Thursday, December 30, 2010



Catastrophe in hackers’ world


Me and Cattechie

Who provoked Cat?

Who wanted to kill Cat?

Survival and struggler of Inj3ct0rs

Blogging and lobbing

Forums and fears

Cyber terror & terrorists

Social engineering

Jyestha the unsolved mystery

Saga of Humilations

Detectives On Facebook

Victims of circumstances

Where government failed?

How to trace hidden evils?

Cat and catastrophe

Cats encounter with Chinese hackers

Kevin the Guru

The secrets of cat’s Investigations

The force behind research

Hacker Beyond the terror

Hactivsm and Young hactvists

Case studies

Offences and statistics

Handles and heads

1200 rare exposures

The other side of Hacker

Face book and propaganda

Real profiles in virtual world

Good, bad and ugly hackers

The traces

How Rat ruled cat?

What agencies need to do?

The immediate demand of arrest

The other side of the story

Threat and terror to Cats life

Cat and the journalist in her

Apology and aggression

Unite Hackers

Hackers the so called Brands

From my heart

you all are invited to meet jyestha at the Book Launch CatTECHIE

venue- Taj Contitental, Gate way of india, Mumbai

On 30 th January @ 6pm,

RSVP NBC parivar

keep bloggong to see cover of the book and summery

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