Monday, July 25, 2011

Debating over trivial issues

There are many cases of celebrities been caught at the international airport with undeclared goods. Whenever these high profile people are caught the headlines speaks volume and at length about them. While some carried branded goods like high-end purses, shoes and bags, others tried to walk through the green channel with undeclared jewellery. Last month there was news about a 50-year-old NRI woman to be intercepted by the Mumbai Customs. She was carrying banned sex toys, expensive lingerie, kinky games on CDs and over Rs. 6 lakh worth of jewellery through the green channel. The woman, identified as Bacchu Bhai, was caught when Deputy Commissioner intercepted her, as she was about to cross the green channel. She was later handed over to the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU). They recovered gold jewellery worth about Rs. 6.5 lakh and sex toys including sex game CDs (different models) and high-end lingerie worth Rs. 3.5 lakh. Later on she was released and matter got closed. In her statement, the woman mentioned that the items were for personal use and that she was unaware of the law that restricts carrying items like sex toys. She is a US resident and flew to Mumbai to attend her daughter's wedding. This is not the first time that a person has been caught with banned items at the airport. Any ways don’t you think Customs should intercept other dangerous and hazardous goods like stolen antiques and undeclared firearms instead of bothering someone for what they have brought along with them for their business? Why can't we be more civilised and work towards a better nation. Moreover such news and raids garners maximum publicity to department and the officer too.

Earlier whenever dance bar’s used to be raided in Mumbai, I used to feel sorry for those girls and atrocities towards them. But later on I realised Police is quite aware of this network, and they knew it well in advance that these dance bars never remained shut in the city. Why don’t the Police conduct raids everyday and why raids are performed once in a blue moon? All these years I worked as crime and political journalist. There are many officers being my good source helped me understand these hidden operations, when my officer friend told me on the condition of anonymity, I was shocked. He told me these raids are planned, officers and bar owners are in good coordination with each other. Whenever bar owner recruits beautiful dancers and desires to make the bar’s name popular, he invites these raids and media exposes these girls and the name of the bar remains in news for some time. Such acts are mere publicity gimmicks.

These days if you look at our society and culture we have accepted modernization in outfits as well as in living style. Six years ago when I resumed on my first job as a trainee journalist, I was shocked to see girls smoking in the office their bare minimum clothes, long enough to cover the object and short enough to solve the purpose was making me feel awkward. I used to feel shy and blush all the time without any reason.
Recently, I went to Goa to meet my newly married friend Harin and his wife; it was their honey moon trip. We were passing time at beach, so many Indian girls roaming carefree in short skirts, and shirts so low, thongs were popping out everywhere. Not just the young girls, it's everybody! I couldn't believe looking at almost topless girls in group, tanning their skin and having fun in rains. All of them were smoking, doping and boozing. I have seen one thing in Goa people are not much bothered about anything, they just drink, booze, smoke dope and live their lives to the fullest.

When I was looking at all those people somewhere I felt, am I just conservative fogey, who is unaware about fashion, or is this really in bad taste?

I don't follow trends or fashion; I just wear clothing that is beautiful and feminine. It might not be what every other girls are wearing but I would rather look like a young lady than a truck-stop babe. I don't even own a single pair of skirts or tube tops. But I don’t even have any disagreements with one who is confertable in it.

Even though, I tried but failed to adopt kind of lifestyle, but that does not mean I will ever criticise them by becoming the moral custodian of someone’s life. Come on friends, lets not be so calculative... sex toys, blue films, designer inner garments and style has become a part of our lives. The human body is a beautiful thing. But my conditioning of mind says, the social implications of showing off certain parts of said body are usually slanted towards the ideas of easy sex.

My young staff member once said that you should "flaunt it if you got it", but one also has to take into the account the social signals some clothing will send off. Personally, I don't wear short skirts and low cut shirts. I don't think women who do wear them are necessarily sluts, but they shouldn't be surprised when/if they are treated as such. Its individual’s perceptions of looking at it. But inspite of having cling over certain things, we still want to enjoy looking at what others doing . If you ask an average middle class boy, will he ever allow his sister to adopt this culture, he will promptly refuse. But he will definitely want to be with glamorous babes around. Double standards, hypocrisy and show off are the aspects that rules over an average human physic. Rational thoughts are very much aggressive in the recent past. If humans are by nature monogamous creatures, we live as a family unit; and mating partners raise their offspring cooperatively.

Therefore, considering that menopause hits for most women around 45 - 50, under optimum conditions, men would look for a partner around 25, young enough to have a multitude of children, and old enough to properly raise them. In the past this number may have been skewed slightly lower due to environmental factors. But recent studies have shown that the onset and closure of mental and physical development begin and end later than in the past.

With the growing expectations and modern society impact, women are falling prey to such inventions like sex toys, beauty, botox, surgery, skimpy cloths, grooming and competition of looking better makes them adopt certain measures. That might be the reason why old lady on airport was carrying all those stuffs while traveling for her daughter’s marriage. But we the people having enough spare time kept on gossiping over such topics as if its biggest national issue.

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