Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear Friends and Readers

Y ou are cordially invited for a book launch “cat-techie" catastrophe in Hackers world, story of a journalist who dared reviling identities of 1200 hackers and tracing the criminal records of many.

This book is about the trauma that she has gone through during her research, it’s all about the hidden threat to our developing country and how youth are lured in Hactivism, and they say anything for India? But do they actually? Who they are? Who supports them? The good bad and ugly side of hackers is very well emphasized in this book.

Inj3ct0rs and exploit writers are known for supporting hactivism and terrorism, read the myths and misconceptions about them. Plight of arrested Hackers and their traumatic experiences with police and jail authorities is worth reading.

Inadequate law and enforcement, corruptions and unlawful gestures of our judicial systems is one of the biggest curses in setting many such issues regarding Hackers.

The girls in this profession are equally capable but lacks on many fronts, who these girls are? Why they are here? How they came in hacking, and world top ten female hackers and exploit writers are beautifully delivered in this book.

The book may bring some revolution in Hackers life and also help authorities with substantial foothold in dealing with ongoing threats.
Please grace the event with you kind presence.
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