Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cattechie - soon to be launched


Catastrophe in Hackers world

F or the first time in the history, a journalist had turned into hacker and made her presence felt in the hacking arena. In a short span of time, the hacker aka Cattechie became a well known figure in the hacking world. Cattechie – Catastrophe in Hackers world is a book based on the true story of that journalist who tuned herself into a hacker to reveal the identities of large number of hackers and also tracing their criminal records. This book explains the trauma she went through during her research. Also, it throws light on all the hidden threats posed by the unethical hackers who portray themselves as patriotic and claim to do anything for India to the development of our country. But are they actually authentic? Who they are and who supports them, the good bad and ugly side of hackers are well emphasized in this book. Read the myths and misconceptions about the Injectors and exploit writers who are known for supporting Hactivism and terrorism. Flight of arrested hackers and their hair raising traumatic experiences with police and jail authorities is something worth reading. The book also speaks about the inadequate law and enforcement, corruption and unlawful gestures of our judicial systems which are the major curses to our society and many such issues regarding Hackers. Another interesting subject in this book is the enlightenment of the feminine side that is into this profession. Though they are equally capable as their male counterpart, they lack on many fronts and have to face many difficulties to maintain their existence. Who these girls are and why are they here? How they came into hacking, world’s top ten female hackers and exploit writers, their life and few guidelines to help authorities with substantial foothold in dealing with ongoing threats. The book will be launched very soon. Please grace the event with your presence.

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