our country? When they are not capable of doing anything rather just defacing websites, and by doing this they are provoking others to do the same with us. They are ruling your embassy; your important websites without leaving any traces are we capable enough of stopping them doing this? Even if you are capable, government has no faith in you. Whenever Indian government websites were compromised, Pakistani government has always replayed saying its reaction to the action taken by the Indian hackers.
Any ways read Cat techie book to get the statistics of Indian hackers lured in crime and yet scot free from legal clutches, and read the horrifying plight of arrested hackers.
Recently arrested Hackers nobody knows what happened to them...............

These hackers also send you sometimes send you deceptive e-mails which will look like they're coming from a bank. It'll ask you to click on some link which will take you to some website which is not your bank's website ask you to give your details and the moment you give your details, you're in trouble," explains cyber crime lawyer, Pawan Duggal.Experts also say that accessing your account from a cyber cafe could be the biggest mistake you could make as the information gets saved in some form in the system making it very easy for a hacker to use your account at his will.

• As reported in the Times of India, Prashant Amarnarayan Jha and his accomplice Sudipkumar Sinha were arrested for hacking a travel agent’s website and booking international air tickets leading to a fraud of Rs. 65,000 to Indigo Airlines. Prashant was held at his Nallasopara residence on July 6 for cyber crime.

• On November 4, 2010 the Mumbai Mirror reported that the when Gauri More, and IT professional from Andheri lost her debit card, which was swiped for Rs 33,000 minutes after it was lost, she had little hope of finding the culprit who used it. However, the thief was arrested when she went back to the store from where she had bought a laptop with the card, as it wasn’t functioning properly.

• On November 19, 2010, the Mid-Day reported that three people were arrested recently after the Malad police unearthed a nexus of misuse of fake credit cards at a shopping centre in Malad, the police said yesterday. The accused include the promoter of the shopping centre Ganesh Jaiswal, cashier Prathamesh Nayakar and their accomplice Pawan Yadav.

• On 28th December 2010, The Times of India reported that Cyber Crime investigators of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) have arrested three members of a Nigerian fraud team in Delhi. The gang had been duping people in the name of Microsoft and Coca Cola lotteries. Police recovered Rs 20,000 cash from the accused.

• On 31st December 2010, The Hindu reported that the Central Crime Station police on Thursday arrested a four-member gang and seized Rs. 3.3 lakh from it in connection with different attention-diversion theft cases reported in the city during the last one year. Briefing media persons on the arrests, Deputy Commissioner of Police M. Ravindranath Babu said that the accused used to select their targets at banks and ATM centres.

• On 30th December 2010, The Times of India reported that Delhi Police have blown the lid off a banking scam in the city in which former and serving bank agents duped customers to open accounts in several banks and diverted the amounts to their own accounts. The fraudsters appointed telecallers who talked to customers they picked from bank databases, especially those who rarely visited banks and weren’t very conversant with procedures. They sweet talked customers luring them with offers of high interests, free credit card and attractive benefits.

• On 30th December 2010, The Hindu reported that all the four accused in the State Bank of Travancore fraud case were produced before the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s Court here on Wednesday afternoon. The court remanded the accused, K.V.Princy, a 25-year-old data entry operator at the SBT main branch here; her mother, Anandavally, 48; brother, K.V. Pradeepkumar, 21; and an acquaintance, Sunilkumar, 40, of Ezhamkulam, to Pathanamthitta Sub-Jail for 14 days.

• On 28th December 2010, The Times of India reported that Cyber Crime investigators of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) have arrested three members of a Nigerian fraud team in Delhi. The gang had been duping people in the name of Microsoft and Coca Cola lotteries. Police recovered Rs 20,000 cash from the accused.

• After a Noida businessman reported the loss of Rs 1.6 crore from his bank account, police have cracked a ring of criminal hackers who exploited several common loopholes in the internet banking system. The Uttar Pradesh police have arrested five hackers who allegedly siphoned off Rs 1 crore 66 lakh from the account of a Noida based exporter.

read tomorrow the punishment awarded by Government of India for the bloggers and website owners promoting Hacking tutorials and tools. and the laws related piracy.

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